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Happy Gilmore and the waterboy are classic comedies but his newer stuff sucks. Both grown ups, jack and Jill, that one were he's in love with Jennifer Aniston, don't remember it's name, it's just it's getting extremely repetitive and just terribly unfunny

Where do I start with this assclown. I watched some of his old movies from the 90's, and to be honest most of them weren't that good at all. I never thought adam sandler was a good actor even from the beginning. His sense of humor always involves poop jokes, pee jokes, hitting on girls, acting like an idiot, And doing dumb voices. Those can be funny at times but that's what all of his comedies consist of. It gets really annoying, really fast. And he never tries anything new. He just uses the same formula over, And over, And over again! Adam sandler is ass, that's all I have to say, he's one of the worst of the worst, run away from his movies if you ever see them.

How do people not see how bad this guy is? He should be number one. Usually directors will say cut when an actor is smirking because they screwed up their lines but they just keep rolling with this douche.

UGH... I cannot stand this guy! I really don't know why people like him. He has got to be the most irritating, unimaginable, thoughtless, insensitive, deplorable excuse for an actor I have ever seen. I'm really glad his career is going down hill he deserves it. Adam sandler is a toddler. Plain and simple. I know there are a lot of worse actors out there but he just leaves the worst taste in my mouth. I hope I never have to see him ever again.

In all of his movies he's either talking like a complete retard, or he's... Nope he's always doing that. His jokes aren't the best either. It's just not working.

Yes, you are all correct he has no talent, just a huge ego and "that does not make a actor not. " I am embarrassed for him, but he is making money because some fools are watching his junk. These people clearly lack taste.

This guy has to be the worst actor I've ever seen. The characters he plays in most of his films are really unlikable, He uses the same characters from other movies he's acted in (bland hot chick, random old lady, etc), and not to mention product placement. This guy is an ass and should never be considered comedy.

I think he's a bad comedian but I like him as an actor. I'm a kind of person that laughs a lot so when I see his movies I always laugh because I think they're funny. Especially Jack and Jill. I like that one the best. He was a bit rude but that ACTING! Maybe he has no choice but to be funny. Maybe he wants to have different roles but the director doesn't want him to change because lots of people like Adam Sandler. So he wants to make his fans happy and proud.

Please stop making movies. Please go away

Adam sandler is one of the most stupidest actors I have ever seen. He talks stupid, he looks stupid and he is a terrible actor. Has anybody seen the waterboy.

That movie was actually pretty good (in my opinion at least). He is pretty terrible in most of his newer ones. - LarryLarrington

A disgusting, brainless actor with no sense of humour or film making ability. Every film he has made is absolute garbage; this includes Happy Gilmore, Jack and Jill, Grown-Ups, Just Go With It, Bucky Larson and many more. He has a retarded personality and puts on cringe worthy, insulting accents and annoying facial expressions to try and get laughs. He deserves to be boiled alive.

This guy is the epitome of irritating celebrities who use the same formula over and over and over again. And what's worse is there's still some people who follow him and cite him as an influence (Andy Samberg).

I don't get why he even has fans at this point... No scratch that. He doesn't have any fans at this point. Because more and more people are finally waking up and realizing how much of a wack comedian he truly is. I'd rather stick pins in my head than watch any of his "comedies".

I can't think of any good movie he's been in since the 90s. He has this weird immature style of humor that just ticks me off. He can be funny, I've seen it, but he can't figure out what makes a good movie anymore. All his films are the same. He's not even a bad guy either, he's just disappointing in movies now.

I despise this guy with a flaming passion. I get so sick and tired my people saying "oh Billy Madison is so funny! " Will you people just shut up already?! I know everyone has their opinions but come on! That movie wasn't even funny at all. It was just painful and unpleasant.

The most annoying thing about this buffoon is that he is cross-eyed and the closer the camera gets, the more cross-eyed he gets. Like he's being hypnotized. Ever notice?

Adam Sandler has released a few good movies, (50 first Dates, Just Go with it, and Maybe Grown Ups). But the bad ones outweigh the good ones. Think about the Cobbler...No further explanation needed. He should really stop trying so hard. I mean, Look up "Adam Sandler Turkey Song". Hilarious, but stupid.

Well he's had his share of funny stuff in the ninethies. But he can't actually bear a movie on his own shoulders forever like he did with Happy Gilmore. He can barely act and I though that both Balk and Bates were way funnier than he was in his last good comedy "The waterboy". Maybe this is where he started getting lazy. While others believe that Balk is actually a witch and ruined careers, I've seen Sandler starting as a film star, then bring better actors than him on sets and erase his performances. Even his comedic pals are the butt of many more jokes than him since years. All of his co-stars are better than he is (For the most of them.)

No, he is not the worst actor, he is only the worst comedian in movies history.

This guy is ass. Don't ever buy his movies. For real.

I hope he never comes back. I hope never tries to make a comeback. Let's all hope he stays irrelevant. Because nobody is buying his movies anymore. Everybody says he sucks.

I personally can not watch this guy. We should consider that some actors have their niche audience who love them. There is no question that he owns his particular niche. When I was in college many many years ago I loved the Marx Brothers, now I can't get through 10 minutes of any of their films. Let's give Sandler a pass. - Jackmerritt

Does any one watch one of his movies and thinks it will be good?

He's simply an ass. Billy Madison was so bad it made me wanna eat a puppy and burn people alive (not really cause that would be bad). This guy should really seek help and do something other than acting.

Worst actor ever... After watching "click" and that one "jack and jill" he should be taken out back and shot.

People think he's the king of comedy when in reality there's better and more talented comedians out there. My friend literally thinks he's the funniest person in the world. Well news flash for him and anyone else who finds him funny. Not everyone thinks he's funny okay?