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21 Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony
22 Digital Distortion - Iggy Azalea

It won't Proably Suck, it will suck - VideoGamefan5

23 Bloom - Machine Gun Kelly
24 Revenge - XXXTentacion
25 Teenage Emotions - Lil Yachty

While Lil Yachty's songs are fun, his freestyles are atrociously generic. 2/10 - AlphaQ

26 I Never Loved Before I Loved You - Front Porch Step

Whiny and melodramatic folk songs made by a whiny and melodramatic ass that make Simple Plan sound happy and poetic. - BlarchBlaces

27 True to Self - Bryson Tiller
28 One More Light - Linkin Park

I have some faith for this album, even though the songs released so far are disappointing. - wrests

This was a chore to get through. If you want an example of how to transition to pop the absolute wrong way, this is it. That Chainsmokers album is better than this. - Zach808

Nah, this is going to suck. - SwagFlicks

Death doesn't make a work of art better. Chris Squire's death didn't make his final album with Yes any better, and Lulu is still awful in light of Lou Reed's death as well. But at least those had some semblance of a creative identity. One More Light, while having its standout moments (the title track is breathtaking), just felt so generic, too much of a product of this time and immediately dated upon release. I get that Linkin Park wants to evolve and change, and that's fine. But when it sounds like everything else on the radio nowadays, that's a problem.

And if anyone else wants to hear what a rock band transitioning to pop sounds when done right, I suggest listening to Paramore's new album After Laughter. It's so much better.

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29 Step Brothers - G-Eazy & Carnage
30 Luv is Rage - Lil Uzi Vert
31 Human - Rag'n'bone Man

It's not good or bad, it's mediocre, but it's overhated. It's not something I'd enjoy though. - Swellow

Drivel like nothing else ever was.

Human is awful. Enough said. 0/10 - AlphaQ

32 Pink Season - Pink Guy

Remove this. It was amazing (mostly). - UltimateCraig

33 A Girl, a Bottle, a Boat - Train
34 The End of Life - Abhorrent Forest
35 Beautiful Thugger Girls - Young Thug
36 Black And White Rainbows - Bush

Honestly, This One Was Just Boring - VideoGamefan5

37 Damn - Kendrick Lamar
38 Grateful - DJ Khaled
39 Reputation - Taylor Swift

Eh, it was kinda bad, but there were some genuinely good songs on here like Getaway Car and New Year's Day and it's a lot more interesting than 1989. 4/10. - NiktheWiz

This is so bad. Where do I even start - Randomator

Get this of the list! Taylor Swift is so good on this! All of you are just Kanye fans - musickid84

It’s awful. So awful. - DCfnaf

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40 Hopeless Fountain Kingdom - Halsey

What is this doing on here? Best album of 2017. Halsey is life. I have no words to explain how good this is. And this isn't supposed to be alternative, people who are commenting about that. Halsey was proving to people that she can write radio music too. And obviously, she can. Halsey is an extremely talented singer. Rainbow should at least be higher than this. Ew, Praying. Yay, Bad At Love! And also...YOU KNOW I USED TO BE ON FIREEE YOU KNOW I USED TO BE ON FIRE FIRE! - lovefrombadlands

Best tracks: Sorry, Good Mourning, Angel On Fire
Worst tracks: The Prologue, Eyes Closed, Lie, Don't Play, Walls Could Talk, Hopeless, Bad at Love - UltimateCraig

But for real though, this thing is just painful to sit through. - UltimateCraig

YOU'RE POP AND I'M NOT - djpenquin999

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