Worst Adventure Time Characters

Adventure Time is awesome, but some characters are not.

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1 Princess Bubblegum Princess Bubblegum Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom is a fictional character in the Adventure Time animated series on the Cartoon Network.

She started off as a likable, fun living, carefree, smart and responsible character. But slowly for surely, she becomes power hungry, dishonest, selfish, genocidal, sadistic, and mean spirited as all hell. She almost never gets punished for her cold hearted actions.

Bubblegum was nice in the first few years then she got really annoying because she is bratty and mostly power drunk and she tried to kill the entire flame kingdom because she thought they were a threat which they weren't and she send Finn really confusing messages to Finn she wants him she only wants to be friends and when flame princess gets too close to Finn she tries to kill flame princess later by trying to wipe out the entire kingdom and she locked up flame princess for most of her childhood what. The. FLUFF is WRONG with princess bubblegum I honestly think that Finn should leave her on her own and not save the candy kingdom because the enemies that attack the candy kingdom were caused by who? BUBBLEGUM that's WHO! She was so nice now she's just annoying and bratty and how dare she say magic isn't really when she gave Finn Billy's magical gauntlet I kinda wish flame princess would melt her or I wish that peppermint butler would just shut her up I wish that I could go into the ...more

This is the worst list I've seen, clearly you don't know how to look deeper into the story or character development to understand what makes a good show. You've listed some of the nest characters as most annoying when there are far worse to have listed.

Apple Wedding cemented her unlikablity for me

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2 Tree Trunks

Most obnoxious, stupid character ever. She is whiny, never shows any common sense, and takes five hours to say or do anything. I HATE Tree Trunks.

I dislike this character so much..

I liked her in the first season, but then she started spouting things that seem immoral and against what the writers set up for her character in season 1. Like she is 100% okay with forcing people to watch her PDA, but moving in with someone before marriage is "wrong". And then at her wedding she insults Princess Bubblegum by calling the dude she wants to marry her "the one true King of Ooo". Seriously uncool.

Just never liked em

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3 Lemon Grab

He is one of the worst characters I have ever encountered. He makes me cringe, there is nothing redeemable about him and he constantly brings negativity to the story.

His purpose is to be annoying. I find that he's stupid, but I don't want him gone for being stupid! His scream is really funny though.

His weirdness might be funny if it wasn't for his voice - I'd want to punch any kid who imitates Lemongrab.

God he's annoying same voice Actor as Rick, Morty, Mr Meeseeks, Blendin Blandan.

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4 Finn

He's cool, he just gets old after a while. No offense to any fans out there though, I totally respect your opinion. - NerdyPweeps

Um... he WAS flipping awesome and enjoyable... until after his pointless relationships. now he's just a sad guy who wants someone to be with her.
His adventures are getting really less too...
Finn... you used to be my hero!... but now you're... never mind...

In the first two seasons he was funny, but later of that he was like a jerking depressed teen, only because back to crush of princess bubblegum and the flame princess leave him, he is stupid

He should go out with jungle princess

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5 Flame Princess Flame Princess Fame Princess Is a Princess made out of fire and lives in her kingdom ruled by here evil father, Flame King. Here first time shown in Adventure Time was in the episode " Hot to the touch " ( season 4, episode 1) She is Finn's Girlfriend. She appears in episodes like, " Burning Low, " " Vault of Bones, ...read more.

Almost killed Finn, done nothing besides of ruining everything... Why does that dumb one even exist on this world?

Flame Princess is stupid and dump and annoying. I can't describe how much I hate her. She messed up everything! Finn made the right decision to break up with her

Ah man. I really like Flame Princess. She's an adorable character with depth, not being able to touch anything, being locked in a prison all her life and now Finn's broken her heart. I kinda feel sorry for her and was glad when she took over her dad's kingdom (though I was kinda hoping for Finn and her to get back together too). - IpodSwagger


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6 Marceline Marceline

How the heck did Marceline even get on this list? She's awesome!

Marcy is awesome!... Sexy too

First of all, who put her on this list?!? Second, what were the stupid reasons?!? She's been through a lot of things, even though she's a character. She's the reason why I love the show. Out of all my favorite characters, she's #1! So all you haters...shut dumb hole up! (I really wanna cuss right now, but I can't because...u get it.

She's extremely overrated, all she does is sing and be emo and all these fetuses keep trying to "relate" to her.

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7 Ice King Ice King The Ice King is a character in the American animated television series Adventure Time. A supposedly evil wizard capable of creating and manipulating ice and snow, he is the self-proclaimed king of the Ice Kingdom, a land of ice he claimed as his own and lives in in company of many penguins.

People just hate him "because he's the main antagonist" and so on so forth. The Ice King is really funny and he needs to have more episodes focused on him. Ice King is kind of stupid, but him as Simon... That's a sad story. I just hate how he's so abusive towards his penguins and all.

Ice King just acts greedy because he's gone insane because of the crown he wears. In the past, he was quite solid hearted and took care of Marceline when she was sick and lonely during the mushroom war - SheepBuggy

Ice king is actually one of the most likable characters in the show.

Poor Simon Petrikov...

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8 Lumpy Space Princess Lumpy Space Princess Lumpy Space Princess is a character in Adventure Time. She first appears in Trouble In Lumpy Space. She is the the daughter of Lumpy Space King and Queen.

I thought she was a boy before I heard her name. - NerdyPweeps

She was really mean to her old classmate, calling him a nerd. But the second he's attractive to her, she flirts with him! YOU WHERE A BULLY TO THIS GUY! NOW YOU EXEPT HIM TO DATE YOU!?! Never liked her since... - ThatkidwiththeContacts

Unlike every other character in the show, she never changes. She had plenty of opportunity to be a better person, but never took it.

She is so annoying and mean. and I hate her voice.

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9 Marshall Lee Marshall Lee

I am surprised. He almost has as much fans as One Direction.

I love him, he's awesome!

How dare you talk like this to my mar-mar I hate you

Marshall Lee is the best!
How could anyone put him on this list?

10 Me-Mow

I HATE ME-MOW - Ladysnuggles

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11 Peppermint Butler

That whole dark magic thing just freaks me out

He kind of scares me - NerdyPweeps

He's creepy! If Princess Bubblegum knows how to do all kinds of science and things that others can't, why doesn't she know that peppermint butler is evil yet? - SheepBuggy

Why is he here? He's not creepy! He's my favourite!

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12 Cinnamon Bun

He is such a creeper. I hope he falls into a microwave and Finn eats him as revenge for taking his girl. That would be the best episode ever!

When he was dumb, he had the same kind of humor that Patrick brings to SpongeBob. Now that he's smart, a jerk, and is a pedophile I will hate him for all eternity. GO BACK TO THE CANDY KINGDOM WHERE YOU BELONG!

I used to love cinnamon bum, but ever since he started sating flame princess I absolutely hate him. FINN AND FLAME PRINCESS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TOGETHER

He is a pedophillic pastry. He is like 40 or something years old and FP is like 14. I don't like lemongrab either - Lunala

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BMO is so annoying and acts like a baby. He always needs Finn and Jake and is really stupid like in that "SHH" episode. He is just a burden and really has no point in the show. Being cute or whatever doesn't make him a great character either.

"Is annoying and deserves to die"

You wish, liar. - Garythesnail

BMO is one of my favourite characters! If you hate BMO just because you can't figure out if it's a girl or a boy then you have some issues. - SheepBuggy

Sorry guys but Bemo is just not a good character I hate him so much he has barely changed from the beginning of the series and he is just old.

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14 Susan Strong

Most of these characters are great in their own right, but Susan always seemed very bland to me.

People only hate her because she's new to ooo, and doesn't know much about it so she acts dumb - SheepBuggy

15 Flame King

Flame King should get arrested for LOCKING HER DAUGHTER IN A FIREPROOF LANTERN! That is bad parenting! - SheepBuggy

He is SO cruel
He just kept her daughter in a lantern for her whole childhood and harasses her that shes evil anytime

If the Flame King was real, I would rip his body apart and I wouldn't feel sorry for him

Flame princess is a monster she needs to be in a lantern

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16 Hotdog Princess

She's not in many episodes so I don't know too much about her - SheepBuggy

17 Abracadaniel

Princess Bubblegum caused him to go to jail by saying magic is science but MAGIC is MAGIC!

What? Why abracadaniel? - SheepBuggy

He's a big fat ugly wimp who sucks at magic

He's ugly

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18 Wildberry Princess

SPOILER ALERT: She tries to kill Finn and Jake in the end of Furniture and Meat. In their own gold two greatest heroes in Ooo. I prefer BMO to shoot the arrow at her stupid face

That episode sucked in the first place. Such a waste of 11 minutes.

19 Deer Deer Deer are the ruminant mammals forming the family Cervidae. The two main groups are the Cervinae, including the muntjac, the fallow deer and the chital, and the Capreolinae, including the elk, reindeer, the Western roe deer, and the Eurasian elk.

This deer is so weird because it's breath is so weird and makes pain

That's... a real... deer...

Huh? That's real-life deer! >:( - BorisRule

20 Magic Man

His past and personality is very funny and interesting. I think, although he is a massive jerk, that he should be 24 on the best list - GuyInANateGrinder

He is one of the most interesting characters in the series!

I love him ^^

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