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1 Seryu

Seryu was so twisted. She acted like she was a justice hero but she was just a psycho killer.

The only anime character that I'm glad is dead

I hated her so much when she killed Sheele! I'm glad Mine killed her and that Seryu was crying in her last moments when she self-destructed herself! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

She killed Sheele, and Sheele was going to be one of my most favourites! I hate you, Seryu! - MLPFan

2 Kurome Kurome

Kurome's a psychopath who claimed many innocent lives!

Psychopath? She's the real definition of "Psychopath! "

Why will anyone likes her? She's a freak of nature who deserves death!

A real loony freak.

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3 Champ (The Clown)

Why do people hate seryu more?

Please let's not forget this person was the one who raped Bols's daughter in front if Bols's grave before killing her (or possibly even in the opposite order) - seriously though the Wild Hunt really are Akame ga Kill's God Hand except there's 6 of them I guess.

4 General Ogre
5 Minister Honest

He wasn't really needed because if it was all his fault for what happened then they would not have had to kill the kid

6 Syura
7 Aria (The Rich Girl at the Start of the Series.)

She was a b! tch and a hypocrite. At first she was always like "I love to help people and let them stay at my mansion, ehehehe" and then it turns out she just does that so she can torture them to death. And her hatred for Sayo is utterly stupid (If she's such a rich girl, then why didn't she just go get a hair treatment to a salon or buy a better shampoo or whatever instead of killing an innocent girl?! ) - MLPFan

Talk a saditic family pretending to be good people, Aria and her family are in that category. Aria killed Sayo, over what? Her Hair? How heartless of her! She and family deserve to be killed by Tatsumi and Night Raid. - NaruHinaBlaze1

When I first saw her, I thought she and her family were open to share their wealth to help people less fortunate. But I was disgusted in the end of the first episode. Not just because of the killings, but the fact they took so many innocents lives because of their financial situations. It’s just another reminder how the poor are always viewed as scums just because they have no money.

8 Emperor Makoto

He can be cute and rather funny, but even Prime Minister Honest had his funny moments. Wasn't the scene where Makoto suggested Honest as a love interest for Esdeath funny? Honest's facial expression was hilarious. Despite being rather cute and funny Makoto is also someone who orders gruesome deaths to happen without showing any empathy whatsoever. Makoto only cares about getting praised by the Minister. Being the Minister's puppet doesn't change the fact the Makoto has no empathy or mercy. Makoto is a kid true. He's a psycho kid and I pity his subjects who think that the only problem is Minister Honest and that this kind of kid could make a good king one day.

Emperor Makoto is entertaining, but if the mangaka intended me to be sympathetic towards this "innocent" kid, it did not work. Still not over the death he ordered the first time we see him on panel. One thing to order the death of a traitor, but it's another thing to order the gruesome death of somebody over a disagreement. Kid or no kid, I won't ever like a person like that.

I don't see why anyone thinks this kid is sweet. He's a psycho :/

9 Chelsea Chelsea

Complete trash.

Complete plot device, her character didn't make any sense. Glad she died.

Total trash. I hate her.

Just the worst.

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10 Three Beasts' Nyau (The Child)

The Newcomers

? Bols Bols

The reason I dislike him is because he is so popular with the fans just because he said he was sorry (while not doing anything to try to make up for past and present sins mind you) and has a family. Bols doesn't even have a motive, he's just doing horrible things because it is his job. Did he ever consider getting another job?!

Chelsea using the face of a little girl Bols had murdered to kill him was poetic justice in my opinion. Shows just how much people Bols killed he doesn't even recognise their faces.

Fans give this murderer too much credit, just because he said he is "sorry". If he had changed sides like Akame I'd believe him.

Everyone has so much sympathy for Bols because he has a family, they forget Bols KILLED families.

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11 Budo
12 Dr. Stylish
13 Wave

Seems like a nice guy, but it is good to remember which group he is part of.

14 Esdeath Esdeath

She's an incredible villain! Okay, I get that she's a sadist, but come on, she's probably just a misunderstood character! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

15 Akame Akame

Boo! Deserves to die, too OP

Legend of Zelda treatment:
The series gets named after a female character (Akame).
The main protagonist turns out to be a male character (Tatsumi).
Still love both of them though.

16 Mine Mine

I actually like Mine, but I got really annoyed at her when she confessed her feelings to Tatsumi. The way she went about it was rather grating. That's a really high and mighty way to go on about confessing your love. Expecting the person to return your amorous feelings, because how could they not be in love with your awesome self. That's rather conceited. Tatsumi was right to be incredulous, Mine had been rather mean to him until that point. I wish he had turned her down, but of course he didn't since he sees her as a friend and she can be cute. Worse is that the relationship seems kinda one-sided on her part. Like Tatsumi said yes, but he would have said yes to all of his love interest at that point (bar Esdeath of course) he wasn't really particularly closer to any girl over the others. It just seemed cheap from a story telling perspective. Mine only catches the worst of it because the pairing becomes canon.

Ugh the cringe

Annoying, typical forced romance, tsundere girl

17 Leone Leone

How can she be considered a bad character? She had her flaws, yes, but above all, she was sympathetic to the people who grew up the way she did, she had to teach herself to be tough growing in the slums, and she was a very passionate and strong person. She was ruthless towards her enemies and she enjoyed a good fight (possibly too much), but she was very caring and kind towards her comrades, whether she was being straightforward or teasing them. She does not deserve to be on this list.

Somehow I'm supposed to forget that she robbed Tatsumi blind because he's a country bumpkin and she taught him a lesson? Just because he is an idiot doesn't mean he deserves it. She should be robbing those immoral nobles instead of going after poor people. Gross behaviour from her. Worse is Leone is strong and crafty enough to go after difficult targets, but she chooses to pick on Tatsumi instead?!

Why you most hate her there's no reason to hate that sexy cat girl I Love her so much

18 Bulat Bulat
19 Lubbock Lubbock Lubbock was born into a rich family and could basically have whatever he wanted. However, instead he fakes his own death to join up with the notorious rebellion known as Night Raid. He's accepted into the group and given the imperials arms, Cross Tails. Cross tails is an incredibly strong string wrapped more.
20 Run
21 Sheele Sheele
22 Tatsumi Tatsumi
23 Susanoo Susanoo
24 Najenda Najenda

Why? What's wrong with her? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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