Top Ten Worst Actors to Play the Part of a Geek


The Top Ten

1 Cat Valentine - Ariana Grande Cat Valentine - Ariana Grande Cat Valentine was one of main character in American-teen sitcom Victorious . She was portrayed by Ariana Grande .

Ah, the famous and red-haired Cat Valentine from Victorious rarely understood anything that anyone said and the things that she did were out-of-this-world crazy. - davakoh

2 Dez - Calum Worthy

Dez, the best friend of Austin Moon in Austin and Ally. When he did something weird, it always took him time to realize it and that always got on Trish's nerves. - davakoh

3 Zeke Braxton - Tony Longo

Do you guys remember the episode called Football on Drake And Josh when Josh was an equipment manager on the football team. After he gave them poisoned brownies (by Megan), him and Josh tricked a janitor into playing the center guy for the team. Well, that stupid and short memory janitor was called Zeke who came to his senses later in the episode. - davakoh

4 Skyler - Samantha Boscarino

Oh Skyler, the friend of Teddy Duncan on Good Luck Charlie that always figured out things long after it was said. I got SO TIRED of it. Good Actor. - davakoh

5 Kelsey - Coco Jones

Again, another friend of Teddy Duncan on Good Luck Charlie who was plainly dumb. - davakoh

6 Carrie - Hannah Cat Jones

A waitress at Shredder's Beach Club, Piper's sister and Dez's girlfriend in Austin and Ally. She broke up with him in Los Angeles, but they got back together in "Wedding Bells & Wacky Birds." - davakoh

7 Marisa - Veronica Dunne

The best friend of K.C in the new and awesome show on Disney Channel, K.C Undercover. She was smart at times but she was also dumb to the point were a robot gave her advice and she repeated 3rd grade twice. - davakoh

8 Brooke - Madison McMillin

Remember the European model Trish hired to make Austin look good in front of that magazine girl? That "Austin Moon My Boyfriend! " girl is called Brooke. I put her as number 8 because she speaks Spanish so she's smart but when it comes to English... She's not wise. - davakoh

9 T-Bo - Boogie

The smoothie guy from iCarly. This guy was HILARIOUS! But honestly, Bagel On A Stick, Taco On A Stick? I don't know how he does it but it's not a clever idea. It felt awkward when he tried to impress Ms. Benson (Freddie's Mom) so she could let him rent a room. - davakoh

10 PJ Duncan - Jason Dolley

We ALL KNOW THIS GUY! The oldest sibling in the Duncan family. I'm surprised he graduated High School because, well, he's not the smartest guy on the planet. He is FAR from that title. It kind of fits his name. - davakoh

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