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121 Heavy Petting Zoo - NOFX

I wish I could kill somebody for this!

For those of you who don't know, this is the censored version. The actual cover is of the man sixty nining the sheep!

122 If I Ever Kiss It.... He Can Kiss It Goodbye! - Swamp Dogg
123 The Life of Pablo - Kanye West
124 Sexy as Hell - Sarah Connor

On this picture you don't get any idea of how bad her make up looks on the physical release. She looks like a doll with an almost entirely pink face and soulless eyed. - Martin_Canine

125 Frei - Lafee
126 Cold World - Of Mice & Men
127 This is Acting - Sia
128 Angelic 2 the Core - Corey Feldman
129 Erotic Secrets - Acting Lovers
130 Fun After Midnight - Acting Lovers
131 Get It While It's Hot - Acting Lovers
132 Plastic Surgery Slumber Party - Jeffree Star
133 Weathered - Creed
134 Balance - Van Halen

I don't mind this album but what is up with that artwork - jack2244

135 Kings of Beer - Tankard
136 Asphalt Massaka 2 - Farid Bang
137 Ich Bin 3 Berliner - Ufo361
138 Don't Kill the Magic - Magic!
139 Nirvana - Nevermind

I've heard that spencer is the name of the naked baby on the front cover of the album.

The point of this is simply to be controversial, and that makes popularity! It's very clever marketing! - DeadAsian

What's wrong with a penis. Everyone has seen one. Just because it's a picture makes it gross. NO. Your just doing what society says is right.

There's a penis right on the cover

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140 Michael Jackson - Bad V 1 Comment
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