Lovefrombadlands 11/10 Reviews - Reputation

I didn't want to review this because it's so bad, but in the words of an actual good song, “here we go.”

Hello everyone! It’s lovefrombadlands and today, I’m going to be reviewing Reputation by Taylor Swift. My overall rating for this is 3/10. This was extremely disappointing from an artist I had liked in the past. Anyway, without further ado, let’s begin!

Track 1: Ready For It. Ready For It is the second single from the album. This song has a trap beat and many different vibes throughout the song. To me, this song doesn’t make sense at all with the agressive verses, and then suddenly changed to a relaxed chorus with lines like “in the middle of the night in my dreams, you should see the things we do.” Also, Taylor sounds horrible rapping. 1/10.

Track 2: End Game. Ah yes, here we come to my least favorite song of all time. The song starts out fine, where Taylor sings “I wanna be your end game, I wanna be your first string.” It’s bad, but not the worst. Then, it comes to the part where she sings “Big reputation, big reputation, ooh, you and me we got a big reputation.” I can’t stand this part, the sound like she isn’t even trying. Long story short, Ed and Future have two horrible generic rap verses. I have a full review of this song that you can look at. -9/10.

Track 3: I Did Something Bad. You did do something bad! You made this album. I believe that this song should not exist. This reminds me of a kid getting detention and feeling good about it, because the song is so childish. “They say I did something bad, then why’s it feel so good? Most fun I ever had, and I’d do it over and over again if I could.” That is very horrible. Not to mention that annoying man voice after the chorus, and the messily auto tuned bridge. 0/10.

Track 4: Don’t Blame Me. This song isn’t the worst, or at least it doesn’t start out that way. I quite like the beginning of the song, where Taylor sings the chorus and the first verse. What I don’t like is everything after that. The other choruses sound extremely similar to my least favorite part in End Game, and let's not forget about that horrible bridge. She sings "I get so high, oh," which is already a horrible line, and then of course you have to add in her voice. This song is a mess. 2/10.

Track 5: Delicate. This song uses way too much auto tune on the chorus, she sounds like a female Quavo. I feel like the meaning of this whole album is "Oh, yeah, my reputation is bad, but I'm good," when she's throwing a lot of shade throughout the album, but not this song in particular. The lyric "My reputation's never been worse, so you must like me for me," is just lame. The verses aren't that bad, I guess, but she sounds horrible in this song! 1/10.

Track 6: Look What You Made Me Do. According to Wikipedia, this song took 5 people to write. What kind of writers are they if it took 5 people to come up with "look what you made me do, look what you made me do, look what you just made me do, look what you just made me do?" Taylor Swift also sounds really angry in this song (and bad), and it samples a song called I'm Too Sexy. I mean, if you have to sample something because you're really uncreative, at least do something good. It's also extremely repetitive. -1/10.

Track 7: So It Goes. I'm not disappointed in this song. At all. It's the perfect balance between slow and upbeat, and she uses just the right amount of auto tune to cover up her annoying voice. What I don't like about this is how Taylor Swift always sings about her lipstick. Another thing is the outro. It's really annoying, and Taylor's voice shouting does not sound good. Sure, the song isn't that good, but it's Heaven In Hiding compared to the other songs, so I'll take it! 6/10.

Track 8: Gorgeous. Here's an unpopular opinion: this song is good! I don't see where the hate for the song comes from. Taylor sounds quite nice on here, and it's fun and catchy. The lyrics aren't even that bad, and there's a joke line. "Guess I'll just stumble on home to my cats." But now that I think about it, what if Taylor Swift is falling on top of cats? That's not good. 7/10.

Track 9: Getaway Car. This song isn't that bad. It reminds me of 1989, which is my favorite album by Taylor. The bad thing is that it sounds too similar to a song from 1989, and that song is Out Of The Woods. It has the same beat and the same echo effect on her voice. 7/10, but it would have gotten 9 if it weren't for copying, even though she copied herself.

Track 10: King Of My Heart. This song starts out nice and calm, and it sounds really good. Unfortunately, all hope for the song ends when you get to the pre-chorus. Taylor Swift should be in the top 10 of Worst Rappers Of 2017. The pre-chorus is too bad, messy, and sudden to come up here. The chorus isn't any better. The auto tune Taylor uses makes her voice sound flat and glitchy, which is not something you want in a song. 1/10.

Track 11: Dancing With Our Hands Tied. This song is everything I expected from the previous track. It's nice, calm, and still fun. It's one of the only songs on the album that are consistently good, with no parts that ruin it. I might add this song to my playlist, even though it wouldn't fit in well with my other songs. 9/10.

Track 12: Dress. Dear Taylor Swift, you should never sing high notes again. You should also go back to your old self and never write lyrics like this ever again. This song is really annoying, and who would expect Taylor out of all people to sing "I only bought this dress so you could take it off?" This is worse than Look What You Made Me Do. -6/10. Unsincerely, lovefrombadlands.

Track 13: This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things. This song is one of the reasons why this album isn't a nice thing. This song is really childish, and bad. It's very generic, and she just talks her way through the song. I also don't understand why she's so mad at Kanye. She was the one who approved the lyric in the song, then said she didn't. Taylor Swift is a liar. -1/10.

Track 14: Call It What You Want. I'm glad I get to review a good song after those two pieces of garbage before it. This is a song about how in love Taylor Swift is, with a lot of good metaphors, making it similar to a Halsey song. There's no overuse of auto tune, and it's just overall a good song. Taylor Swift actually sound good here. 8/10.

Track 15: New Year's Day. I'm glad this album is ending on a good note. This is a really nice slow song, and I was definitely not expecting this from Taylor after the garbage on this album. It also has good lyrics, like "hold on to the memories, they will hold on to you." I guess we have more evidence that Taylor Swift is a liar, because the old Taylor is not dead, this song is here! I can't believe I'm giving something on this album a perfect score, but 10/10.

Thank you so much for reading, bye!


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