Top Ten Worst Albums of 2014


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21 Paperwork: The Motion Picture - T.I.
22 Awakening - Jackie Evancho

Back when I first joined this site and I was trying to stir up some controversy to get attention I claimed to hate Jackie Evancho. But that phase is now over and I've stopped trolling, Jackie Evancho has a beautiful voice and while she is not exactly my type of music she is a fantastic talent. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

Why? She's underrated! And she's really good! It's not like you hear her music blasting 24/7 on radios. You're just listening to her.

I don't understand why this is on the list. This album is a top-notch production featuring an acclaimed talent. - BobG

23 x - Ed Sheeran

Why is this here. tjis is one of my favorite albums of this year so far

Really crappy, overrated album. By Newton Faulkner's albums instead.

Music by gingers should be banned.

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24 G I R L - Pharrell Williams

Escape must be going lower

25 Remember Me - Sage the Gemini

Its for sure that nobody will remember him.

Don't even get me started on this piece of crap - RickyReeves

Maybe deadmau5 will give him a job too.

26 The New Classic - Iggy Azalea
27 Cheek to Cheek - Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

I totally agree with Swellow. She is an amazing Jazz singer. This I an incredible album. - Britgirl

At least Lady Gaga prove she could sing jazz better than pop. This is one of her best albums. - Swellow

28 1989 - Taylor Swift

Best album of the year hands down! - TheEvilNuggetCookie

Best album of the year!

After this album I believe that Taylor Swift lost all of her talent and originality. She's becoming another godawful auto tuned singer.

@TheEvilNuggetCookie, Puck Off Plesse - VideoGamefan5

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29 The Satanist - Behemoth

I bet some extremely religious Christian put this on here (I have nothing against them though). This was a phenomenal album.

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30 Street King Immortal - 50 Cent
31 V - Maroon 5
32 Listen - David Guetta

This was actually an okay album, especially for guetta - ProPanda

33 Animal Ambition - 50 Cent

Sounds just like a dying animal, his career is over.

34 Big Fat Lie - Nicole Scherzinger

When will such an underrated talent like Nicole Scherzinger right music of her own?

35 Kidz Bop 26

Any kidz bop is hell to my poor ears! - Rosh16

36 The Hunting Party - Linkin Park
37 Don't Kill the Magic - Magic!
38 Sweet Talker - Jessie J
39 1000 Forms of Fear - Sia V 2 Comments
40 Nick Jonas - Nick Jonas
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