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1 Jack and Jill

Only a select few of males can play females, like Robin Williams

Adam Sandler needs to stop playing roles of girls.

Watching Adam Sandler movies ever

This movie gives me braincancer...

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2 Grown Ups 2

Why was this even created

Love it

3 That's My Boy

This deserves the number one spot... - SomePersonYouHate

This film is really underrated! - Weasltown

This is honestly one of the funniest. No joke but how did Adam become famous because he the school teacher.

Not gonna lie I love this movie despite the horrible reviews. Then again anything labeled “stupid, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, with subtle hints of racism” usually makes for funny comedy to me.

4 Eight Crazy Nights

Sandler's voice for Whitey is just enough to have fountains of blood blast out of my ears. does he think this is some kind of joke?!

Here's an idea; lets get adam Sandler to make a very well animated movie about Hanukkah, but without anything Hanukkah related in it, and filled with unlikable characters and disgusting poop jokes. The only film that's worse it Jack and Jill. - Jackamalio

Hey look! Adam Sandler has ruined animation! - MUSHROOM

Horrible and lazy humor and extremely offensive to the Jewish

5 Little Nicky
6 Grown Ups

Wow this is top on my list of his best movies

This was sandlers last decent live action film.

Worst ending ever

7 Pixels

I think this is #1.

I know what you're saying. "What? But, Pixels is not a bad movie starring Adam Sandler." Yes it is. Rotten Tomatoes gave it 19%, and Metacritic gave it 27/100. You know it's a bad movie. Here's my review of the movie.
-Bad acting
-Treating our favorite video game characters like garbage
-Putting Adam Sandler in it
No. There is nothing funny about Pac-Man chomping on his creator's arm. How funny would it be if that happened to you? Not funny at all. I don't want a sequel to this.

This movie is so underrated... :(

8 You Don't Mess with the Zohan

Wow.. This movie is very funny And I love it

I really love this film

This movie and Billy Madison are guilty pleasures for me to be honest - Phillip873

9 Billy Madison

I just hate this movie. I think it's so annoying and stupid, I can't bear it. And if you people wanna call me a jackass or a retard for not liking a movie you like, I don't care. I don't give a crap what any of you people say to me. I'm sixteen years old and I couldn't care less. And yes I'm really sixteen. But I'm mature and honest like a full grown adult.

I hate this movie so much! I was baffled that everyone was watching it and liking it. it is unpleasant! Even some of sandler's earlier films aren't as good as I thought they would be. and this is one of them! And I will never watch it again!

Super stupid movie. I am still some young kid in grade 4 but I know my movies. Adam sandler is a horrible actor. He acts like the same person in ever movie it feels like. I Hate this movie, I hate all of his movies... Well pixels is one of those movies where it's so bad it's good. I don't know why Hollywood keeps casting them. I'm like the only person in my class who likes Jim Carrey and everyone else loves Adam sandler. Adam just does it for vacation, money, and to get more famous.

I love this movie, but I'm not surprised that it made it to this list.

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10 Just Go With It

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11 Going Overboard


12 Anger Management

This film is awful! - Weasltown

This movie was hilarious!

It was very funny and one of the best sandler films. especially jack nicholsons performance

13 The Ridiculous 6

The 0% on rotten tomatoes says it all.

14 I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
15 Blended

Drew Barrymore, why? Why do you keep staring in Adam Sandlers movies? Don't you have any respect for yourself in your image?

16 Hotel Transylvania


Seriously? It's his best

17 Bio-Dome

A 1990’s version of Teen Titans Go, Sanjay and Creg, Rocket Monkeys and Breadwinners

18 The Longest Yard

This is the best... STUPID

19 Bedtime Stories

Just bad

20 The Cobbler

This was so boring!

Put this higher in the list

21 Click

Saved actually by the outstanding performance of hot actress Kate Beckinsale. If she wasn't in it it would be " another Adam Sandler movie ".

22 The Wedding Singer
23 Mr. Deeds

The only reason why I even watch this movie is because of Winona Ryder

24 Big Daddy

Yipee... it's great to see three juvenile actors who always play extremely juvenile roles star in a movie together. Sandler and the Sprouse brothers...

This movie was so cute why is this in the list?

25 Bulletproof
26 Men, Women & Children
27 Happy Gilmore
28 Hotel Transylvania 2

The only decent (and I mean phenomenal) aspect of Hotel Transylvania 2 is the part where Dennis becomes very hyper-strong and attacks Bela like this. Otherwise, he is overpowered, especially for his age.

29 The Waterboy

This and Grown Ups should switch places - IDONTCARE

30 Airheads
31 Mixed Nuts
32 The Do-Over
33 Sandy Wexler
34 The Week Of
35 Hotel Transylvania 3
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