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61 Minecraft Forever - Phantaboulous

There's actually a Minecraft album? As much as I love Minecraft, this is going too far. - RiverClanRocks

62 Purpose - Justin Bieber

I still can't get over Bieber's auto-tuned / chipmunk / robotic voice whatever. Besides the songs aren't really special like others say, it is the same laddy daddy lovey-dovey generic dance-pop. Give Bieber a chance? Over my dead body. This "kid" has no talent whatsoever, and what a garbage personality that lots of stupid people fall for.

By the way, looking at the article "Geography of Bieber Fever" (something like that), Washington, Hawaii, and Vermont are among the states with the least Bieber fans. Washington, Hawaii, and Vermont are smart, be like them!

Not Justin's worst, I mean he has improved from his previous albums, but it still sucks, some of the songs are catchy but that's all. Nothing special to this album, still sucks but not as much as the other ones.

This album is good. There, I said it. The production in each track is OK, the lyrics in each song are not bad, and Justin Bieber finally sounds like an adult in this album. I see no reason in putting this album here. The only reason people hated this album was because Justin Bieber made it. If they actually listened to Purpose and really reviewed it, I doubt that they would put it in this list. - TheMusicNerd

To be fair, this along with modern-Justin Bieber is decent. - AlphaQ

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63 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Soundtrack) - Various Artists

Why is this on the list? - Bigpickleman

Thriller musnt be on this list

64 Sremmlife 2 - Rae Sremmurd

OKAY...Okay...okaay. This is a decent improvement from SremmLife but it's still garbage. The only good song being Black Beatles which raised the album from a -1/5 to a 1/5 since Black Beatles got a 5/5 from me. But that doesn't make it the best album of 2016. This would be in the Top 3 Worst or maybe hit #1 in my lists.

though Black Beatles was awesome. This is a weak 0/5. It's in my Top 10 worst albums. - AlphaQ

65 Memories... Do Not Open - The Chainsmokers

This album is probably 2017's biggest dud. All of the songs sound the same, or their structures are recycled from their previous hits. It generally starts with some generic keyboard or synth playing that sound like it's a 6 year old playing them, the drops are weak or lazy, Emily Warren's vocals are bland, Andrew Taggart needs to take singing lessons and the lyrics are mostly egotistical and with useless swearing. The only songs I can save from that crap of an album are "Paris", which has a nice beat, and "Something Just Like This", which is saved by Coldplay appearance. This album will age poorly in the following years. - LoveMusicLoveLife

66 Fan of a Fan - Chris Brown and Tyga
67 Souljaboytellem.com - Soulja Boy

I'm surprised this is so low on the list. At least all the above albums can actually be considered music in some way.

I Just Lost Hope In Humanity. First Thriller Being #28 Then Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band Even Being On This List And Now SouljaBoyTellem.com To Being In The Top 10.Who Knows. Maybe Tomorrow Crank that Will Be The Best Song In History.

He actually named his song after his website? lmao - BlueTopazIceVanilla

B nghfjugnfnb nyujgfnbfdhyfujngbfhyujngfbybfv cbhytbdtynytfbtuntfb tf. Sorry, I was wiping my head on the keyboard, this album does not deserve to exist. If this is what music is supposed to be, I have lost all faith in humanity.

68 Rebirth - Lil Wayne

Its like Wayne didn't know what he was going for here. Other than the excellent Drop The World, which was saved by Em, this was almost like a really bad rock-rap album. Like take Knockout, for example. It was absolutely terrible. The guitar line just gets stuck in your head, and what is Nicki Minaj even doing in the song? She adds nothing. I don't even like Wayne, but this was awful. I Am Not A Human Being Was wayy better.

How bad is this album? Well, just look up Lil Wayne playing the guitar on YouTube. That should tell you everything you need to know about it. - Zach808

69 Rated R - Rihanna

I like Rihanna, but I'll admit the quality of her music isn't great. Even the, this is the only one of her albums that deserves to be here.

Everything song written by her should be rated R. RESTICTED FOR EVERYONE!

To the person who made that idiotic comment "RESTRICTED FOR EVERYONE" honestly your comment should be rated F for EFF OFF!
I may not be an R Stan, but Russian Roulette and Rude Boy were bops!

This album represent her dark era after the Chris Brown assault.
There are a lot of great songs like "Rude Boy", "Te Amo", "Russoan Roulette", "Fire Bomb" and "The Last Song".
"Stupid In Love" is like one of her most personal songs.

In other words this album didn't even deserves the top 100 on this list. - DaisyandRosalina

70 Doo-Wops & Hooligans - Bruno Mars

This is a good album it shouldn't be this high.

I accidentally clicked on this. - RalphBob

What a pile of garbage bruno mars' music is - Jiorl

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71 Iowa - Slipknot

Really? Sure, lot of it was about angst, but it was done so variationally. Loss, grief, disrespect, you name it. I admit however that a lot of the songs made by Slipknot sounds the same, less or more, but that does not necessarily mean it is bad. Depens on what you prefer and how much of it. This is also a good album for adrenaline kicks and to drum to as well.

Why is metal metal here?

Not bad - christangrant

1. The lyrics are just about rage. Sometimes they make no sense. Like in Disasterpiece "I wanna slit your throat and **** the wound".
2. The album is over an hour long. I'm fine with long albums, but I can't get over the fact that someone would want to listen to over an hour of some guy yelling over simple and boring chords and drumming.
3. Guitar playing is simple.
4. The yelling in these songs is beyond irritating. Corey Taylor just yells for a majority of the songs. When he sings, he sounds like someone that's trying to sing, but can't because he has NO TALENT.
5. Iowa (The last song) is 15 minutes. But it's not like Close to the Edge by Yes, 2112 by Rush, or Black No. 1 by Type O Negative. NO! Instead we get a slow and boring song with terrible song writing.
6. Originally the booklet was shiny. This was the ONLY GOOD thing about this album. How ever, the scumbags known as Slipknot removed this, and replaced it with a similar cover, but it looks like an acid ...more - Punkrockandmetal

72 Playing with Fire - Kevin Federline

This got 15% on Metacritic. I'm not sure if this is good because I haven't heard it yet. - AlphaQ

73 Chinese Democracy - Guns N' Roses

This album, that came out in 2008, 15 years after The Spaghetti Incident? and after multiple delays, has the most expensive production ever ($13 millions). Guess that shows how overproduced it is. And you wouldn't be wrong. Indeed, the musicianship has an undeniable virtuosity, some songs have a certain complexity, but all that just can't void the painfully obvious lack of inspiration. Most guitar solos are faceless, over the top, painfully demonstrative, and worse, ridiculous, then-46-year-old Axl Rose tries way too hard to stay relevant by abusing high-pitched vocals, and as if it weren't enough, some songs have ridiculous lyrics (e.g., "Riad n' the Bedouins"). Now I've got a question: Is this an album of Axl Rose featuring several musicians or an overproduced and pompous metal album that has little to no interest? You judge! - LoveMusicLoveLife

This album is not that bad! - malamJONES


74 Witness - Katy Perry

This is going to suck... - AlphaQ

75 Blurryface - Twenty One Pilots

This album gives me such a headache I see blurry - Lucretia

This album rocks...10/10 - DCfnaf

76 St. Anger - Metallica

To be honest this album was ok yes the drums sound like a trash can but this isn't the only album with that problem Curb by Nickelback has that to but that wasn't a bad album and it kind of works her as it makes this album seem more raw which is what they were going for - christangrant

Absolute trash.

Come on! This album isn't that bad - DoroExploro13

Ughh! Worst album by a great band!

77 Heavenly Christmas - Jackie Evancho
78 Crazy Frog Presents Crazy Hits - Crazy Frog
79 All the Right Reasons - Nickelback

This album is creatively hollow and pretty much every song is recycled. "Photograph" is one of the worst songs ever made, and so is "Rockstar" with its hilariously awful lyrics about wanting to be a "rockstar" while they're (somewhat) already rockstars. "Far Away" is the only song on the album that is digestible. "Side of a Bullet" is a failed tribute to Dimebag Darrell with awful screams and lyrics ("Uncle Sam taught him to shoot/Maybe a little bit too well") and lethargic guitar riffs, "Savin' Me" doesn't take off and sounds like a rehash, "If Everyone Cared" is too whiny, "Animals" sounds decent but is ruined by Chad Kroeger belching his banal lyrics. Now I said it: All the Right Reasons is one of the worst albums of all time. - LoveMusicLoveLife

Other albums on this list may be technically worse than this (other than the vocals, which are pretty much rock bottom), but they're at least entertaining failures. This album, however, is just flat-out boring. Aside from the laughably bad lyrics in "Rockstar", this album is bad, but not memorable in the slightest.

This was their best album though! They get too much hate in my opinion.

At least this is better than Sounding the Seventh Trumpet by A7X that has awful screams in it - christangrant

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80 I'm Not a Human Being II - Lil Wayne

That's true. He's a demon who must be cut into 100,000 pieces, burned and buried in the realms of hell

This album is terrible. Terrible lyrics, terrible production, it should be number 1, not number 10

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