Worst Albums of 2016

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42 For All Kings - Anthrax

This and Dystopia shouldn't be here - Metalmaniakkk

43 Things Our Bodies Used to Have - Good Willsmith
44 Bewährung Vorbei Ep - Fler

In the early 2000s Fler was one of the pioneers that made German rap big. He is technically very limited, but his gangster rap was dark and atmospheric, and most of all creative and original. He had a distinctive style.
Now it's 2016 and he released 5 tracks with a duration of 15 minutes all together, all of which sound exactly like Drake. Same flow. Same beats. Same pronounciation. The only difference is that he raps in German. And with worse lyrics. Drake raps about personal things, relationships, feuds and his childhood. Fler raps about fellow rapper Kollegah's (arguably Germany's number one rapper of the 2010s) lack of realness. Yeah, Fler. Tell one of the most original and skilled German rappers about being real while copying a successful and well known superstar. Sure. - Martin_Canine

45 Blurryface - Twenty One Pilots
46 Dystopia - Megadeth

Better album than Super Collider, but not that great to be honest. They haven't released anything outstanding since Countdown to Extinction, which was 24 years ago. - IronSabbathPriest

I hate voting for this, but seriously it wasn't bad at all. - Elina

I honestly prefer Dream Theater's The Astonishing.

Best album ever - VideoGamefan5

47 This is What the Truth Feels Like - Gwen Stefani
48 Fore - 18+
49 Double Ecstasy - Antwon
50 Vroom Vroom - Charli XCX
51 Brute - Fatima Al Qadiri
52 It's the Big Joyous Celebration, Let's Stir the Honeypot - Teen Suicide
53 Who Really Cares - TV Girl
54 Human Story 3 - James Ferraro
55 Going By - Told Slant
56 Skeleton Tree - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
57 Hardwired... to Self-Destruct - Metallica

Oh come on, someone already added this? This isn't even the worst rock comeback album I've heard this year. Not by a long shot. The first disc is pretty good, though the second one has way too much filler (though that last track is great). - Zach808

This album was good... - ProPanda

58 Southern Family - Southern Family
59 Untitled Unmastered - Kendrick Lamar
60 Epoch - Tycho V 1 Comment
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