Top Ten Worst Adele Songs

It is worst adele song.. But its don't mean that adele song is bad...

The Top Ten

1 I Found a Boy

Thank goodness Hometown Glory isn't on this list, plus a lot of these other songs are good, too.

This song isn't bad.

2 Don't Leave Me
3 First Love
4 Best for Last
5 My Same
6 Crazy for You
7 Someone Like You

I know I just voted for this but I want to say, I LOVE this song

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8 Skyfall

Wh, why, why, is this here? - RockStarr

9 Hello

I like this song.

I'd vote for all songs if I could - CabadePartyhunter

Ripoff of the Lionel Richie version

I hate this song

10 Rolling In the Deep

Why is this on a list for worst Adele songs? It should be the best

The Contenders

11 Set Fire to the Rain

Are you kidding me? This this is crap.. This is the best song of Adele - smiler

I LOVE this song. Why is it on this list?!?!?!?

I love this song!

12 Tired
13 Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
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