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1 The Handsome Beasts - Beastiality

Oh yuck! That is such an unappealing album cover. - RiverVibeZ

Gross - ElSherlock

All I can say is What the hell! What record company is making that album! The cover is... MAD!

What makes a person buy this album? Is it because of the sexy guy on the cover? Or the pig? No its out of pure stupidity

2 Anaconda - Nicki Minaj

Awful! - TopTenTed

It needs to be 1 it's really really gross - NESSquid

The fact that this is sold everywhere just makes it worse...LITTLE KIDS SEE THIS!

Horrible cover! Get it higher!

3 Humanure - Cattle Decapitation

Ew, a cow pooping out human body parts. Can't get more disturbing than that. - RiverVibeZ

Terrible album parody of pink floyd's Atom heart mother - LightningStrike

I think Cattle Decapitation is just known for disturbing album covers.

It's like Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother + some violence.

Edit: LightningStrike commented the same thing, lol - Alkadikce

Funny how I think Atom Heart Mother is the best cover ever and this is the worst. - MaxPap

4 Born This Way - Lady Gaga

This album cover is good! Why is it number four? - PandasNGaga

There's nothing wrong with this cover

Wow. I didn't know that Lady Gaga was a motorbike!

This cover is not that bad. Jeez. - STLovesTrash

5 Tripping Daisy - I Am an Elastic Firecracker

I laughed for a good 30 seconds after seeing that image. Thanks for the laugh, Thetoptens.com. - RiverVibeZ

He looks like a taki

Looks like they attempted and failed to rip off the cover to Talking Heads- Remain In Light.

This is worst covers, not worst artists

6 Herbie Mann - Push Push

Good lord

Gross ass old man shirtless showing his man boobs

That beastiality album cover was kinda funny, this one is messed up. And why is Beyoncé and Rihanna on here? This is worst album COVERS; NOT worst albums. Idiots. by the way, lady gaga's is a close #2... All of her album covers are, not any specific one, all of them.

7 Mayhem - Dawn of the Black Hearts

This album cover is wrong on so many levels. - RiverVibeZ

What the hell is THAT?

Apparently, Mayhem just got away with taking a band member’s dead body from suicide. Not even Cannibal Corpse would do such a thing. - JoeBoi

Black metal has a thousand awful album covers - Sabbath

8 Britney Spears - Blackout

I don't see anything wrong with this album cover. - RiverVibeZ

There's nothing bad about this cover - ElSherlock

This cover isn't bad

I like britney cover is the best

9 Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad

How did this get to number 8, overtaking Virgin Killer? - Alkadikce

She's a trashy pop artist with no meaning to her lyrics. She should not be allowed to produce music as it is nothing but an ear sore.

You just have bad taste and no reasons to justify why the cover is bad, have a seat. - DaisyandRosalina

How is this album cover BAD? Its just a pretty photo album of her! >:O - spodermanfan1000

10 Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water - Limp Bizkit

I have no clue what the hell is going on in that album cover but whatever it is, it's gross and looks nasty. - RiverVibeZ

What the... - BlazingParasol

What - BlazingParasik

Fred Durst is such a duece bag.Just look at the cover and the name of this immature album for proof.

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? Bionic - Christina Aguilera

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11 Manowar - Anthology


They look like He-Man action figures.

I was hoping this one would be here! Made me laugh for several days when I first saw it in a store.

an album cover full of jocks - ronluna

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12 Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz - Miley Cyrus

The worst album, and the worst cover. I love Miley, but this, ouch. Why is Born This Way number four? There's nothing wrong with it! - PandasNGaga

It's a closeup of Miley's mouth with glue and glitter all over it. Need I say more? - RiverVibeZ

Nothing wrong with the cover

The title sounds terrible (she can’t spell “Pets” properly) and I bet the cover is just as bad!

13 50 Cent - Candy Shop

I'm not sure about you guys, but this cover makes me want to throw up.

Where’s the candy?

14 Scorpions - Virgin Killer

It was shocking for me to hear that the original cover for this album featured a nude prepubescent girl. How disgusting. They make Cannibal Corpse’s album covers look not that gory. - JoeBoi

World’s worst cover

The original album cover with the naked preteen was enough for them to be labeled as child molesters - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Just unbelievably offensive just makes the entire metal community look bad. No words...

15 Cannibal Corpse - Butchered at Birth

All Cannibal Corpse album covers are disgusting. - RiverVibeZ

Looks like a brutal version of Youthanasia's cover. - Alkadikce

This cover is so bad the picture got removed.

I don't care about the cover is graphic, that's the part of Death Metal. - Mumbizz01

16 More Crazy Hits - Crazy Frog

Why does a frog have a navel? - Alkadikce

The. Frog. Has. A. Penis.

Having a navel is more problematic considering frogs aren't mammals - Alkadikce

The worst thing about this is that he had a greatest hits album in general. Even though this is the second

How did he get 2 greatest hits albums? - Himalayansalt

17 Eminem - The Slim Shady LP

Looks cool, even if it's kinda disturbing. - RiverVibeZ

One of my favourite album covers. Even though there's a dead corpse in the car

Nah. This is beautiful - LightningStrike

I'm a die hard Eminem fan and while I was listening to his song Brain Damage, the album cover caught my attention. You don't really notice it though. In the trunk of his car, there's a corpse, which I'm imagining is Kim, because if you look at Em in the album cover, a little kid, probably Hailie, is next to him. This is probably a reference to the song "'97 Bonnie And Clyde" listen to it if so you'll know what I mean.

Also Brain Damage is a reference to the Pink Floyd song-Brain Damage - Arnoldlayne

18 Ween - Chocolate and Cheese

I like this cover, it's both funny and sexy at the same time. - JCHOW

This is a great album cover what

What's up with a lady's waist and belt?

Great band. Great album. Not thwir weirdest album cover

19 Nelson - Because They Can


heh heh - PhoenixAura81

I find this one very funny. - Hotheart123

it's like those are the singers. if I seen that album I would not buy it!

20 Crosby, Stills & Nash - Live it Up
21 Blood On the Dance Floor - Bad Blood

Stupid, just like their music. - RiverVibeZ

Very the worst! Should be censured

No thanks, I prefer taylor swift song

22 Hefty Fine - Bloodhound Gang

No comment. - RiverVibeZ

He's single, ladies.

Should be in the top 10 - SplashMoun10

What a perverted album cover! - Userguy44

23 Death Grips - No Love Deep Web

Yup, that's an actual penis. - RiverVibeZ

Time to flash your peepee

Why isn't this on the top 10? Justin Bieber's album is higher because of hate, which is wrong. It's a list about bad covers, not hated artists.

Not a bad album, absolutely awful cover - kempokid

24 Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus

Nothing wrong with this cover at all! - PandasNGaga

It looks a small bit weird for her, but at least it's not her Dead Petz album cover, where's she covered in homemade glue. - Swellow

she's so ugly, and why's the Beatles Revolver album on here? - I<3Queen

HA GAAYY anyone who likes Hannah Montana just feels bad for her

25 Dawn of the Black Hearts - Mayhem

Mayhem were some crazy people - gemcloben

The album cover is the actual dead body of the lead singer ironically named "Dead" after he committed suicide. Legend has it that guitarist Euronymous made a stew out of his brain and use bits of Dead's skull to make necklaces - SirSkeletorThe3rd

This should be number 1. It's cover of an actual dead person!

So bad it's on here twice!

26 Orleans - Waking and Dreaming

Horrible. What's I'm Sasha Fierce doing here!? STUPID - JaysTop10List

27 Millie Jackson - E.S.P.

Her facial expression 😂

28 Jim Post - I Love My Life
29 Butthole Surfers - Electriclarryland

It's a pencil jammed in somebone's ear with blood coming out. What?


Try lookinga t this album and not cringing - Himalayansalt

30 The Ritchie Family - Bad Reputation
31 Bangerz - Miley Cyrus

With a title like that, things are bound to get very suspicious.

32 Breakfast in America - Supertramp

This album cover caused 9/11 - Pointingfingers

33 Heavy Petting Zoo - NOFX

You see the censored version. The original version should be in the top 5. - Metal_Treasure

For those of you who don't know, this is the censored version. The actual cover is of the man sixty nining the sheep!

34 Mew - And the Glass Handed Kites
35 Dummy Boy - 6ix9ine
36 Heart - Dreamboat Annie

This picture is so outdated. It one of those bad 70's pic.

terrible picture. Could have had more effect put into it - idolangelx13

37 Brutality and Bloodshed for All - GG Allin
38 Sonic Jihad - Paris

The original cover showed a plane flying towards the White House, but you could possibly get more offensive that that. - JoeBoi

The original cover showed a plane flying towards the White House. - djpenquin999

39 For Maggots to Devour - Torture Killer

That's messed up... - RogerMcBaloney


What the - ElSherlock

What is THAT?

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40 Beyoncé - Beyoncé


41 It Just Gets Worse - A*** C***
42 The Origin of the Feces - Type O Negative

The cover shown here isn't bad. The ORIGINAL cover made me want to claw my eyes out. - PhoenixAura81

It's of the lead singer's sphincter. Enough said!

43 John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins

How high were John and Yoko when they came up with the idea for this cover.

There are many things I want to see in this world; The Great Wall of China, Stonehenge, The Pyramids. But of all these things I can proudly say that a Naked Beatle and his wife is NOT one of them!

when I saw this one, I said: WHAT THE **** WAS WRONG WITH JOHN? - rock2metal

I seriously can't believe John would do something like this.

44 I Like It When You Die - A*** C***
45 X - Kylie Minogue

What is this here this cover is good

46 The Beatles - Revolver

NO! - LightningStrike

They got the wrong list. The best album covers are over there.

What the hell is revolver doing here

47 Talk That Talk - Rihanna

This looks creepy

She acutally looks funny. - DaisyandRosalina

It's a scary cover! ( not the deluxe version the regular one)

When I saw this I was like "what IS THAT?! "

48 Yesterday and Today - Beatles

The band are dressed in butcher smocks and hold raw meat and decapitated naked baby dolls. All this seems to make the band happy and they smile.
This is the controversial original cover aka the "butcher" cover. It was quickly replaced with a band photo. - Metal_Treasure

49 Hardcore - Lil Kim

Lil Kim is just ugly that's why I felt so un-comfortable when I was buying the record at the store

50 Sex & Violins - Rednex

Huh? I don't understand, why's he PEEING on the other members?

I just find this one funny. - RogerMcBaloney

He's um... PEEING on the other band members? Why?

Update October 2018: I really grew to love this band and their two albums in the meantime, and now I gotta say... I hate the cover even more. Like... you want a nice album to also look good, don't you? They're a country band, why not settle for a good old fashioned western image? - Martin_Canine

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