Worst Adventure Time Episodes

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1 Water Park Prank

My top 10 worst:

10. Holly Jolly Secrets: Part 1. A stupid, horrible leadup to part II.
9. 1,000+ Graybles. What? Most grayble episodes I don't mind, but why an episode of the innocent Cuber being hunted down one dumb mistake? This episode stinks.
8. Donny. I don't even know what to say.
7. Mama said. KOO is my least favorite character for many reasons, but this is his worst episode. He refuses to listen to Finn and Jake for failing the mission, and fires them.
6. Another Five More Short Graybles. Why? The previous grayble episodes (especially Five More Short Graybles) were amazing and well put together. This episode didn't even try to do that.
5. Gotcha! This was my first Adventure Time episode with LSP, and I hated her so much. She's a huge jerk, and makes to many "I'm naked" jokes.
4. Gut Grinder. For one thing this is way too predictable. OBVIOUSLY Jake isn't the gut grinder. Also, what does the gut grinder do? Grind guts? No, he eats gold.
3. Dream of ...more

Top 10 worst things about this episode!
10. The lifeguard who DESERVES TO DIE
9. The beginning sad head scene
8. "I forgot my underwear, but now I have my underwear". Really? This is an Adventure Time song? Bring back I'm just your problem!
7. The animation.
6. The repeated "coin that can fit in any slot" joke.
5. The ending.
4. Jake's unfunny jokes
3. All of the STUPID, *BLEEP* JOKES!
2. The repeated slide prank joke. It drags on forever!
1. The entire episode in general.

I like all the Adventure Time episodes except this one. Literally, every episode but this one i’d watch.

Oddly enough, this is the only guest animated episode to be considered canon, and yet it's by far the worst one. At least Food Chain had a plot that made sense, but this one doesn't. It felt like I was watching the same thing twice, not to mention how Finn and the rest of the cast suddenly seemed to be totally different people. Food Chain had it's funny moments ("Hey, is that my butt? Man It's been awhile") but this episode really failed to deliver in all apartments.

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2 Frost & Fire

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. I typically don't like protagonist that are shallow, self-centered, presumptuous, or all of the above, at least not in a high-continuity dramatic show like Adventure Time. There are definitely ways to do this character type correctly. For example, Star Butterfly from Star vs FOE has a lot of the flaws I just mentioned, but a) a good chunk of the show is dedicated to comedic exaggeration amongst the dramatic parts, which makes her behavior that would be unacceptable in real-life a little more justified. Second of all, Star actually LEARNS from her mistakes and GROWS as a character over time. So, there are definitely ways to do this character type correctly, as such, there is NO excuse for this terrible episode. Before this point in the series, Finn had always been rather immature, shallow, etc. He's a kid, what do you expect? However, this episode took it to a WHOLE new level. In this episode, Finn a) lies to his girlfriend to get her to fight ...more

Some hero you are, Finn.

Great. Now the rest of the show is ruined because Finn is always depressed.

Finn was a stupid moron in this episode. He made Flame Princess beat Ice King senseless despite the fact that he hadn't done anything, all just to have a certain dream. It even gets to the point where nearly all of the ice kingdom is devastated, and Flame Princess dumps him for his stupidity. This just made me dislike Finn so much after that, and it didn't improve since Finn became more of a vessal for the plot to me than a character.

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3 Food Chain

I didn't like the visuals.
It was too weird for my taste.
There were no positives for watching this for me.

Worst episode ever sick stupid and retarded I don't get it how do they turn in birds and finn tried to kill jake and at the end he sings like Justin Bieber

This episode was completely unnecessary. It's completely disgusting, fails at being educational, is totally dumb, and has horrid songs. And above all, the animation is horrid for Adventure Time. I swear at times Finn's lips wouldn't match up to the words.

Some episodes are cool like wizard battle, but this one is creepy and weird. It's adventure time, not a science program.

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4 Fionna and Cake

kill me

Actually I dislike the gender swapped version. - 05yusuf09

Just goes to show you that you should never let the Ice King write fan fiction. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Everything is lame and romanced up.

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5 Wizards Only, Fools

I'll not gonna strangle her, but I swear, that she hasn't learned nothing in this mythical racism related episode.

Bubblegum was an unreasonable, stubborn jerk who caused the groups crusade to the Wizard City to fail miserably and had made everything worse. And in the end, she doesn't feel the least bit sorry about it! This had killed her character for me and made me dislike her ever since.

This episode made me despise PB. She kept acting like a arrogant, unreasonable throughout the entire time. Her stubbornness had put the group and their mission in jeopardy, causing them to fail to get Starchy's requested cure and just giving up and doing it her way in the end, showing that she had learned nothing from the experience.

Princess Bubblegum was so stupid in this episode

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6 Dream of Love

Nothing happens. I agree this should be #1!

This should be #1 - oofoff

This episode is not disgusting, but the same joke just got tiring.

Gross and boring. Terrible song toward the end.

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7 Box Prince

This episode was extremely boring and pointless. It deserves a higher place on the list.

I'm a cat person, so I loved this episode

This should NOT be on here, this episode was adorable and left me with a smile on my face. Box kingdom is really cute and the ending was funny. Cats are great. This list is wrong, the only episodes that are Truly unbearable to watch are frost and fire and like the water slide prank episode - Ladysnuggles

I really hate this episode cause of Jake, it acted like a jerk the whole episode and his subplot it didn't connect to anything. Also, the cats were boring to watch as Finn

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8 The Cooler
9 Betty

While I don't mind bringing Betty to Ooo, the way they did it was very sloppy. For one thing, she didn't even care about the magic and all the bizarre things that exist in Ooo. No human would behave as Betty did if suddenly transported to a magical fantasy world.

Why is this here

Ruined the Simon story so badly. In this episode it looked like the show was trying do hard to be sad. - DubstepLover

It had a great story, but sadly a bad develpoment. I mean, Finn doesn't get excited that humans now exist in Ooo, didn't he gets sad when he thougth he would be the only human in Ooo? Why doesn't he gets happy when Betty comes to ooo? Or when Simon gets back as a Human? Also, the climax was so quickly, Finn, Jake and Marceline dind't made something and it was a waste of time of jokes.

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10 Buisness Men

Nah it was a good episode. - AlphaQ

The title was Buisness Time - AliciaMae

Finn being fat is the worst thing that could happen in this series, it's just distasteful for me as a fan of him.

Its called Buisness Time - puglover2008

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11 Burning Low

#DO NOT DO TIER 15! This is a really good episode and got lots of positive feedback. I also belive it got 3.3 million views when it first aired - oofoff

Actually this a well-crafted episode. - AlphaQ

This episode is by far one of the best episodes of adventure time, how the hell is it on this list?

How is this on the list? This episode was great!

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12 Web Weirdos

It wasn't terrible...but it was pretty boring. Finn and Jake come across two spiders in a dysfunctional marriage relationship, so they try to help them. The dialogue felt kind of awkward, and it really just felt like a couple arguing a lot. Not the worst, but not something I'd go back and watch again.

13 Love Games
14 Sad Face


Sad Face was awful for so many reasons. First, Finn and Jake were barely even in it! It was boring and I don't even know why this was an Adventure Time episode. Second, this episode made no sense! Finally the first time I saw this I didn't even know what to say. Even if someone said they would give me one million dollars to watch this and say Sad Face was the best episode of Adventure Time, I would walk away and say KEEP YOUR MONEY CRAZY PERSON!

This episode makes me sad face

Most pointless piece of crap AT has ever put on the air.

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15 Breezy

Undoubtedly the worst episode in the entire series. Not only did it ruin a story arc that has been foreshadowed for a long time, but it ruins Finn's character. What we have here is Finn literally prostituting himself, in the process becoming an ass to every lady he dates and immediately dumps them after a kiss. He hangs out with a bee who wants to bang his flower arm. In the end, we get a half-assed song that brings Finn's arm, the arm that the writers have built up to being severed, grows back. And Finn learns something, I guess.
In Frost and Fire, Finn was a jerk, but came to regret his actions in Earth and Water and later episodes. I have seen the rest of season 6 despite losing all hope after watching "this." Finn learned nothing.
It's as if it never happened, I wish it could be ignored, but it can't after resolving a major story arc.

Thank you Breezy. For making me loose hope in Finn and the show.
(Thankfully season 7 is better)

Adventure Time was meant to be fun and adventurous which also meant less ROMANCE. Finn becomes a player and takes advice from a bee who only cares about Finn's arm flower. How stupid is this CRAP.

Finn acted like a huge jerk in this episode.

Finn was a pimp in this episode.

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16 Chips and Ice Cream

This episode is pointless and VERY BORING. - Lunala

The only thing I remember about this episode was that I didn't like it. Or how annoying it was

Worst episode ever. Johnny Test's best episode is miles better than this, and that says something. And what are Garfunkel and Oates doing on a kids show? - 445956

What were they even thinking!?

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17 Daddy's Little Monster

Um... is Hunson not Ice King and Ice King wasn't in this episode

Disgusting and retarded. Blame nobody but yourself, Ice King.

18 Apple Thief
19 Five Short Graybles

It wasn't that bad, and I really liked the premise and idea behind it. In fact, I'd even say it was a good episode. I also really liked the fourth wall breaks with the "pause viewer now" thing. It definitely wasn't too memorable, but it certainly doesn't deserve to be on this list.

That guy treat us like we're 4 years old! I feel like watching Dora when I look at every episode about him telling stupid stories!

Somebody needs to sacrifice Cuber to Death so we can get Root Beer Guy back.

Cuber's from the future where all the Candy people are preserved inside the Gumball Guardians. The episode "Graybles 1000+" is great because he is running from aliens while using Graybles about the main characters to overcome obstacles. In the end, Cuber uses his last Grayble.

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20 You Made Me

Okay, so I understand that not every episode of Adventure time can be perfect. BUT WHY THIS? Lemon Grab is demented and sadistic and I understand that that's just his character, but they've taken it to far. Stalking people while they sleep? And I believe later on in another episode he EATS his own BROTHER? He's INSANE! They need to get rid of him! He's a danger to Ooo and definitely a dictator. KILL. LEMON GRAB. Geez

I would grab his "lemon" if you know what I mean he he he

Lemongrab's creepy and horrible! I HATE EVERY EPISODE ABOUT HIM!

What? This episode was funny! - SheepBuggy

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21 The Jiggler

Come on people this episode and gut grinder are good

22 A Glitch is a Glitch

This is a truly abysmal episode of Adventure Time, and cartoons in general, rivaling against other awful cartoon episodes such as A Pal for Gary and Watermelon Steven. I had high hopes when I first went into this episode, recently coming out of Simon and Marcy. Although I disliked the animation style that made it difficult to comprehend what it was we were supposed to be focusing on, I still tried to give this episode a chance. "Maybe this will still be enjoyable." I thought to myself. Oh boy was I wrong. This whole episode was a SLOG to get through, containing big no-no's in animations. Problems like confusing and unpleasent imagery, a vague plot that manages to make people feel unsettled without knowing the context of the story, an apparent lack of any sort of lasting comedy, and an absolutely horrible pacing/build-up all came together to create an abomination. Even an assortment of annoyances like the disturbing character design, and some unneeded inappropriate lines all add to the ...more

Awful episode ever.

So annoying

This should be number one...

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23 Ricardio the Heart Guy
24 Ghost Princess

Why is this here?! The voice actor for Clarence is the almighty SAM MARIN, voice of Benson, Pops, AND Muscle Man from Regular Show!

This episode was great.

What's this doing here? It had a great plot, and an interesting mystery! The only reason I can think of it being here is a small plothole, and even that doesn't make it a bad episode.

Its. just. so. boring.

25 Heat Signature
26 Hug Wolf

I liked this episode lol, it’s one of the better ones from Season 4 amd this is coming from someone who likes AT especially season 4. - AlphaQ

Agreed 100%

27 Gotcha!

I like it a lot

It wasn't terrible, but it felt kind of awkward and a bit stupid.

Gross... and disgusting... And gross... And disgusting...

Seriously it was gross (even for LSP) and it has some moments that AT shouldn't even had it.

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28 Gut Grinder

The gut grinder is okay, it is cool.

It not bad, but it's an "Okay" episode.

Worst episode of its season. It's like they forgot to make it funny.

29 Up a Tree

It was boring, but not the worst - AliciaMae

This episode was ok, but the plot was pretty uncreative. It starts off with Finn and Jake playing catch, and Finn throws the frisbee for it up a tree by accident, then Finn climbs up with a help of animals, but he says no and still gets the offer. He then climbs the tree with the powers and finds his way to the top. Then a group of animals throw him in a dungeon but then he escapes with the guard of the dungeon with the frisbee. There aren't many flaws, but this episode was boring.

I personally liked this episode. But I can admit that it was boring and didn't have that much effect - SheepBuggy

Very, very boring. Finn acted stupid and the episode is so slow.

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30 I Remember You

It's an emotional beautiful episode by the end, but it gets there slowly, and the rest of the episode has basically no point, and is just trying to get to the 11 minute mark. Even the art gets a downgrade in this episode. It just feels like this episode was just a vessel to get to the I Remember You song. Extremely overrated in my opinion.

At this point it feels like Adventure Time is trying way too hard to be emotional

I hate This episode
i hate Marceline
i hate Adventure Time

The only reason I voted was to share my opinion. What the heck is this doing higher than Bmo Noire!?!?! This is the best episode by far!

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31 The Monster
32 Wizard Battle

This was a good episode!


33 Princess Monster Wife

Hate it more than Water Park Prank

Honestly an uninteresting episode that did nothing new, it was just unnecessarily creepy. And not in a good way, like No One Can Hear You or Mystery Train.

All pf those stolen parts made a monster

Who did it?

34 Simon & Marcy

At this point it feels like Adventure Time is trying way to hard to be emotional

This episode made me allmost cry. Why is it here? - oofoff

Excuse me, how did THIS get on the list?

Excuse me - AliciaMae

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35 The Witch's Garden

Aw, I liked this episode! - SheepBuggy

36 Power Animal

This episode is about Jake couldn't focus on anything,even Finn just like
In Finn the human and Jake the dog,he quickly forget about Finn having trouble in another dimension,he even waste his wish for A SANDWICH

The storyline is pointless. Finn gets taken by gnomes who have a stupid plot that needs Finn's energy and Jake spends the entire episode trying to ' focus, but he can't.

I HATE THIS ONE! Finn is suffering and Jake doesn't even look for him.

37 The Red Throne

Basically, the plot was boring, Finn was just there because why not, and Cinnamon Bun had a complete character 180. Enough said.

This is the worst. Episode. Ever. Oh, and I HATE the Flame King. Excuse me for a moment while I kill him.

This episode made me hate Cinnamon Bun sooo much and also Flame Princess a bit. I was hoping to see Finn and Flame Princess get back together as it was near Valentines Day when this episode aired

I would of enjoyed seeing Flame King & Don Jon win

I ship Flame Princess and Cinnamon Bun. So, deal with it Flinn fans! - 05yusuf09

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38 The Comet

The season started with a cool episode "Escape from the Citadel". This was dissapointing, the writers ruined the Comet story arc and the Orgalorg arc. But season 7 is better.

39 Evergreen

No logic, no good story, no good characters, bad end, a crappy dream, a new stupid characters

Seriously this episode is a garbage

You might think that now, but what happened in this episode is going to be HUGE in future episodes.

Why is this episode on here. This episode is great I like how it has the ironic twist at the end

No... This was amazing! - bunnyluv070

Whats the matter if the episode goon to be important in the future? The point is THE ACTUAL EPISODE, and is bad

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40 Furniture & Meat

In this episode jake is the worst, I hate it, the only good part is when BMO and necto gone to save they

They make a episode involving money? I don't think it is a good idea. Also, Wildberry Princess was a big jerk in this episode.

Wild berry princess is an idiot FINN didn't EVEN DO ANYTHING WHY ARREST HIM?

What the hell happens to Finn and Jake in this episode? ESPECIALLY JAKE! They don't learn anything and they escape like they weren�'t heroes! Seoursly, I HATE THIS EPISODE! IT MAKES JAKE MORE JERK THAT HE WAS BEFORE!

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41 Incendium

# oofoff
Flame princess is a bad character

Flame princess is a good character - oofoff

Stupid Flame Princess was introduced at the episode. She ruins the show for me. - 05yusuf09

42 From Bad to Worse
43 Shh!

So inappropiate

44 Too Young


This Episode started my hatred of Princess Bubblegum.

45 Bmo Noire

I don't get it. It probably would have been a good story but the black and white graphics is cringe.

Super boring, stupid black and white graphics and SO DAMN POINTLESS

46 Her Parents

This one was boring

47 Dentist
48 Princess Cookie

I will find whoever put this on the list - 445956

This reveals bubblegum is a huge jerk

49 Donny

This list is not for worst episodes but top episodes

He's supposed to be a jerk. Don't hate someone because they are what they are meant to be - SheepBuggy

50 BMO lost

This episode is a meme - oofoff

Worst episode ever!

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