Worst Albums of 2017

Please Note That This Will Change When More Crappy Albums Come And If They Do,Please Add Them Here And I Will Put Them On The List, And I Know Its Only March 2017 But I Just Wanted To Be Quick

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No Plan - David Bowie No Plan - David Bowie Product Image

Who the heck decided listening to David Bowie was worse than listening to Jacob Sartorius? - tonyb500

That stupid Bowie hating troll who votes for this everyday needs to get a life and go away forever.

The David Bowie troll needs to make like a tree and leave. - SplashMoun10

Hacker no more trolling bowie

The Last Text EP - Jacob Sartorius The Last Text EP - Jacob Sartorius Product Image

Great, Justin Bieber 2.0, who is even worse than Justin Bieber 1.0, has made another crappy album with no good songs? Wonderful.

Hooray! More talentless hacks joined the industry! Let's celebrate by having bleach as a toast.

At least Justin Bieber is decent this year but Jacob?

Jacob is the next Justin Bieber. Jacob can't sing

Witness - Katy Perry Witness - Katy Perry Product Image

Whatever happened to the fun that typified Katy Perry's music? This 'purposeful' woke pop is boring and uncomfortable. Also layering two blatant sex songs back to back is just bordering on insanity. There's one or two songs that are alright but man, this is an album that should be avoided at all costs. - crowdiegal

Put this in the top ten please because it is horrible. - DCfnaf

Screw this crap, only retarded fangirls like this - VideoGamefan5

What happened to the good old Katy Perry?
She used to be a good artist but last year, she gone bad.

The Click - Ajr The Click - Ajr Product Image

I think I'm the only one who (for the most part) likes this. - UltimateCraig

This is a good album! Quit saying it's bad! - UltimateCraig

More like the Prick. - AlphaQ

Get this to Number 1 please. Absolute hell. - DCfnaf

Loner - Missio Loner - Missio Product Image

The most rebellious, subversive, hard and downright badass thing ever since I told my mum I wasn't going to go to sleep, even if it was a school night. - BlarchBlaces

I feel that this shouldn't exits. Its worse than The Click. *shudders* - AlphaQ

"Killing Darth Vader with my... dick drum"

That's an actual lyric. - 51im_Ro55_2002

Pretentious indie crap. - DCfnaf

Memories...Do Not Open - The Chainsmokers Memories...Do Not Open - The Chainsmokers Product Image

The biggest dud of the year in my opinion. A collection of saccharine electro ballads that all have the same keyboard/synth riffs, lazy drops, bland vocals (especially Andrew Taggart and Emily Warren), lyrics always about heartbreak or bad relationships, add with useless swearing. Some keyboard riffs even sound like it's a 7 year old playing them. This album will age poorly within the years to come.

While it includes some of my most favorite songs, it also includes a lot of forgettable tracks that I never want to hear of again.

Not even out yet, but I don't have high expectations with the current singles.

There's a reason you were told not to open this album

Revival - Eminem Revival - Eminem Product Image

Eminem's album Revival. I'm not gonna cut any corners here, this album was one of the worst I've heard in a long time. The only semi good track is Walk On Water. The worst track by far is River. The song didn't sound good and Eminem decided to have Ed Sheeran hop on the track. Really, the worst part about this album is how Em got so many people to buy it by "freestyling" on Donald Trump to create controversy and draw attention. He probably knew his album was trash, so he just got a bunch of people to buy it by causing controversy.

I knew it would be bad but I don't think anybody could've anticipated that it would be this bad. This is the first album I see most of his fans getting on too. I mean I guess encore and people like relapse for some stupid reason

I wasn't expecting much from this album, but I've gotta say, Eminem really surprised me. He came through with an album that was much worse than I think anyone could have possibly imagined.

Alright, can everyone stop hating on this album! It's not that bad, sure it has crappy songs, but most of them are good! You just have to get used to eminems new style! His new style is interesting in a good way! And the lyrics to me aren't that dull, kinda like untouchable which is a criticism of white privalige! I just think it's interesting the way Em thinks, whether you agree with him or not

17 - Xxxtentacion

This album is trash. It is super unfinished and the tracks don't even sound like they're fully made tracks. Everything is half-baked and the cringey emo lyrics don't make it any better. - AlphaQ

Worst song of all time is on this album. - DCfnaf

I think it is the worst one. He is a not artist.

Absolutely does not deserve to be on this list. X is incredible and has wonderful work. If ya got sum to say hmu on insta @callmecoya - coya

Divide - Ed Sheeran Divide - Ed Sheeran Product Image


Best tracks: Galway Girl (kinda), Castle On the Hill (kinda)
Worst tracks: Shape of You, New Man, Nancy Mulligan - UltimateCraig

Why Ed Sheeran? , This Album Sucks, Shape Of You Sucks
Best Tracks From It: "Castle On The Hill"?
Worst Tracks From It: "SHAPE OF YOU" - VideoGamefan5

Reputation - Taylor Swift Reputation - Taylor Swift Product Image

She can't be like this! She's just very immoral now with this new album! You know what, screw her for doing this, screw taylor, screw modern music, screw modern pop, screw modern rap, screw everything about todays music. Bring back the good old rock!

This is so bad. Where do I even start

Get this of the list! Taylor Swift is so good on this! All of you are just Kanye fans

But Kanye AND modern taylor are both being negative idiots that know no morals in my opinion. Ya like rock, how about rock that doesn't have that much bad taste. You know

Some songs sound nice, but it has lame lyrics.

The Contenders

Heartbreak on a Full Moon - Chris Brown

40 songs is too much for an album. I think an album should only have around 10 songs, not 40. Also, this list officially lost all it's credibility when an album by David Bowie was placed on the top spot.

40 Songs? 40 Wrecks Like Privacy? Why Is This Happening? - AlphaQ

40 songs that have no effort put into them Chris please stop

Listened to this thing the full way through twice

I'm assuming this is what happened when Wonkey first heard Trumpet Lights, but times 100. - ProPanda

Evolve - Imagine Dragons Evolve - Imagine Dragons Product Image

Yeah, this one gets worse every listen. I'm genuinely convinced 30 year old Dan is just trying to make rock music hip for the kids at this point, resorting to Migos flow, pitch shifting, and 2000s edge to get his point through. - ProPanda

Um no. This is one of the best for sure. - UltimateCraig

Come on, this isn't even bad.

Thunder was HORRID - growlbunny

Fifty Shades Darker: The Soundtrack - Various Artists Fifty Shades Darker: The Soundtrack - Various Artists Product Image

Well, at least it has one good song. (Not Afraid Anymore, thank you for being good music.)

Not only were the songs bad, but the movie itself was bad too - EpicJake

This...is a thing - LeonShin

To be fair, it did spawn kygo’s cruise. Other than that, this album is so forgetable.

Digital Distortion - Iggy Azalea

Yes it's awful but I knew it was going to be awful from the start because it's Iggy azalea.

Also yes, Invasion of privacy is way better than this trainwreck. - AlphaQ

I don't understand was it released or not as in could someone actually listen to it? - Powell

She made an album?

It won't Proably Suck, it will suck - VideoGamefan5

Lil Pump - Lil Pump

Ugh...This album is the reason I want this trap-beat, induced era to end.

This is a guilty pleasure of mine. 5/10
~ AlphaQ

Painting Pictures - Kodak Black
One More Light - Linkin Park One More Light - Linkin Park Product Image

I have some faith for this album, even though the songs released so far are disappointing.

This exists...I cry ;-;

I feel like Puking every time I listen to this trash. -1/10

There were some good songs like Heavy and the title track, but the rest is just sorta meh. Regardless of that though, Chester's death is super tragic.

Future - Future Future - Future Product Image

Ugh, Future Just Sucks, I Don't Really Like This Album,

It's Future. That's all that needs to be said.

Eh, I hate Future for hos boring Ness but some songs were a bit bouncy, I'll give him that.

There are 2 #10s...

Teenage Emotions - Lil Yachty Teenage Emotions - Lil Yachty Product Image

While Lil Yachty's songs are fun, his freestyles are atrociously generic. 2/10 - AlphaQ

Suicide Silence - Suicide Silence Suicide Silence - Suicide Silence Product Image

This album was hard to get through. I love the final song, but the rest is just torture and unlistenable. We were all warned when Doris was released. - Mumbizz01

Not going to lie. This may be one of the few albums where I turned it off before I finished it. - cjWriter1997

This, Why Does It Exist? , Hopefully One More Light By Linkin Park Will Be A Good Rock 2017 Album - VideoGamefan5

Ugh doris?

Sandcastle Kingdoms - NateWantsToBattle

Confused as to why this is on the list.
And how it's this high.

I know about it cause I stumbled upon it. It's on the list because I added it, and it's all the way up here because my remix (which has this at #1) pushed it up so high. - ProPanda

Queen Elizab***h - Cupcakke

This is a horrible album. All Cupcakke does is yell. This should be #2.

Cupcake is amazing. - AlphaQ

Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony Product Image
He's Got the Whole This Land Is Your Land in His Hands - Joan of Arc He's Got the Whole This Land Is Your Land in His Hands - Joan of Arc Product Image

Extremely Disappointing And The Title Is Too Long - VideoGamefan5

A Girl, a Bottle, a Boat - Train A Girl, a Bottle, a Boat - Train Product Image
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