Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Dee Lohan is an American actress. She is also a model, singer, songwriter, director, and producer.


Her co-star almost always saves her and makes her look a lot better than she (thinks) she is. - genihanna

What a pathetic no talent loser. Couldn't even flip hamburgers at McDonalds. Wouldn't have the brains.

She is so gross, the only thing she has talent at is getting arrested. I can't wait until she just fades away

Terrible actress. How is Angelina Jolie worse than Lindsay Lohan?

Only liked her in the parent trap not in the movie freaky friday

No real emotion in her roles, she should be a model instead

She should be somewhere around Kristen Stewart... neither of them can act

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Here it is... The irrepressible, Lindsey Lohan! Need I say more?

She should resemble one of the worst actors. She is to winy

Stinky looking, dirty, needs a bath?

I like her movies like freaky friday and the parent trap

A train wreck. Her early movies were OK. Now she is (and should be) mostly just out of work.

She was very good actress befor but not that much lately. Sometimes you can feel sorry for her but same time she seamed very interested. As a younger. Maybe so not wane be actres anymore

She was a good actress but she couldn't handle her succes. Her acting abillities are gone now. From good to worst actress!

After " Mean girls " it went downwards in her personal life because she couldn't handle her succes. She had money and she was just interessed in parties and drugs ( alcohol, cocaïne.. ).She destroyed her carreer so badly that she will NEVER be able to becoming again what she once was. She will pay the price her all life for her decadent behaviour, but no one's to blame for that than herself. She played with fire, she got burned, it's all her fault.