Top Ten Worst African National Flags

More than a year ago I made the list of the best african national flags, so now I decided to do the opposite, without further ado, let's start!

The Top Ten

1 Somalia

This flag in particular feels very lazy as it's really only a white star on a bright-blue background, nothing about it really stands out. - darthvadern

At least the combination of these two colors is not very common (Estonia, Botswana). Vietnamese flag is worse. - Alkadikce

2 Djibouti

Ignoring the ridicoulus name, the flag isn't anything to mind-blowing, it kinda looks like a mix between Cuba's and Czech Republic's flag but it didn't end up looking that pretty - darthvadern

3 Egypt Egypt, officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia, via a land bridge formed by the Sinai Peninsula.

While this country's history is one of the most interesting! That doesn't change my opinion on the flag, it looks pretty bland as it has the red-white-black pattern most middle eastern countries have and I don't like that pattern, the only thing that stands out about this one is probably the sculpture in the middle - darthvadern

4 Burkina Faso

This flag is similar to Somalia's in which it has a star, ecept this one has a yellow one and it actually has some better colours in the background (green and red are beter than bright blue in my opinion). - darthvadern

5 Niger Niger, officially the Republic of Niger, is a landlocked country in Western Africa, named after the Niger River.

It kinda looks like India's flag but more lazy as the big circle in the middle is now just an orange circle. - darthvadern

6 Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea, officially the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, is a country located in Central Africa, with an area of 28,000 square kilometres.

This flag isn't the prettiest, the white taking up so much with an emblem in it isn't really what I would go for - darthvadern

7 Chad

I'm not putting this on the list for reasons other people would have it here, no, the flag is jnot a rip-off on Romania's! Chad's flag came before! It's not their fault if the romanians decided to copy them, oh well anyway. I do like this flag a lot, but it's not really the most beautiful to look at of the bunch, the dark blue and dark yelloe colour makes this flag not that beautiful to look at - darthvadern

8 Sudan

Now we're getting in to the flags that I think look decent. Sudan's flag has the same middle eastern pattern as Egypt and other flags but at least the green triangle to the left makes it look a bit more pretty, other than that, it's good - darthvadern

9 Mozambique Mozambique, officially the Republic of Mozambique, is a country in Southeast Africa bordered by the Indian Ocean to the east, Tanzania to the north, Malawi and Zambia to the northwest, Zimbabwe to the west, and Swaziland and South Africa to the southwest.

Alright now we get to the flags I really like! Mozambique's flag is very impressive looking and well-done! I like it, well except that it has an AK-47 in it! It makes me question if the country supports violence, but oh well - darthvadern

This flag is so bad it’s just a star with a gun I think it’s a Portuguese department but it’s still bad

10 Algeria Algeria, officially People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, is a sovereign state in North Africa on the Mediterranean coast.

I like this flag a lot, the colours go well togheter and the moon and star are placed at a great spot! - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Uganda

This falls into the 14th worst african flag

I love it - darthvadern

12 Namibia Namibia, officially the Republic of Namibia, is a country in southern Africa whose western border is the Atlantic Ocean.

Now this flag is pretty good! The colours here fit very well and the yellow sun is beautiful too! In my opinion a really good flag! - darthvadern

13 Central African Republic

Seriously? This is like the best flag in Afri... eh, opinions are opinions - darthvadern

14 Libya Libya, officially the State of Libya, is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Egypt to the east, Sudan to the southeast, Chad and Niger to the south, and Algeria and Tunisia to the west.
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