Worst ADHD Effects

There's are the effects of ADHD from me, a person with ADHD.
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I get distracted easy, I remember small noise in the school hallway would distract me a lot, sometimes I had to close the door

I have ADHD and agree with every effect on this list, but this one is by far the most annoying! I'm intelligent, but received a B+ in my subjects due to having a hard time focusing.

It makes it almost impossible for me to complete my work.

It's really easy to get distracted.

Endless Energy

You could jump up and down for hours and not get tired!

The only reason why I lose energy is because I’m fat.


Sometimes it's hard to control this one.

I agree big time. People think I'm weird because I'm really hyperactive sometimes.

This is the worst.


My anger is really bad I get upset easily, I have thrown my phone with anger once I broke my phone with anger, I also broke a few of my video game controllers getting angry by having a frustrating hard part in a game

Yeah it not fun having anger outbreaks and flying off the handle - trains45


I hate it, I just hate impulsively because it makes me tend to say something really weird or stupid to people which makes them start finding me weird or stupid - Makster_04

It's really hard to think before you do and normally it happens automatically.

This is the main effect with mine

Forgetting Tasks

I always forget to take my medication my parents have to remind me everyday, I wish I could remember my self, I also forget to shave every 2 days I have to get reminded to that as well, same with taking a shower

I hate that I always have to be reminded by my phone to remember my tasks, if I didn't have it I would forget to shave every few days, and forget to brush my teeth, and take my pills if I didn't have the reminders

I forget to take a shower every 2 days I always get reminded to every sunday, then I don't all week, I wish I could remember, I also forget to take my medication I once went a month without taking my pills

Without my phone reminders I would forget to do everything I have to do, witch would be quite annoying - trains45

Losing Items

I lost my favorite toy

I always lose items


You get easily tired when you really control yourself for that day.

Eating Too Much
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