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81 Korn - Follow the Leader

Yeah.. The album is actually a really good album but the cover...
Eh. Its just weird.
It should be lower on the list because there are much worse album covers on this list - Uvilla123

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82 Madonna - Rebel Heart V 1 Comment
83 Lulu - Metallica & Lou Reed
84 The Pinkprint - Nicki Minaj

What's wrong with this? Seems fine to me. - Hotheart123

85 Chunga's Revenge - Frank Zappa

It kind of looks like it was made on google draw. - Fiend

86 Sremmlife 2 - Rae Sremmurd V 1 Comment
87 Nirvana - Nevermind

I've heard that spencer is the name of the naked baby on the front cover of the album.

The point of this is simply to be controversial, and that makes popularity! It's very clever marketing! - DeadAsian

What's wrong with a penis. Everyone has seen one. Just because it's a picture makes it gross. NO. Your just doing what society says is right.

There's a penis right on the cover

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88 Michael Jackson - Bad V 1 Comment
89 Rick James - Throwin' Down
90 RuPaul - Ho Ho Ho
91 Femme Fatale - Britney Spears
92 Rammstein - Mutter

I actually like this album cover... - Mumbizz01

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93 Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon

Justin Bieber and 1 direction both suck like a black hole on Uranus!

What bad has this cover?

This cover is beautiful.

The comments below is why you should not take trolls seriously. - Swellow

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94 Yeezus - Kanye West

Lazy ass cover

Just boring. That's all I can say. Boring.

Terrible cover from a terrible person/ rapper

95 Topple the Giants - Adema
96 Liebe ist für alle da - Rammstein
97 Steal This Album - System of a Down

Great effort making a album cover. - Sabbath

Great effort into making a album name, System of a Down! - Lucretia

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98 Hard Candy - Madonna
99 Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album

This is a great album, and I also actually really like its cover.
Its completely black cover with no writing or any other color besides black. It's pretty interesting... - TheLister

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100 While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets - Cobra Starship
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