Worst Albums of 2017

Please Note That This Will Change When More Crappy Albums Come And If They Do,Please Add Them Here And I Will Put Them On The List, And I Know Its Only March 2017 But I Just Wanted To Be Quick

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1 No Plan - David Bowie

Who the heck decided listening to David Bowie was worse than listening to Jacob Sartorius? - tonyb500

That stupid Bowie hating troll who votes for this everyday needs to get a life and go away forever. - Aragorn98

The David Bowie troll needs to make like a tree and leave. - SplashMoun10

Goddamnit Bowie troll!

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2 The Last Text EP - Jacob Sartorius

Great, Justin Bieber 2.0, who is even worse than Justin Bieber 1.0, has made another crappy album with no good songs? Wonderful. - DCfnaf

At least Justin Bieber is decent this year but Jacob? - Neonco31

Hooray! More talentless hacks joined the industry! Let's celebrate by having bleach as a toast. - AlphaQ

Jacob sucks. - Fullwalking2

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3 The Click - Ajr

Get this to Number 1 please. Absolute hell. - DCfnaf

I think I'm the only one who (for the most part) likes this. - UltimateCraig

This is a good album! Quit saying it's bad! - UltimateCraig

ew ajr - lovefrombadlands

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4 Witness - Katy Perry

Whatever happened to the fun that typified Katy Perry's music? This 'purposeful' woke pop is boring and uncomfortable. Also layering two blatant sex songs back to back is just bordering on insanity. There's one or two songs that are alright but man, this is an album that should be avoided at all costs. - crowdiegal

Put this in the top ten please because it is horrible. - DCfnaf

Screw this crap, only retarded fangirls like this - VideoGamefan5

After Teenage Dream, Katy is just getting worst.
Bad production, lyrics with any sense.
Bon apetit is one of the worst songs of the year.
If she does another album like Witness, she will never ever ger a Grammy.

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5 Loner - Missio

I feel that this shouldn't exits. Its worse than The Click. *shudders* - AlphaQ

"Killing Darth Vader with my... dick drum"

That's an actual lyric. - 51im_Ro55_2002

Pretentious indie crap. - DCfnaf

Another one of the best of 2017! - UltimateCraig

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6 Heartbreak on a Full Moon - Chris Brown

40 songs is too much for an album. I think an album should only have around 10 songs, not 40. Also, this list officially lost all it's credibility when an album by David Bowie was placed on the top spot. - Cartoonfan202

40 Songs? 40 Wrecks Like Privacy? Why Is This Happening? - AlphaQ

45 songs, and they're all GODAWFUL. - PandaDude98

Chris, if Dream Theater can’t manage to make a 2 and a half hour long album hold my interest, what makes you think you have a chance in hell? I literally can’t imagine anyone besides the most hardcore Team Breezy apologists making it through this thing. - Zach808

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7 Memories...Do Not Open - The Chainsmokers

The biggest dud of the year in my opinion. A collection of saccharine electro ballads that all have the same keyboard/synth riffs, lazy drops, bland vocals (especially Andrew Taggart and Emily Warren), lyrics always about heartbreak or bad relationships, add with useless swearing. Some keyboard riffs even sound like it's a 7 year old playing them. This album will age poorly within the years to come. - LoveMusicLoveLife

Not even out yet, but I don't have high expectations with the current singles. - Swellow

It was good. *barricades door* - ProPanda

The Chainsmokers are the amalgamtaion of everything wrong with the current state of pop music. This album hurt.

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8 Suicide Silence - Suicide Silence

This album was hard to get through. I love the final song, but the rest is just torture and unlistenable. We were all warned when Doris was released. - Mumbizz01

Not going to lie. This may be one of the few albums where I turned it off before I finished it. - cjWriter1997

This, Why Does It Exist? , Hopefully One More Light By Linkin Park Will Be A Good Rock 2017 Album - VideoGamefan5

It’s just the worst metal album of the year and it’s not even close. Eddie Hermida killed this band.

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9 Fifty Shades Darker: The Soundtrack - Various Artists

Well, at least it has one good song. (Not Afraid Anymore, thank you for being good music.) - lovefrombadlands

Not only were the songs bad, but the movie itself was bad too - EpicJake

Oh Where Do I Begin? ,
Best Tracks From The Album: "Helium", "What Would It Take"
Worst Tracks From It: "I don't WANNA LIVE FOREVER", "Not Afraid Anymore", "Bom Bidi Bom"
Why Does The MOVIE EVEN EXIST? , At Least The First Movie Had A Very Good Soundtrack, But This Soundtrack Is A Mess - VideoGamefan5

10 17 - Xxxtentacion

Worst song of all time is on this album. - DCfnaf

His introduction talking about how listeners are "entering [his] mind" just defeats the whole point of the album. Absolutely atrocious.

The Newcomers

? I Really Rap - JR Writer
? Younger Now - Miley Cyrus

Eh, better than her 2013-16 stuff. - naFrovivuS

The Contenders

11 Divide - Ed Sheeran

Best tracks: Galway Girl (kinda), Castle On the Hill (kinda)
Worst tracks: Shape of You, New Man, Nancy Mulligan - UltimateCraig

Why Ed Sheeran? , This Album Sucks, Shape Of You Sucks
Best Tracks From It: "Castle On The Hill"?
Worst Tracks From It: "SHAPE OF YOU" - VideoGamefan5

12 Playdough Cooked in Tea - Me&me

The it's satire argument doesn't mean anything, Because this is ATROCIOUS

No you don't get it, it's IRONIC. It's supposed to be satire, that's why it's good! - ProPanda

Ha ha ha get it because the album was about his wife's death - djpenquin999

EVERY SONG on this "thing" is called 'My wife Died'

why - AlphaQ

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13 9 - Cashmere Cat

It's so hard to listen to! Everything's so experimental and weird that it gets annoying! Even though she's only credited on one song and I haven't listened to anything else from her, SOPHIE is so bad! - musickid84

14 Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony
15 Digital Distortion - Iggy Azalea

It won't Proably Suck, it will suck - VideoGamefan5

16 All Lives Matter - Daddy's Boy

Uh... - DCfnaf

17 He's Got the Whole This Land Is Your Land in His Hands - Joan of Arc

Extremely Disappointing And The Title Is Too Long - VideoGamefan5

18 Painting Pictures - Kodak Black

I'll listen to Future's entire discography on repeat. I'll dive headfirst into Chris Brown's 40 track abomination. I'll even watch a 2nd episode of Fairy Tail. But I refuse to put myself through this thing. - Zach808

19 Teenage Emotions - Lil Yachty

While Lil Yachty's songs are fun, his freestyles are atrociously generic. 2/10 - AlphaQ

20 Revenge - XXXTentacion

Better than 1u - AlphaQ

Better than 17 - AlphaQ

It’s good

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