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21 Curtain Call - Eminem

ARE YOU JOKING ME? Loose Yourself, Stan, Sing for the Moment, The Real Slim Shady, Without Me and more are MASTERPIECES! The only songs I didn't like on this album was "Fack" and "Shake That"! THE REST IS BRILLIANT! - micdanchris

Normally an album with 2 bad songs wouldn't make it a terrible album. But Shake That and particularly FACK (the worst song ever) are so inhumanly atrocious that it completely swamps out the rest of the album. Even as someone who thinks Eminem is one of the best artists of all time, even I have to admit this was kriffing garbage. 2/10 - WonkeyDude98

If We Give A 10/10 To All The Songs Expect Fack, Fack Would Still Get A -10,000.that's How 1 Song Can Destroy An Entire Master peace

This album is nowhere as good as Eminem fans think, a 10/10? Are you joking?! Fack, one of the worst rap songs and Eminem worst song is here.

Maybe 8/10 or 7/10 - DaisyandRosalina

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22 All the Rage!! - Blood on the Dance Floor

The title explains how I feel about thsee hacks. - 51im_Ro55_2002

23 Your Ears Will Bleeping Bleed - Dot Dot Curve

Well, at least the title of the album warned us. - DCfnaf

24 Artpop - Lady Gaga

This is catchy too, just like what I said on Prism. - JaysTop10List

It's lady gaga, what did you expect? A masterpiece?

This album is the floppest of all so ugly and too much nonsense the lyrics aren't strong enough unlike her last album

25 My World - Justin Bieber

Girly sing lyrics. Horrible.

Umm...did anyone even bother to listen to this album...? - AlphaQ

26 Fortune - Chris Brown

Chris Brown's made some bad songs and albums, but this album takes it to a whole new level. This catastrophe consists of terrible beats, whiny vocals, and immature, pornographic lyrics that look like a 13 year old wrote them. There's not one good or even tolerable song on this album. Even Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded had some pop filler sandwiched between the terrible songs. Even Rebirth at least had Drop The World. Hell, even Chris Brown's other albums had some tracks that weren't terrible. However, on this album, every single song is absolute crap. This album was released around the same time as Usher's "Looking 4 Myself", and even though they're both trying to accomplish a similar goal, the quality gap between them is massive. Get Usher's album, and stay away from this turd.

"Trumpet Lights" says basically everything about this torturous album. - DCfnaf

No offense but I think this catastrophe requires the Top 5. - 51im_Ro55_2002

Thus album:
1%: Something that's actually proper music
99%: BEEP BOOK BEEP BOOK BWAHPP + weird Noises

No lie ~ AlphaQ

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27 Results May Vary - Limp Bizkit
28 Playdough Cooked in Tea - ME&ME
29 Goblins - Tyler, the Creator

This is all the way down here WHY? Just listen to it and you will agree. - DCfnaf

Oh so that's the alb I didn't like as much as the other Tyler albums. - AlphaQ

Lol he looks like a guy dressed in a dress lull. - AlphaQ

Eh its grown on me again. Strong 1/10 - 51im_Ro55_2002

30 Heartbreak on a Full Moon - Chris Brown

According to AlphaQ this is a nightmare filled with 45 tracks.

31 Daddy's Boy: Into the Closet Part 1 - Daddy's Boy
32 The Fame - Lady Gaga

Why are so many good albums on this list? Their is a such thing as good pop music. And this album, and every Gaga album, are pretty good examples of good pop music.

I love this one. Gaga classic. - AnnieCallie

Lol, this is a good album - DCfnaf

Y'all who voted for this are haters screw you all

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33 Encore - Eminem

To be fair, this album is decent. It's just not good compared to Eminem standards, that's all. 6/10 - AlphaQ

Has anybody seen the back cover? That's what makes it worse.

Ok, rant time. Eminem is amazing. He's up there with Biggie and 2Pac. But this album is... garbage is the only word I have.

34 Up All Night - One Direction

Ugh. Don't even try looking this album up to see how bad it is... Anything by One Direction is crap. They are only popular because girls think they're good looking, if those guys looked like trolls, these girls would run away in horror. 90% of people would cut off their ears rather than this albums being the only noise they could listen to. It consists of annoying vocals rounds and the absolute cheesy, retched teenage pop mashed together with no real instruments and too-perfect stupid melodies with just useless noise. I hate this album almost as much as I love my favorite music...come on, it's not listenable for more than ten minutes. In fact it's torture to listen to this on repeat.

Yes, I was up all night in the hospital getting stitches after listening to this horrible train wreck.

Its 1D, of course its awful! Its buy a boy band, after all. - Lucretia

Zanyne left because he listened to this! - KidA

35 The Click - AJR

God, not this pretentious crap. - DCfnaf

Worst pop album of the year. - AlphaQ

This was a good album! Get this off the list! - UltimateCraig

36 The Heist - Macklemore

I Don't Get It? This Album Is Actually Pretty Good

What? This album is great from top to bottom! - WonkeyDude98

This was actually very good. And I'm not into that type of music - AnnieCallie

Huh? This album is excellent! - AlphaQ

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37 Sounding The Seventh Trumpet - Avenged Sevenfold

Oh god this album was absolutely awful there was no good songs at all - christangrant

Almost anything is better than the Black Veil Brides discography, though. Even though this album is still trash. - CostcoHotDogs

38 It's Hard to Be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World - Blood on the Dance Floor
39 #willpower - Will.I. Am
40 Honest - Future

This is so much worse than SremmLife. Trust me. This is a pain to listen to, an extreme one too. It hurts my ears listening to something so horrendous, what's upsetting is that this is from the best genre of music which means this is destroying rap. Plus, it's Future, a feg I detest. -500/10. Worst album to exist. - AlphaQ

Guys I think were safe cause I karate chopped this album because it's too late. - AlphaQ

Did I mention Future and "Karate Chop"? - DCfnaf

AlphaQ: SremmLife amd Fortune have been replaced...this is my new least favorite rap album. Along with goddamn King Soulja 6. Fvck Future and Fvck this trash! -100/10

Du: NOooooooooo - AlphaDu

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