Miley Cyrus

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Miley Ray Cyrus is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. Miley Cyrus's voice is contralto. She became a teen idol starring as the character Miley Stewart in the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana in 2006. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus also starred in the show.


Sorry but Miley Cyrus couldn't act her own self. I have tried to figure out what people see in her, but I cannot find anything more than ordinary, egotistical, not very bright; she seems to me to be one of those who just get a great manager and tells the world *I'm great, looky at me*, and so the world does. She couldn't hold a more fake smile either. She totally rides on her looks and name. - Bitchiecupcake

When Someone gives me the names of ten people who could play captain Jack Sparrow, Edward Siscor Hands, and the mad hatter(I mean Portray not just voice acting) then I will believe him to be in the number 100 in the top 100 worst actors due to the fact that he's not all that, but have you guys not seen miley cyrus's acting, having two cousins who love her show, I know all about how bad she is.

She only got a shot at acting (and also at singing, if you see) because of her dad... Her dad's famous but that's just about it... She can't smile, she can't sing, she can't act, she isn't even hot! And she can't even act like a slut, which she already is, so I guess that's pretty lame.

She is racist and doesn't deserve to be an actress! That's why you should vote her as the number 1 'worst actress'. Almost everybody hates her and her songs so she definitely deserves to be the worst actress! Vote for this stupid girl!

I think that she is the worst actress in the universe I do not like her. I mean how did she even get professional in the acting business I think she should be number one at being the worst actress in the world

Just because your daddy was famous and talented doesn't mean you will be and it's not fair to use his 'influence' to make you popular, especially when you can't sing worth a cent and act even less. - frostwiire

Shes on crack. Seriously. She has A) no looks B) was only funny while being made fun off on family guy C), and can't stress this enough. Can't SING. She beats Paris Hilton. Jonny Depp was good in Pirates of the Caribbean but sucked in Alice and Inception.

Miley Cyrus should be #1, she's terrible! One day she was the sweet, talented, sqeaky clean, Hannah Montana star, then suddenly she's the koo koo, crazy, insane, terrible role model! Miley, girl, just stop. And seriously, what mother would literally let there eight year old daughter, listen to Miley screeching "I came in like a wrecking ball! " at the top of her lungs? Miley, like I said before, just stop.

She should be at the top. She ruined disney since Hannah Montana, now she has been is movies like "laugh out loud". And she isn't any better at singing. I like wrecking ball, but seriously the video? Some kids love that song and maybe want to hear it so they go onto YouTube to see their former idol humping construction equiptment. Her life is going down hill at a pretty rapid speed. It's Lindsay Lohan all over again.

Miley needs to be #1, her acting is just awful. Plus she has big teeth that make her look like a donkey, which is distracting for me. Johnny Depp is probably the best actor on the planet, take him off this list.

Miley Cyrus is a terrible actress, if I had the choice between a rock and her I know which one I would choose. Oh and we should have her nickname Miley Cyclops, cause she obviously can't see how bad she is at acting.

Totally agree, she NEEDS to be #1 on this list, she is a MANIAC! She is a HORRIBLE role model to little girls, who watch the Disney Channel, and tells them to do drugs and alcohol. Ugh I hate you Miley Cyrus, SO much!

Miley should be #1. She is the worst actress I have EVER seen. Johnny Depp shouldn't be on this list, he is amazing! My ears bleed when I hear Miley Cyrus acting. How about you? If you agree lets get her to the top of the list!

The worst actress of all time by far for me. Her acting is truly terrible, she isn't funny but tries to be, and her singing is a joke. But her acting and "comedy" are the worst even over her terrible singing. - Chris-1

Obviously Miley Cyrus must have realized that she is a horrid actress so that's why she's changed her genre from inspiring kids with fake morals to being a fake piece of meat for men to beat off to.

Miley YOU SUCK! Miley Cyrus is the definition for "Annoying"!
LORD, please have mercy on thy child and save us from this creature called 'Miley-Cyrus'!
Hey what is Johnny Depp doing on this list? He's the Best Actor ever.

She ruined "The last song". I am not sure whether the movie would have been better with a better actress but Miley was a horrible actress.

This was like, the HARDEST list to vote on. They all suck. BUT, since her haircut (I know, nothing to do with her acting skills but now she probably has to wear a wig IF she gets another atrocious teen-drama movie to "act" in) I've decided completely against her.

Total rubbish. She always reminds me of the kid in class that had problems reading out loud in class. She sounds like she is reading the script for the first time as the camera is rolling.

She is totally not fit for this planet. I have yet to wrap my head around the fact about how she' s out there and do what she's doing. Where are the " PARENTS " in this and who' s going to put her back in her box. She has some serious issues to fix. People, please. She should seriously get down with Bieb... WOW just saying, " she's a grossed out kid...

Miley should be #1 seriously. She's awful. I like can't stand her one teensy bit. She gets one my nerves, and she needs to wear more clothes, seriously, girl!

Miley you can't act. Please go get mental help and never twerk again. By the way, whenever you smile your teeth always bulge out and your lips form a roof over them, it's disgusting. Sort of like how Debby Ryan smiles. I like your named Miley because you smile. Your smile is hideous. Sorry.

PS: So many actors in disney movies that include her that are boys say she has a great smile. laugh out loud - maddyparrot22

She is the most terrible actor that ever existed. She just needs to get a life because the acting isn't nearly convincing enough. - bizzi

She should be first on the list I hate her and I bet everyone would think that to - LuvDANCE

Did everyone voted Johnny Depp just to say that he doesn't belong in this list? And Brad doesn't deserve this as well. Now, Kristen Stewart, she is a top ten candidate!