Worst Ages to Die


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Well, you are 1 years old - -_-

Because you're only a baby

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Just when you thought you would reach 100 - -_-

And you thought you would reach 100...It would be so bad! - Ananya

It's too close to 100

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Never got to be an adult - -_-

Missed being an adult

Horrible age to die

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Almost at double digits! - -_-

Almost a tween

5 15

Never got to drive - Aha223

6 27

Its just a theory at the moment but I think Justin Bieber is going to die at that age like many others. He is 24 years old, he is depressed why do you think with all the hate speech he gets for mistakes. If he wasn't famous people would say things about him if he was on the news and then later forget about him.
Its social media its made hate speech.

A very popular age to go out; it even has its own club.

So many great people died at 27. So young. - IronSabbathPriest

I turn 27 next year...I hope I'm not part of the 27 club...

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You might die on the day you were born... How sad! - Minecraftcrazy530

You will never get past a year! - CoolCat999

You could Die A Fetus, that's depressing... - DapperPickle

Yay I’m going to earth! *ends up in heaven again* what just happened?

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So close to 50! - -_-

You're just about to turn 50 - Aha223

Marilyn Manson is 49

9 20

Before you can taste drinks? - ToptenPizza

Before you get to do anything you wanted to! Lol JK that will never happen. But before the age with most freedom!

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Is this here because of the position? Because, if it is, not funny. - Aha223

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I know a young woman who died at this age. - RockFashionista

Lil Peep :( - BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah

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Just when you become an adult

Never got the chance to be an adult or got the chance to vote like poor Michael Brown, I hate racist cops!

Michael Brown was a dumbass criminal. Stop crying racist and deal with it - bobbythebrony

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Never got to be a teenager - Aha223

I attempted suicide at 12

I'm almost 12 but something bad might happen to me because of what mom is doing to me.-DarkBoi-X

DefaultingSteves "Your teenage years, No." GAMEYTPROX99 "No, *kicks out DefaultingSteve*" GAMEYTPROX99 "I feel bad for the kids who died that young."

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19 19

Before you can play baseball!

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21 100

Getting into 100s is a great age. Keep healthy (I know people could be hit by a bus, unexpected disease, World War Three, The Bible nuts are right it is the rapture.)

22 120

Only one person ever lived this long. - Aha223

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Not everything had to be exact! So sad to survive for only one day. ;(

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26 16

Never got to graduate

27 88
28 4
29 7

It is sad never got to watch 8+ Movies 🎥

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31 109

Missed on being a super-centenarian. - Aha223

32 1 month old
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