Top Ten Worst Albums by Good Artists

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201 Rich Kidz - Prince Kay One
202 Infinite - Eminem

This isn't even a bad album, it's actually good. Sure was produced by Mr. Porter. But it has great songs. Like "Backstabber and Infinite" - Mumbizz01

203 4 - Beyoncé
204 Undress to the Beat - Jeanette
205 Megadeth - Dystopia

Not exactly terrible, but it is a bad album. I mean, try and listen to The Threat Is Real and tell me you buy into Mustaine's inept conceptions about life. And that's just the beginning. His vocals are awful, and instrumentally they've done better. - WonkeyDude98

206 Lukay - Melting Pot

It's a sad departure from his old electropop and dance sound. Dance floor ready classics like "I'm In Love With Music", "Dance With You", and featured tracks with DJs David Ferera ("Give Me Love Tonight") and Vito V ("Live Tonight") were awesome, and All Night was good, but then, ever since his latest song Baby Ya Right, he's gone downhill. I'm not saying I hate the genres of music he chooses to make, but it's just not the same Lukay I know.

207 Mi Plan - Nelly Furtado
208 Liz Phair - Funstyle
209 Reload - Metallica V 1 Comment
210 Nas - Untitled
211 Rick Ross - Black Market
212 Drake - Take Care
213 Miguel - Wildheart
214 Keyshia Cole - Point of No Return
215 Lupe Fiasco - Lasers
216 Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
217 Lil Boosie - Superbad: Return of Boosie Bad Azz
218 Webbie - Savage Life 4
219 Z-Ro - Drankin' & Drivin'
220 T-Pain - Revolver
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