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41 The Harvest - Boondox

This looks like created on a M64 sometime before the 21st Century on a trial version of an animation studio. It looks ridiculous on its own but if you know that this is supposed to look menacing and dark it is even sillier. - Martin_Canine

42 The Origin of the Feces - Type O Negative

It's of the lead singer's sphincter. Enough said!

43 Sex & Violins - Rednex

The band... they are... in a... chamber pot... and a guy is... you know... he is peeing on them... why? - Martin_Canine

44 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West

The one shown here is the not so bad censored version. The other version is Kanye going at it with a "phoenix" that does not even look like one. - Swellow

This is the alternative cover. Wait until you see the original cover (it isn't on the list but I will add it). - Metal_Treasure

Absolutely dreadful on so many levels.

Kanye has a tendancy to create terrible covers so I guess it's no surprise that this is here...he's also terrible at making music.

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45 Babez for Breakfast - Lordi

I was going to add this, but it's already taken care of, so I guess I don't have to.

Now you see why metal isn't mainstream.

46 Hard-Off - Bloodhound Gang
47 Fun After Midnight - Acting Lovers
48 Lovesexy - Prince
49 4 - Beyonce

This cover isn't bad... It's a very good album

What is beyonce doing on here? She is amazing! Britney spears should be number one!

And here we see fangirls/boys defending another unnesecary nude-ish cover.

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50 Pure Heroine - Lorde

Just because it's a black background with white wording doesn't mean it's horrible. Learn to realize not every cover has to be dazzled to the max and have an image of the singer. - Swellow

Least creative cover in history

Pure heroine? More like pure crap!

51 My World 2.0 - Justin Bieber

Just him. That's it.

I feel like this guy gets added to every worst list on this site for no reason. - Aragorn98

"Just him"
David Bowie, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Elvis Presley

Off the top of my head, they ALL did jank like this. - WonkeyDude98

JB: Hmm, I don't know what to use for my new album cover! What should I do! Wow, why don't I just take a picture of myself! I do that all the time! *click* yay my new album cover! I'll just slap some words on top of it and watch the money come rolling in! I'm such an unimaginative little b***ard! - SammySpore

52 Load - Metallica

I love Metallica, but this cover and the Reload cover are really gross. Why would I want to see blood mixed with some random guy's jizz (on Load) or piss (on Reload)?


53 Bangerz - Miley Cyrus

With a title like that, things are bound to get very suspicious.

54 Kollegah - Kollegah

This is one of Germany's finest and best hip hop albums by one of Germany's most acclaimed and successful rappers... and the cover looks like a YouTube comedian virtually copied himself into a poorly animated screensaver and added a picture of an expensive car he found on Google. It is so unintentionally funny, it kind of kills the mood this fantastic album creates. Most of his album covers in the 00s are ugly, in the 2010s they tried harder and created elegant high quality cover images. But this here is by far the worst German rap cover I have ever seen. If you came to visit Germany and have never heard of Kollegah, and see this album in the music store, you will propably think "this guy looks like a douche. I bet people make fun of him all the time". No they don't. He's a technically skilled MC known for perfect multisyllabic rhymes, double entendres, witty word play and doubletime skills. He is something like the German Tech N9ne, but as famous as Drake or Kanye. - Martin_Canine

55 Reload - Metallica

It's not a very good album cover but Metallica still rocks

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56 Mechanical Animals - Marilyn Manson

It is really really gross

57 Stomp 442 - Anthrax

The cover of the album looks nothing like a Anthrax album and it looks like trash which is what the album cover is - christangrant

58 Megadeth - Risk V 1 Comment
59 Hardcore - Lil Kim

Lil Kim is just ugly that's why I felt so un-comfortable when I was buying the record at the store

60 Worm Infested - Cannibal Corpse
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