Top 10 Worst Album Covers of the Big 4


The Top Ten

1 Stomp 442 - Anthrax
2 Lulu - Metallica and Lou Reed

Ugh. It’s so gross! The album is trash, too, so I’m not willing to excuse it.

3 Reload - Metallica

Most of their covers are great but this has always reminded me of buttocks (+anus). - Metal_Treasure

4 Risk - Megadeth

The original or the remaster either way they are both bad - christangrant

5 Super Collider - Megadeth
6 Cryptic Writings - Megadeth

Average album cover - christangrant

7 Killing is My Business... and Business is Good - Megadeth

The original cover is awful but the remaster was great - christangrant

This one is awesome - Jack - JackTheMusicLover2244

8 God Hates Us All - Slayer

Both covers aren't Great - christangrant

9 Load - Metallica

Pretty average - christangrant

10 Hardwired... to Self-Destruct - Metallica

Good album but the album cover is ok for Metallica standards - christangrant

The Contenders

11 The World Needs a Hero - Megadeth

I hate this artwork with a burning passion - Jack - JackTheMusicLover2244

Seriously, how could you forget this. - jack2244

12 Seasons in the Abyss - Slayer
13 South of Heaven - Slayer
14 United Abominations - Megadeth

Decent album but damn, this artwork is weird - jack2244

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