Top Ten Worst Albums by Good Artists

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101 Pearl Jam - Riot Act

This was actually a pretty good album but it is definitely their weakest. - jack2244

102 Metal Machine Music - Lou Reed

To be honest, when I would wake up in the night, I would put this album on. - Mumbizz01

I own this. It's a novelty. If you are listening to it for a song, catchy tune, or lyrics, you'll hate it. If you listen to it as an experiment with what you can do with a guitar, you'll still hate it, but a bit less.
The lock groove at the end of the LP is at least intriguing.

103 Confident - Demi Lovato
104 Method Man - Tical 0: The Prequel

People have always complained that meths solo albums are lazy and half hearted but this is when he really hit rock bottom.

105 Alice Cooper - The Alice Cooper Show

I don't see anything bad

106 Def Leppard - Hysteria

What the hey man this album is amazing! Heck, I still hear 4 songs from this album on the radio today!

107 Dio - Angry Machines

The only good part of this album is when Dio sings "Who controls your mind?" in the intro of Big Sister.

108 Bruce Springsteen - Human Touch
109 Mariah Carey - Glitter V 1 Comment
110 Weezer - Ratitude

Terrible mess. Everything Will Be Alright in the End is a gift sent from God to spare us from another Ratitude. Yes, "Beverly Hills" still kinda sucks.

Yes! This album sucked SO BAD! Weezer is one of my favorite bands, but, all I can say is, "Can't Stop Partying." Listen to it, you will see. Then, listen to ALL of Pinkerton. You will see the HUGE DIFFERENCE!

111 Rihanna - Music of the Sun

Rihanna is not a good artist.

112 Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon

How the tell is one of the greatest albums of all time even on this list?! Dark Side of the Moon is ' beautiful! - HollyRolo

ARE YOU ON DRUGS? This is one of Pink Floyd's greatest albums ever, not go mention the greatest prog rock album of all time.

Yea It sucked on first listen just a generic album like Nickelback which teens wear a t-shirt of, listen to the raw Ummagumma and More instead of this crap.

113 Rick Ross - Mastermind

More garbage by this piece of garbage, an ex-prison guard who is just posing.

114 Hot Fuss - The Killers

Don't know why the hell this song is on the list. It's arguably their BEST album. I listened to them all the time as a kid, and I still cover their songs in my acts at a nearby coffee shop. It's a shame to see this on a list of bad albums...

So SOMEONE decided that they will put this album here regardless of the brilliant "Mr. Brightside", "Smile Like You Mean It", "Somebody Told Me", "All These Things I've Done", and many more wonderful songs. I did not expect the Killers to be anywhere near this list let alone this album

Hot fuss was good best album by the killers

115 The Final Cut - Pink Floyd
116 The Spirit Indestructible - Nelly Furtado
117 Jethro Tull - Under Wraps
118 Relentless Reckless Forever - Children of Bodom
119 Rebirth - Lil Wayne

Lol great production but bad singing and terrible genre mixing. Gotta admit some songs are really well made

120 Weezer - Make Believe

The first 4 Weezer albums were amazing. Then "Beverly Hills" happened, and they were never the same again.

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