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1 My World 2.0 - Justin Bieber

This truly is the worst album of all time. This album was what brought about the downfall of music. Baby sucks!

Do you notice that the worst stuff comes from today's music

Why is Justin Bieber at the top of every single list on here? I know how much people hate the guy, but THIS is ridiculous

Guys, we gotta get Black Star by David Bowie to the bottom of the list before it gets to #1! - Cartoonfan202

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2 Black Star - David Bowie

HOW DID THIS GET SO HIGH? I don't like it a song much as others do but I'm really shocked to see it this high. I personally think this album is a BIT boring. But overall it's not that bad. 7/10 - AlphaQ

The fact that this is above ANYTHING by Blood on the Dance Floor makes me sick inside - christangrant

Why did this get so high? - Cartoonfan202

Get this out of the top 10 - MetalWorldOrder

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3 Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - Nicki Minaj

The first half of the album consists of awful beats, even worse lyrics, and some of Nicki Minaj's most annoying fake accents ever. The 2nd half is mainly forgettable dance tracks that could be put out by pretty much anyone. However, the last track is what REALLY sinks this album. This song's pretty much been thrashed to death everywhere else on the internet, so I won't say much here. Anyone who's heard that song understands.

This album is hippopotamus and cow feces combined!

Someone should reload a gun and put this thing to sleep

Her 1st album had some good songs like Fly, Super Bass, and Roman's Revenge but this one is a lot worse, she doesn't have many rap songs on this album... instead she puts in a lot of EDM or Dance-pop songs that just don't fit her voice very well. Va Va Voom and Pound the Alarm are pretty good but other than that it just isn't as good as her other albums Pink Friday and The Pinkprint. - MistyMay113

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4 Sremmlife - Rae Sremmurd

This is what music has come to.

Please bring this disgrace to rap back into the Top 10. - AlphaQ

I honestly don't understand what the critics were thinking
This trash got the EXACT same score as the Marshall Mather LP on Metacritic
Score: 78% (Why? )

Baby and My World 2.0 are supposed to be the worst when this atrocious piece of garbage exist. This is so horrible. Tyga is worse than Rae Sremmurd but his album isn't as horrible. Sure if it was replaced by Justin Bieber it would be terrible compared to his standards and worse than My World 2.0 but since it's Rae Sremmurd who's worse I can't imagine how bad the rest is. BECASUE I HAEVNT FINISHED RHE ALBUM UET.

FACK was horrible but nearly everything here was worse

I mean look at Safe Sex Pay Checks. It's one of the best but it's so autotuned so I don't really like it
No Flex Zone is awful and full of crap
My X is the worst. It atrocious and will always be hated
No Type is ridiculous and sound like drunk 10 year olds
Unlock the Swag is just disgusting

Bleh. see that's why SremmLife is awful. -100/10 - AlphaQ

Though I hate this I'm wondering if this is better than Fortune... - AlphaQ

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5 Kidz Bop

God almighty, the kidz bop cds are terrible. Its just a bunch of autotuned kids doing terrible covers of already bad or irrelevant songs. Why is A Thousand Suns on here, that's a great album! Probably a bunch of old LP fans complaining about how LP changes their style so they don't sound generic. Kidz Bop should be #1.

KidzBop will never be a good artist again. They are just kids who censor things. I know cursing isn't always great but sometimes the censoring can be annoying. Besides the kids are terrible and do a crap job - AlphaQ

What's the point of kidz bop? They useless besides Who cares about cursing

Kidz Bop is just horrible. - Cartoonfan202

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6 Pink Friday - Nicki Minaj

This has to be the most horrible ear invade piece of crap I have ever listened to. Honestly, this is just a plain embarrassment. The first few music track is nothing but horrible rap verses joined along with disturbing ear disaster beats that will make your ears bleed. My friends are the real reason I had bought the album. They were saying how good of a rappers and singer she was and she was the next best thing to come along. Honestly, they must have mistaken her with Lauryn Hill. Believe it or not, the same day I bought the album was the same day I returned it. And till this day ever time her name is brought up, I will never forget the disaster I caused to my brain to ever doubt I will ever be able to trust today's female hip hop ever again.

The music is sickening, repetitive and stupid. Why or how anyone could enjoy this is far, far beyond me. Shouldn't even be classed as rap, rap is Eminem or Lupe Fiasco and Hopsin. This is just garbage.

Whoa. This is pretty awesome...compared to The Pinkprint. This is decent and not so bad. Chill. Beesides her old self was really good and have no idea what the heck happened - AlphaQ

I don't get why everyone hates this. THE PINKPRINT IS SO MUCH WORSE. None of the songs here were even that bad. Again, no one bothered to listen to the album or even the songs. They just thought it's bad cause Nicki Minaj made it. Old-Nicki Minaj isn't that bad. It's modern-Nicki that made Anaconda, Stupid Hoe, Only and every song you hate. No song from here is hated except for the album. In fact this is Overhated. It's actually decent, to be fair.

I'll give this an 8.5/10 and feel guilty. - AlphaQ

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7 Lulu - Metallica

Lou Reed's vocals totally killed all of the songs in this album. He sounds he can't catch up with the heavy beats. And the moment I heard James Hetfield scream "SMALL TOWN GIRL! " at the first track of its album, I'm pretty sure some of my brain cells felt like exploding.

Reed wasn't even trying to sing. It was made to sound like a story with music in the background. - Mumbizz01

It's so bad, it's on here twice.

Wait, this piece of trash is sonehow not in the top 10!?!? This completely embarresed both Metallica and Lou Reed

8 Bangerz - Miley Cyrus

This chick's gonna the ruin the youth of America with her image.

I've rarely heard any songs on this album but I already know it sucks.

It turned me into a person who hates everything. Why Miley Cyrus? Why?

This just made her a total slut

9 The Pinkprint - Nicki Minaj

On Christmas of 2014, my sister bought me this crap thinking I liked it. Of course not wanting to hurt her feeling, I said thank you with the fakest smile plastered across my face. When all of the guest left I went up to my room and took the CD out and snapped it in half. A few weeks later my sister asked me if I listened to the whole album and how I liked it. I lied and told her it was awesome. She actually brought over her friend who is a fan of Nicki Minaj and her friend wanted to see what the cover of the album looked like. I lied to her and told her when I was taking the CD out of the CD play, it feel out my had on to the floor and I accidentally stepped on it. And guess what? SHE WENT OUT TWO DAYS LATER TO BY ME ANOTHER ONE!

All I can say is awful, awful, awful. - PositronWildhawk

Put against Relapse, this album would lose. It has its good songs, but Eminem up against Nicki Minaj? There's no fight. Even this versus *shudder* We Made You.

Why are Katy and Gaga here? They don't deserve to be here at all. Nicki, on the other hand, actually does. I can't imagine how anyone of her "songs" could possibly be any worse! I literally can't imagine that. She has zero talent, except twerking her ass

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10 Sorry for Party Rocking - LMFAO

This is not an album. It is more like a random mash up of rap and mainstream dubstep. Note that nobody likes the combination of these two genres.

Autotune, autotune, AUTOTUNES EVERYWHERE in this album, there's no real music in this crap. One of my friend bought the album, once he played it. My hears literally bleed.

All I can say is, this definitely deserves to be #3

I love this album! Everyday I'm shufflin'! :3

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? #willpower - Will.I. Am
? Stars Dance - Selena Gomez

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11 Fortune - Chris Brown

Chris Brown's made some bad songs and albums, but this album takes it to a whole new level. This catastrophe consists of terrible beats, whiny vocals, and immature, pornographic lyrics that look like a 13 year old wrote them. There's not one good or even tolerable song on this album. Even Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded had some pop filler sandwiched between the terrible songs. Even Rebirth at least had Drop The World. Hell, even Chris Brown's other albums had some tracks that weren't terrible. However, on this album, every single song is absolute crap. This album was released around the same time as Usher's "Looking 4 Myself", and even though they're both trying to accomplish a similar goal, the quality gap between them is massive. Get Usher's album, and stay away from this turd.

This autotuned piece of garbage could be the worst album I ever heard. Ughh...geez Chrissy boy. what are you even DOING IN THIS?! WHAT IS THIS GARBAGE! Honestly screw this -infinity/10.
though Fortune is absolute garbage I'm still wondering if it's better than SremmLife... - AlphaQ

12 Midnight Memories - One Direction

Oh god when I first head the self titled song I was like "KILL ME NOW! ". Never should've been created and is one of the reasons music is dying! - micdanchris

Any one direction albums are gonna be absolutely putrid, I mean come

Even worse than there first one (and any album ever made). - Caleb9000

Worst band ever anybody who likes this crap are probably deaf or 12 years old.Full of autotune even though zane was still in the band.Go listen to real music instead

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13 Epic - Blood on the Dance Floor

I wanted to get Sremmlife above Blackstar but this being below it makes me want for kill myself. - 445956

How is Blackstar AboveThis - christangrant

14 Lukas Graham - Lukas Graham
15 Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water - Limp Bizkit

Can you really take this music seriously? Guess people who think this is great are probably gangsta wannabes like Fred Durst. It's hard to listen to this album without laughing because of how bad/juvenile the lyrics are

Music for sweaty, conflicted, half-naked men to jump around to and rub themselves up against each other while pretending they are heterosexual

Truly awful. Childish jock drivel

This has TWO good songs on it Rollin an My Way other than that its bad - christangrant

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16 Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

This album was critically panned by critics for its juvenile lyrics, trite melodies, and repetitiveness. Sure, it may have several number ones in the U.S. but that's because of a thing called payola. That and manipulation of the charts. Just because you have several number ones does not make you a legend. Ask Ace of Base about that ordeal. In addition, I bet Katy will be forgotten by 2025 (unless she pulls some dirty tricks and manipulates the media, I feel she is such a shady person) and her CDs will be in the bin for 50 cents. Worst pop album ever. Worst pop star ever (she cannot sing or dance). So there!

Vapid bullcrap made by a woman with no creativity whatsoever. This album makes me want to gag, it's filled with 90% and processed percussion beats because the people producing it don't know how to do anything else. The lyrics are always either dumb, generic and pandering or borderline incomprehensible with awkward phrasing. Absolute disgrace and garbage that gives modern music a bad name. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

I cannot believe this album is not number 1. This album is worse than Bangerz, Miley and her Dead Petz, My World 2.0, and Pink Friday combined. Absolutely no good songs. Terrible production in every song, juvenile lyrics, and Katy Perry's usual use of autotune. - TheMusicNerd

This is OKAY but everyone treats it like trash. But while the lyrics are quite juvenile, the songs are quite catchy and fun. 5/10 - AlphaQ

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17 Graffiti - Chris Brown

Basically Fortune but better. - AlphaQ

18 I'm Not a Human Being II - Lil Wayne

That's true. He's a demon who must be cut into 100,000 pieces, burned and buried in the realms of hell

This album is terrible. Terrible lyrics, terrible production, it should be number 1, not number 10

19 The Fame - Lady Gaga

Why are so many good albums on this list? Their is a such thing as good pop music. And this album, and every Gaga album, are pretty good examples of good pop music.

Britney spears most very good voice and singer than all of them

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20 Sounding The Seventh Trumpet - Avenged Sevenfold

Oh god this album was absolutely awful there was no good songs at all - christangrant

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