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1 Day69 - 6ix9ine Day69 - 6ix9ine

This album made me feel something I never expected: Bored out of my mind. This wannabe tough-guy persona, the repetitive, endless attempts at being offensive for the sake of being offensive, and the complete lack of any sort of humor makes this 12 track album feel twice as long.

So basically, this album is the musical equivalent of rustlers on here. - Zach808

This isn't an album. It's an April Fool's joke gone wrong. - Swellow

Don't expect much from someone named 6ix9ine.

Sounds like Joe Pesci made a rap album after being BB Gunned in the ballsack (watch Home Alone and you know what I’m talking about)

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2 Invasion of Privacy - Cardi B

Now I'll admit some of the production on this album is pretty good, but that's all that is good. Cardi is a trash rapper and her voice is so annoying. I doubt most people who like her actually like her for her rapping, they probably just like the beats and the hooks. As a rapper, she sounds like a 12 year old and her lyrics take no creativity or skill to come up with. She might even have a ghostwriter (I don't know if it's true but I wouldn't doubt it.) Her lyrics have no kind of personality or anything to them so it really wouldn't matter if someone else wrote them. - DaWyteNight

This album is home to I Like It, which I thought was going to be my least favorite song of the year until Drake's In My Feelings came along. She Bad is also almost as bad, and although I haven't listened to the rest of the album, it's probably trash. - allamassal

Worst album by far. Can't stand her voice.

Pathetic album...
Nicki minaj was, is and will be the queen of rap...

Retardi B sucks 💀

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3 M A N I A - Fall Out Boy

Will FOB Stop Making Music already? - AlphaQ

To this day, this band has not recovered from being featured in the Ghostbusters 2016 soundtrack. - Zach808

They better change..

What do we want? POP-ROCK HITS! When do we want them? RIGHT NOW! We seriously don't need some EDM influence on the pop-rock genre. That sounds like garbage... - MissRWBY202

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4 Scorpion - Drake

This album would've been a letdown if it had had anything to live up to. I mean seriously, who really takes Drake seriously as a rapper in 2018? 2018 Drake is a pop star who raps for all I care. - DaWyteNight

This album is home to the worst mainstream song of 2018, and is for some reason doing really well on the Billboard charts. - allamassal

KIKI DO YOU LOVE ME. This album was bad and had waay too many tracks. Only good tracks were Nice For What, God's Plan, Nonstop, Emotionless, Don't Matter To Me, Mob Ties and Talk Up - THICCBOI


5 Total Xanarchy - Lil Xan

Not a surprise this is on here. Most rappers that have lil in their stage name are trash. Except maybe Lil Uzi Vert. - CharismaticKat

Worse than I expected - StupidUsername12

This is appalling - coryrevv


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6 Beloved Antichrist - Therion
7 Ye - Kanye West

Kanye West is trash - DaWyteNight

Overrated man

This is a masterpiece. What idiot put it on here. You people saying Kanye's trash probably listen to 6ix9ine and Lil Pump so shut up. - THICCBOI

8 Culture II - Migos

What the hell is this album? I'll tell you what it is: it is a cash grab! Why else would they make 24 songs that mean absolutely nothing (other than maybe Culture National Anthem) and can be easily intertwined, all in the same style of music that made them popular? Not only that, this album is boring. The beats go absolutely nowhere, their idea of a hook is just repeating a phrase over and over again, and every song uses racial slurs or derogatory terms against women! There's two tracks I wouldn't mind listening to again (Culture National Anthem and Notice Me), but as a whole, this is one of the most boring, pandering, and unnecessary albums I have ever heard in my life! - AlexZedKawa

MotorSport and Walk It Talk It are just lazy, artless sound. Songs like those are why so many people dislike hip-hop. 1/10 - allamassal

A couple decent songs here, but oh man, do these guys not have the ability to keep an album this long from putting me to sleep. - Zach808

Migos aren't even that bad. Sure the album is rather lazy but at least it's fun to listen to unlike Day69 or Cardi B's album. - CharismaticKat

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9 Kamikaze - Eminem

This album sucks. Stans beware...

Surprised to see this on the list? - DaWyteNight

10 Primal Heart - Kimbra

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? 28 - Trey Songz

Trey, what are you doing? This is not r&b, this is more chris clown-ish trap music! - DaWyteNight

? 11 - Trey Songz

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11 America - 30 Seconds to Mars
12 Rise to Glory - Loudness
13 Cry Pretty - Carrie Underwood

More pop schlock. Great.

14 Thunderbolt - Saxon
15 Beerbongs & Bentleys - Post Malone
16 Man of the Woods - Justin Timberlake


17 Camila - Camila Cabello

Bad letdown. People thought Camila was going to be different but she just Taylor Swift 2 - THICCBOI

Never Be The Same is just mediocre, although Into It is slightly better. I haven't listened to the rest. - allamassal

18 Tha Carter V - Lil Wayne

He's still relevant? - CharismaticKat

Terrible! - DaWyteNight

19 Unsung Prophets and Dead Messiahs - Orphaned Land
20 Music for Cars - The 1975
21 Pounding the Pavement - Anvil
22 ? - XXXTentacion

This should've been number 2 only behind the skittle rapist. Just because he's dead doesn't mean I have to like his music. The song where he guilt trips a girl by threatening suicide if she breaks up with him went to number one on the charts. Need I say more

3/10 sad piece of nothing - AlphaQ

23 Everything is Love - Beyoncé & Jay-Z

No, everything is not love. What an idiotic title, but what else can you expect from beyonce and jay-z? - DaWyteNight

24 Gemini - Macklemore


25 Pray for the Wicked - Panic! at the Disco
26 Sweetener - Ariana Grande

I guess to me, it's only bad because it's really disappointing. "No Tears Left to Cry" and "breathin'" are the two best songs on the album. Ariana really hasn't delivered on this album at all so not surprised she is heading straight back to the studio to work on her 5th album. - crowdiegal

No Tears Left to Cry and God Is a Woman are two songs I like, but The Light is Coming is one of the worst songs of 2018. - allamassal


I’m disappointed. Almost every song is annoying and whiny. - saturatedsunrise

27 Ephorize - Cupcakke
28 Ice! - Lil Flexer

Most cringe worthy album starting from the title to the lyrics to the beat and the rapper - THICCBOI

29 Coma Noir - The Atlas Moth
30 Daytona - Pusha T
31 Pestilence - Hadeon
32 Father of Asahd - DJ Khaled

It's not out yet, but the first single "top off" is terrible and seeing as it's a DJ Khaled album I can already say without hearing it that it will be more mediocre trash. - DaWyteNight

DJ Khaled gonna come on this list and be saying "we gonna keep winning, we the best music". Well here is another one on the bad albums chart - THICCBOI

You can tell it's bad when DJ Khaled says his son produced it - THICCBOI

In light of "Top Off" and 'No Brainer", we can expect more terrible generic crap from a guy who is threatening to turn into a parody. - crowdiegal

33 And Justice for None - Five Finger Death Punch

Hey, hey, hey, this album is my all time favorite. this is an awesome album that I absolutely enjoy.

34 We Beefin’ - Wendy’s

Why the hell does this exist? - CaptainMowzker

We have officially hit the bottom bois - cjWriter1997

Why/10 - AlphaQ

Humanity has officialy devovled. - MissRWBY202

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35 Joyride - Tinashe

This is a ride I won't be getting on anytime soon! - DaWyteNight

36 Amerikkkant - Ministry

Complete rubbish.

37 Nation of Two - Vance Joy

I'd probably like this if I didn't spend most of 2014 having to hear Riptide repeated everywhere, and if the last real indie folk album I listened to wasn't by Natural Snow Buildings, but here we are.

You know how back in the '70s people thought rock music had subliminal messages brainwashing their children into praising Satan? I've got that feeling about this, except instead of brainwashing your child into sacrificing goats, it's brainwashing your child into buying cars and PBR. - BlarchBlaces

38 K.T.S.E. - Teyana Taylor
39 Caution - Mariah Carey

This isn't even out yet, but I see why it's on the list, seeing as how 3 of the 4 songs released so far are terrible and there is only 6 new songs on the album. Not an album I am looking forward to at all. I probably won't even listen, my ears will thank me. - DaWyteNight

40 Falco: Sterben Um Zu Leben - Various Artists
41 Dita Von Teese - Dita Von Teese

Horrible album

42 Heart Break Kodak - Kodak Black
43 You are Out - Lama Doodle
44 Survive the Summer - Iggy Azalea

RIP her pointless career. - CaptainMowzker

45 Ta13oo - Denzel Curry

The first three or so songs were good, but then the album went downhill fast with generic trap bangers. I was expecting more from this album, but I guess denzel just isn't my kind of artist... - DaWyteNight

This album would've been disappointing if it had anything to live up to.


46 Litmas - Jake Paul
47 Quavo Huncho - Quavo

One of the worst attempted albums of the year. Seriously, the guest stars only barely make this garbage tolerable. Quavo, take 2019 off... - crowdiegal

48 Still My Moment - Tee Grizzley

Well, after this it might not be your moment for much longer. Grizzley trying too hard. Why do these trap rappers feel the need to release multiple albums in a year? Instead they should actually take their time to create one decent album, but I guess trap rappers don't have the intellect to grasp that concept. - DaWyteNight

Not for long though - DaWyteNight

49 Lil Boat 2 - Lil Yachty

Teenage Emotions - Effort = This.

I miss the Lil Boat 1 days where Yachty often had GoodBurberryPerry produce his songs.

Lil Boat 1 was filled with corny lyrics but decent melodies.

Lil Boat 2 is just filled with lifeless 30 Roc-produced songs and weak rapping and you could just label it as any rapper of today.

Baby Daddy sounds like something XXXtentecion would sing, and Self Made is the only half decent song on the album.

50 F.A.M.E. - Maluma

Ugh. - ZeroBlaster

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