10 Worst African Dictators Ever

The Top Ten

1 Idi Imin Daka (Uganda)

Always Macias, never without macias: Forward with Macias! Brother got Shot!

Eat me IDE! Once a British NCO always a British NCO!

2 Omar Al Bashir (Sudan)
3 Jean Bedel Bokassa (CAR)

Hey, you throw rocks at MY CAR I'm going to get angry! OK, so clubbing to death a couple of the girls was an over reaction as was eating them but still, they scratched the Emperiors car!

4 Muhammed Siad Barre (Somalia)
5 Moamarr Qadoffi (Libya)
6 Charles Taylor (Liberia)

Former American Gas Station Attendant does Good! The Americans rape prisoners at Abu Ghrab & Camp Parks and I don't see Obama doing time for it! It's because black, isn't it!

7 Tewdoro Neugem (Equatorial Guinea)

It is unfortunate that the United States close their eyes of what is happening to the poor people of Equatorial Guinea God have mercy

8 Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe) Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe) Robert Gabriel Mugabe is a Zimbabwean politician and revolutionary who served as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe from 1980 to 1987 and then as President from 1987 to 2017.

What goes around comes around. Very soon Mugabe's time will be up..

Its not a country. Its Mad Max with lots of people.

Mugabe was a Plague upon Rhodesia! Rhodesia was racist but sufficient. Now everyone starves Equally kinda sorta. Did you know Zimbabwe held a lottery and of all the people who bought a ticket--/Mugabe won! His wife is slated to succeed him!

9 Sani Abacha (Nigeria)
10 Hoari Boumedine (Algeria)

The Contenders

11 Ahmed Sekou Toure (Guinea)
12 Fransis Macias Ngumin (Equatorial Guinea)
13 Mobutu See Seko (DRC)
14 Mengisto Haile Mariam (Ethiopia)
15 Hastings Kamuzibanda (Malawi)
16 Gafarr Nimery (Sudan)
17 Modibo Keita (Mali)
18 Joao Bervardo Vierr (Guinea Bissau)
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