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1 Fortune - Chris Brown

This album is just repulsive in every possible way. Seriously, it sounds like they were trying to make an album with the worst lyrics, instrumentation, and vocals possible. People say Bieber sounds and acts too much like a little kid, but Chris Brown is way worse.

Why is Believe ahead of this? Sure it was dreadfully boring, but at least the monotony stopped once or twice. This is a nonstop trainwreck, not giving you any breathing room. I would rather listen to Fan of a Fan twice over than listen to this. - WonkeyDude98

This repulsive mixture is nothing but a train wreck. I'm so glad this is #1 because apart from SremmLife Fortune was my previous least favorite album. Still a -10/10 fir me. - AlphaQ

This repulsive mess shouldn't being counted as an album. I guess I was right, this IS worse than SremmLife. -10/10 (SL: -5/10) - AlphaQ

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2 Dos - Green Day
3 Unapologetic - Rihanna
4 Red - Taylor Swift

Wow, this society is so hypocritical. Everyone says "We need an artist who writes about real experiences and not drugs, sex and violence, that would be awesome." But when someone like Taylor Swift does exactly what people are asking for and does it well, she gets crapped on. Real nice, morons.

Society: "We need someone who can write about real, meaningful experiences, not sex, drugs and clubbing! "
Also society: "Ugh, Taylor Swift she always writes about her exes and relationship [Real experiences], she is so annoying! Can't we have songs about partying or drugs?! "

5 Talk That Talk - Rihanna

Not her best album, but certainly not the worst album of the year, the top place on this list should go to Chris Brown or Justin Bieber. - mholland1997

This is 2011 not 2012 - DaisyandRosalina

6 Uno - Green Day
7 Tre - Green Day
8 Believe - Justin Bieber

It's Justin Bieber; what more is there to say?

It sucked. Nicki's album was better. get him to number 1.. Talk that talk was a better album than "BELIVE MY ASS" - NickiMinaj

9 Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - Nicki Minaj

A disaster from top to bottom. Do I think it should be #1? No (I think Chris Brown's Fortune and 2 Chainz's BOATS are worse). Am I glad it is? Yes. - WonkeyDude98

10 Looking 4 Myself - Usher

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11 Living Things - Linkin Park
12 Tension - Die Antwoord

Believe, Red and Take Me Home is above this...why? This is hideous and disgusting and shouldn't exist. This is one of the worst albums I've ever listened to and is just a piece of pain. I bashed I Fink U Freeky and Fatty Boom Boom is disgusting and just ridiculous. This is the most revolting thing I heard. -10/10 - AlphaQ

Why is Red higher than this garbage?
Sure, Taylor might have had too much love songs in Red, but at least those were inoffensive and catchy. Here, on the otherhand, is. I Fink U Freeky, one of the worst songs in it (which I burned to a crisp) features dumb, senseless lyrics, while Fatty Boom Boom was god awful.
-9/10. - Swellow

This is abysmal. This torture is a pierce of retarded garbage.

It's best song was I Fink U Freeky (-2/5). Which is obviously atrocious garbage and that means everything else is under the bottom abysmal.

So -10/10. Screw thus album. - AlphaQ

13 Based On a T.R.U. Story - 2 Chainz

One critic even said how albums like this come about to existence.

14 God Forgives, I Don't - Rick Ross

Escaped from prison, should go back right away.

Was pretty good as the opening act on the recent Deadmau5 world tour.

15 Blown Away - Carrie Underwood
16 Kiss - Carly Rae Jepsen
17 MDNA - Madonna
18 Life Is Good - Nas

What is this doing here!?
I have no idea why it made me say that for Take Me Home, I pressed this button, and that album socks.
But this is one of the best ever! - TheLister

If anyone puts any NAS album on a worst list that isn't Nastradamus, you're mental. - WonkeyDude98

19 Take Me Home - One Direction

What is this doing here!? - TheLister

Never mind, I clicked the wrong thing by accident. I know why this is here. - TheLister

20 Songs from the Silver Screen - Jackie Evancho

It's Jackie Evancho who pissed me off. Need I say more? Nope.

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1. Fortune - Chris Brown
2. Dos - Green Day
3. Uno - Green Day
1. Fortune - Chris Brown
2. Careless World: Rise of the Last King - Tyga
3. Tension - Die Antwoord
1. Fortune - Chris Brown
2. Dos - Green Day
3. Unapologetic - Rihanna

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