Worst Airline Aircraft Liveries


The Top Ten

1 Aeroflot
2 American Airlines
3 United Airlines
4 Delta Airlines

Come on! This one isn't that bad! - KC-9

5 Air Zimbabwe
6 Spirit Airlines
7 Japan Airlines
8 Air China
9 Mexicana
10 JetBlue

This one is so much better than others! The worst is Air Koryo

The Contenders

11 Monarch Airlines
12 S7 Airlines
13 Lufthansa

Their new livery is a huge downgrade from their previous livery. I miss the gold logo on the tail.

14 Jin Air
15 China Eastern
16 Air Jamaica
17 Asiana
18 British Airways

Nothing to it, the all white concorde livery (excluding the tail) was sooo much better than the current one - KC-9

19 Yukon Air
20 Air India
21 Iran Air

This airline could have been one of the best airlines (similar to Emirates) if it was not impacted by the cruel sanctions. They have been trying so hard to hold up and continue their operations. I don't blame them for their aging fleet, compared to their low risk of flying. Hopefully with the new deal and lifting of the unnecessary sanctions it will improve.

The worst airline in the world. With airplanes that have 50% possibility to crash. The crew look at passengers like sheeps. The airplanes has average age of 30 years but the pilots are the best, they can land the plane even without wheels in every conditions! People of Iran respect their pilots.

22 Virgin Australia

Dull, Stupid an can't keep up with most Airlines - s9111472

23 All Nippon Airways
24 China Airlines
25 Air Koryo
26 Jeju Air
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