Top Ten Worst Airports In the United States

Basically all the airports in the mountain states (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and Nevada) suck! But anyway all these airports are the stupid and bad ones. They also take a while to wait in.
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1 Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

You could easily get lost in this airport, or even miss your flight with all those people and YouTubers who film that airport. This airport is so crowded you get miss your flight, beat up all those people, and just get out of there and DRIVE to the city you want to go to. But this airport may have stuff to do, but it is so crowded you would have to race through all the Hispanics in Texas and get to your gate as quick as you can. This is probably the most cramped Airport in the United States. Say you are flying from Albuquerque and want to go to Miami, you would probably get cramped in the Dallas Airport that you might miss your flight to Miami, Florida. But anyway I wish there weren't that much people in Dallas and Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.

This airport is a nightmare. Gate changes send you to the other end of the opposite terminal. Don't walk around this airport. Find your gate and stay. Appreciate Few minutes to sit before looking for your new gate again.

Like the rest of Dallas, you're better off driving through the airport because walking anywhere takes you years here.

Some of the worst customer service too. Just a bunch of pissed off people here.

2 Phoenix International Airport

This is probably the warmest Airport in the United States. And it's because the temperature is always above 90 degrees and you would probably have to go find a juice bar and get a glass of Lemonade to cool yourself down. But try to run as fast as you can in that heat to get to your gate because there are ALSO lots of people in the Phoenix International Airport. In fact, it's probably the third most crowded Airport in the United States, after the Dallas Airport, and the New York City Airport. But anyway if you ever go to this airport be sure you are a fast runner and get to your gate as quick as you can. Otherwise you would probably miss your flight to Los Angeles. But yeah it is so hot in that airport you should probably bring some water with you before you melt to death. And the reason why the Phoenix Airport is so hot is because PHOENIX happens to be the hottest city in the United States. In fact, I think Arizona or California are the warmest states too!

It's Friday at 8 AM out early November. It shouldn't be this crowded unless it's Christmas eve. If the gates were bigger it would be a different story. Long lines for food. Long lines for the bathroom. I've seen 2 of the worst mullets I've ever witnessed in person just in the walk to my gate.

This airport is crazy hot. In fact everywhere we went in hot Phoenix ran the AC except this airport. I fainted as I was writing this from what I think was a heat stroke. Thank you "Worlds Friendliest Airport".

Worst airport. Constant runway construction causes delayed flights.

3 Missoula International Airport

This is the worst airport in the U.S. Too small, nothing to do, and it's TOTALLY boring. If you ever fly from a city (say like Phoenix) DO NOT go to Missoula airport! It is VERY VERY boring. I think all the airports in Montana suck! Missoula should keep getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller, and even end up like a ghost town. If you go to Montana, and fly in an airplane, I recommend just going to the one in Butte, that's the ONLY good one in Montana.

This is probably the only bad part about Missoula. Everything else is great. I should know. Been on trips here every summer since my first year in this world.

4 New York International Airport

This airport is the second most crowded airport in the United States, after the airport in Dallas. Even though this airport has the most things to do, and even though it's the largest airport in the United States, it still sucks because of all those people. One things for sure, this airport has some weird things. Anyway we are going to New York state to see my aunt, uncle, and baby cousin in Kingston, NY. And we WERE going to fly to New York Airport, but we decided to just go to the one in Albany, because Albany is much smaller and not to many people and stuff like that. But anyway New York Airport is too crowded and you might easily get lost.

Once my brother was sick and the plane was bording. And the people that worked their SOLD out tickets

5 Chicago International Airport

Even though there a things to do in this airport, it's still stupid because it is the most crowded airport in the Midwest, and it takes a while to wait in this dumb old airport. Here are 5 reasons why this airport is the worst airport in the Midwest.

5. It takes a while to wait in.
4. All restrooms are taken at times.
3. Sometimes your flight gets cancelled.
2. All the stores are pricy.
1. And number 1 is, IT'S TOO CROWDED THERE!

Well that's about it, this airport is a stupid airport, you have to wait 6 hours until you can leave that airport, and too many people there that are RACIST!

I have searched it on Google Images, and it does look good. But being in Chicago, one of America's biggest cities, It probably is very crowded.

Very Expensive poor signage and the whole place feels crammed in.

Delay upon delay upon delay... ridiculous!

6 Newark Liberty International Airport

Security takes forever, staff is rude. Employees for airlines that are usually known for great customer service are incredibly rude and forced me to check one of my two carry on bags, even though I previously had carried-on BOTH bags at another airport without any trouble.

Hate this airport with a passion, rude & unhelpful staff, makes you wonder how they passed the job interview! Think I would rather stick pins in my eyes, than ever visit this woeful dump, makes equally awful Vancouver airport look good and that's saying something!

The worst airport ever in the state, always delay always cancel flight , I hate this stupid airport.

Very disorganized airport I have ever seen in the U.S.

7 Los Angeles International Airport

Severely overcrowded and congested airport, and terrible terminal layout is a recipe for disaster. Only fly here if you must, otherwise fly out of orange county.

Why the hell isn't this one #1?

8 Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport

MSP like the rest of Minneapolis/St. Paul lack public restrooms. Apparently rather than providing services and facilities to patrons, the authorities here worry about dudes in bathrooms. Might explain the lack of public restrooms downtown Saint Paul, downtown Minneapolis and in the airport.
Might also explain the cameras at the urinals at the library in downtown Minneapolis. Additionally, for an 'international airport' there is nothing to eat at 11pm outside of McDonald's? Again, this is a city-wide pandemic in a garbage state that prerends to be cosmopolitan but is as monotonous as a rally of skin-heads. Sad "cities" and sad airport.

I've been to this airport before, and it sucks! We had to wait for about 3-4 hours just to wait for our flight to Albuquerque, and it was so boring. However, there are some restaurants here that are alright, but everything else is BORING! This is probably the worst airport in Minnesota. I can tell you about 500 reasons this airport is so stupid, but I'll just say 5 because 500 is too much:

5. This airport takes a while to land.
4. This airport only has a few restaurants.
3. This airport only has a few restrooms.
2. This airport takes a while to wait in.
1. And number 1 is, it's a VERY BORING airport.

I'm so shocked that you had to wait at an airport, your plight is on par with the holocaust I think, because nobody in the history of mankind has ever been bored at an airport before, It's a completely unprecedented form of suffering. I have such shame that my city of Minneapolis didn't treat you to the amusement park rides and fun factory's of all other airports.

Rude. Food restaurants tastes weird. Little sister found a hair in her Starbucks yogurt. But that's Starbucks for ya. Best airport

9 Philadelphia International Airport

International immigration processing is slow and not well suited to handling large numbers of people. We missed our connecting flight because of their inability to handle large crowds of arriving international passengers. The most telling thing was when we cleared immigration, we told a porter that we missed our connecting flight and he said "yea, that happens a lot".

I feel staff are there to earn a paycheck and to give help when asked not in there job description and yes there process for international flights is ridiculous. I had two hours to get to flight. Did not stop along way even once and still couldn't make flight. Worst experience to date

Rudest employees at any U.S. airport, too many ghetto blacks, enough said

The rental car guy stole my 3DS!

10 Billings International Airport

This is the second most boring and worst airport in Montana. Too small (but just a tiny bit bigger than the one in Missoula. ) This airport has NOTHING TO DO IN IT AT ALL! Some of the airports in Montana suck and it's because it is so least populated cities. I recommend not moving to Montana at all! And for those of you that LIVE in Montana, try making some arrangements for moving to another state, with bigger cities and much better airports (like California, New Mexico, Arizona, New York, Florida, Texas, and Illinois. Also, Billings is a horrible city.

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11 Kansas City International Airport

Outdated facility. Very limited food options and other services.

I live there and I hate it. It's convenient but it's outdated and limited food option

Horrible food opportunities. Hard to find power outlets.

Outdated... Stuck after going through security!

12 Miami International Airport

Horrible and confusing

The logo is so creepy

13 Logan International Airport

Terminals are too small for a large airport. Flights also get delayed regularly, and the corridors are too narrow.

14 Norfolk International Airport

Number 13? This is the worst airport EVER! Racist people, limited stores, cancelled flights, and rude people!

It simply suck!

Worst airport and they do not have any non stop flights to anywhere on the west coast

15 Cheyenne International Airport

This airport sucks a lot! Too less things to do, probably the smallest International Airport in the United States, and too many cowboys in Cheyenne along with Wyoming. Wyoming is the second state with the worst airports, after Montana. But anyway this airport ALSO sucks because there is nothing to do in it at all! And there are only 2 restrooms. If you need to use the bathroom, and both of the restrooms are crowded, I would recommend just waiting to get on the plane just to use the bathroom, or just go outside the airport and find a restroom. Probably one in a restaurant or a small store.

16 Boise International Airport

Boise airport sucks because it is too small, only a few things to do, and this airport has the least airplanes. I recommend not going to Boise because it is to stupid, only a few things to do, and you have to wait for your airplane to get to Boise, and you would have to wait for about 4-5 hours. Speaking of 4-5 hours, do you want to know how long it took for my older sister (who's age was 17 when she went)? It took 6 HOURS for her to wait for her plane. But anyway this airport takes a long time too!

17 Great Falls International Airport
18 Dulles International Airport

A virtual maze. Takes forever to get to your gate. No help phones or assistance. Nightmare.

19 Eppley Airfield

Too small and expensive.

20 San Diego International Airport
21 Akron-Canton Airport
22 Baltimore Washington International Airport
23 San Antonio International Airport

Best airport ever. Friendly and thorough TSA agents. Drop off and pickup traffic can be a little tricky, but airport is clean and well organized.

A medium-sized Airport with lots of fun things to do, I totally recommend this place

24 Orlando International Airport

Rude TSA agents that are demanding, controlling, rushing you, and inconsiderate to name just a few of their bad qualities. ABM Parking Services has rude cashiers on A and B sides that in turn have even ruder and non-understanding clerks and supervisors (Kim Perez, Peggy Padro, unsmiling Melvis Rodriguez, shouting Nellie Lopez, lesbian Rosa Roque and Jessica Milam are just some). As a business traveler I park weekly and have encountered these employees as some of the noncustomer friendly workers! If I had to pay for parking myself I wouldn't park at this airport. If you're parking less than 5 hrs and lose your ticket you'll end up paying the daily $17 rate. This airport will nickel and dime you. I have complained on these workers but unfortunately they are still there. Blame GOAA!

Worst possible security I have ever seen... it's like herding cattle and when your traveling with kids it's even worse!

25 San Francisco International Airport
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