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21 Sorry for Party Rocking - Lmfao

Another one-hit-wonder "band", if you can even call this mess of autotune an actual album... - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

Actually They were also known back at 2007 or something And Sexy and I know it was so bad that The band disbanded! - Aguythatpeopleignores

I'm actually glad these guys quit music. - Swellow

Lmfao Should be Sorry For Making Trash Music, And I'm Glad They Quit Music - VideoGamefan5

The album cover is weird but has good songs - FerrariDude64

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22 Honest - Future

Karate Chop is on this album. KARATE CHOP. - WonkeyDude98

WOW. I hated DS2 so much that I forgot how much worse this album really is. Congratulations, Future. You've made 1 of only 2 albums I've ever given a 0/10 to (the other being Simple Plan's "Still Not Getting Any"). - Zach808

This a really good album! How is it bad!?

23 Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

I can't believe I used to like this... - Elina

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24 I Am Not a Human Being - Lil Wayne

This is the the first time I believed lil wayne

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25 Tangled Up - Thomas Rhett

Who put this on the list? Despite it is not Country album, but it is good tunes for listening.


26 Sremmlife 2 - Rae Sremmurd

What I know from SremmLife is that this album WAS EVEN WORSE!
Deez 2 idiots can't even rap and only talk about sex and he's really I'm REALLY surprised this only came on the list now

SremmLife: 0.1/10
Sremmlife 2: -21/10

27 Stars Dance - Selena Gomez
28 I Am Not a Human Being II - Lil Wayne V 1 Comment
29 Fortune - Chris Brown
30 Rebirth - Lil Wayne

His only good song on this album is Drop The World (one of his best songs ever) and only a few others, most of the songs on this album suck and it's his worst album. - venomouskillingmachine

Makes me want to stick my head into a blender. - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

31 Artpop - Lady Gaga

The only Gaga album I hate apart from Applause. - Swellow

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32 20 Y.O. - Janet Jackson
33 Based On a T.R.U. Story - 2 Chainz
34 Pink Friday - Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is recycle. This is possibly the most horrible ear invading crap I have ever listen to in my 15 years of living. Her music sounds like the crap the doctors office puts on when they put you on hold. The beats sound like their from super Mario. And when she raps she sounds like a dying whale. I can name a bunch of other female hip hop artist who sound far better then she will anyday!

35 Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven - Kid Cudi
36 1989 - Taylor Swift

Why wasnt This even on The list? - VideoGamefan5

Because most people don't hate it nearly to the extent that you do. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

37 The New Classic - Iggy Azalea
38 Dreams Worth More Than Money - Meek Mill

Now you know why Drake is considered the winner of the beef. - Swellow

This dude is trash. Drake will beat him in a gang war!

39 The Fame - Lady Gaga

Good but her worst because she was still getting in the pop groove after completing rock. - ArigatoKawaii

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40 - Soulja Boy

Possibly the worst album to be released in hip hop history. Actually I can't even consider hip hop when it sounds like a bunch of flabbergasted nausea burned into a cd. And how this album went platinum is way beyond me!

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