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181 International Villager - Honey Singh
182 Music from "The Elder" - Kiss

Horrible concept album meant as a soundtrack to a movie that no one made, backed by Kiss' first video to air on MTV. Why is this not on here?

183 X - Ed Sheeran

I like this album. It's miles better than dumb crap like Lil Wayne and Katy Perry. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

This guy looks like a toilet cleaners apprentice and his music sounds like a toilet flush.

Very overrated for sure. Fed up with his face in general

Hate this like I hate racism and street puke

V 1 Comment
184 Follow the Leader - Korn

This album killed their career! Such an awful, awful album.

185 Disco Party - Various Artists
186 Tha Carter V - Lil Wayne
187 Hot Space - Queen

Whoever put this here is stupid

188 Still Not Getting Any - Simple Plan

This has to be the whiniest album ever recorded.

189 Relapse - Eminem

I guarantee that there's going to be massive debates about this among Eminem fans. PREPARE THE COMMENT SECTION!

It's been maybe a year since you posted that, no frame-war. Try again next time. But Relapse still sucks though. - Mumbizz01

The songs are written great. The problem is they sound awful

190 Nastradamus - Nas

I'll be honest. Nas is my favorite artist ever, but I am still putting this album on this list. The production in each track is horrible, it was lyrically disappointing, and a lot of the songs are borderline unlistenable. But the thing that really puts this album in this list is the fact that Nas made it. At the time Nas made this album, Nas has already made two of the greatest albums of all time (Illmatic and It Was Written) and an album that was generally OK(I Am...). How did he let this slip through in his Golden Age? Even huge Nas fans like me thought this album was atrocious. He was lucky Stillmatic was so good. He was one bad streak away from falling into the abyss. - TheMusicNerd

To Be Honest I'm A Huge Fan Of NaS. But This Album Is Just Bad.(But Not As Bad As Anything That's Above It)

191 Careless World: Rise of the Last King - Tyga V 1 Comment
192 This is War - Emily Kinney

She's pretty hot, but not a good singer at all.

193 King Soulja 6 - Soulja Boy

Soulja Boi is FAR from being a 1/5 rapper since he's worse than a 1 star rapper. This is easily one of the worst albums I ever heard. - AlphaQ

WHY DOES THIS EXIST? This is one of the worst albums of ALL TIME! -10/10 - AlphaQ

194 Former Child Star - Corey Feldman
195 Fabio After Dark - Fabio
196 Never Run, Never Hide - Benny Mardones
197 Tha Carter III - Lil Wayne

This isn't actually kinda decent. The Carter 4 was the terrible one - AlphaQ

198 Lulu - Metallica and Lou Reed

It Sucks so Bad it was put here 3 times! - VideoGamefan5

199 Bottomless Pit - Death Grips
200 The Powers that B - Death Grips
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