Top Ten Worst Airports In the United States


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21 San Diego International Airport
22 San Francisco International Airport

There great!

23 Gerald R. Ford International Airport

The Grand Rapids, Michigan airport has a weird layout. They put the stores BEFORE the baggage check, so you can't really buy a snack before getting on the plane. - Turkeyasylum

24 San Antonio International Airport

A medium-sized Airport with lots of fun things to do, I totally recommend this place

25 Orlando International Airport

Rude TSA agents that are demanding, controlling, rushing you, and inconsiderate to name just a few of their bad qualities. ABM Parking Services has rude cashiers on A and B sides that in turn have even ruder and non-understanding clerks and supervisors (Kim Perez, Peggy Padro, unsmiling Melvis Rodriguez, shouting Nellie Lopez, lesbian Rosa Roque and Jessica Milam are just some). As a business traveler I park weekly and have encountered these employees as some of the noncustomer friendly workers! If I had to pay for parking myself I wouldn't park at this airport. If you're parking less than 5 hrs and lose your ticket you'll end up paying the daily $17 rate. This airport will nickel and dime you. I have complained on these workers but unfortunately they are still there. Blame GOAA!

26 LaGuardia Airport

A grim place of despair. Moody staff, overzealous security and the terminal is falling apart. God forbid your flight is delayed.

27 Daniel K. Inouye (Honolulu) International Airport

Nastier than some of the others in mainland USA. Only LAX, LaGuardia and Newark Liberty are worse.

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