Worst Albums by Van Halen

A great band, but which album of there's did you dislike the most?

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1 Van Halen III

Gary Cherone has a good voice. Why did he try to sing like Sammy on some of the tracks? All of the other albums listed here are good ones in my opinion. I think they could have done a lot better here. - michaelhughes

People love to blame Gary - but the songs were simply poor. Ed was too drunk during this period.

No van Halen album is as bad as a different kind if truth. That album sucked ass - Sabbath

2 Fair Warning

This album is awesome though...my second favorite Van Halen album. What is wrong with this album? Also, all the other Van Halen albums (other than Van Halen III) are also good, so I feel that this list is kind of inaccurate because there really aren't many bad Van Halen albums to make a list out of. - Element119

This is accurately a good album - VanZeppelin

3 For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
4 OU812
5 Diver Down
6 Balance
7 Van Halen II
8 5150
9 Women & Children First
10 A Different Kind of Truth

This album is pure pop. - Sabbath

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11 Van Halen

What idiot would put this on here

This album is great - jack2244

This list just doesn't work. There aren't enough bad VH albums to make a list out of.

12 Live: Right Here Right Now
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