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61 Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven - Kid Cudi

I understand that Kid Cudi wanted to express himself differently, but there are better ways to do it than this. This album was entirely ear-shattering. - Mcgillacuddy

This album is so bad that I even purchased a copy to smash with my hammer and email the results to my friends. - Mumbizz01

Guys seriously guys just... guys. This album is just so...... absolutely... abysmal. In every way. Period. Kid Cudi sounds like a flying rainbow trout that is gasping for oxygen while trying to impersonate my drunk uncle commentating a wrestling match. The guitar riffs sound like a pedophile who attracts a young one with delicious candy only to tie them to a surfboard and send them off to sea whilst floating upside down..

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62 Philosophy of the World - The Shaggs

Worst rock and roll record of all time, hands down.

They're better than the Beatles.

63 Recharged - Linkin Park

Only 4 mixes are good: Castle of Glass, Skin To Bone, Lost In The Echo, and Roads Untraveled. This album is God awful. I love Linkin Park and all their albums, even the most hated ones, but this one sucks.

This is a ridiculous piece of trash. All songs are pop/techno/house/dubstep. Except Victimized (M Shinoda Remix), this is trash. All they could do was find remixes made by fans and put them in a compilation. Why the heck is ATS at the top?

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64 Fan of a Fan - Chris Brown and Tyga
65 Thriller - Micheal Jackson

Thriller is one of the greatest albums of all time! TAKE THIS OFF THE LIST RIGHT NOW!

I love how a person who can't even spell Michael right is posting this. laugh out loud

Why is this on the list? It should be off. - Caleb9000

Whys this here? This is excellent stuff guys. I never knew it was so high since everyone likes Thriller and Michael Jackson. - AlphaQ

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66 Revolver - The Beatles

I don't call this as one of the worst albums because it's good, but definitely overrated. I don't think it would be well rated when Tomorrow Never Knows wouldn't in this album! - somekindofaguy

Oh my god are you serious. - SammySpore

There seems to be a troll in our midst. That explains why "Thriller" #23.


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67 Born This Way - Lady Gaga V 1 Comment
68 Based On a T.R.U. Story - 2 Chainz
69 Rebel Heart - Madonna

30 years after she peaked, Madge hits an all-time low by recording more songs about sex, sure, but not the kind she did in the Erotica days, instead being the terrible 2010s kind. If Chryssie Hynde and Debbie Harry were in the same room and heard this wondering what the hell one of the women they influenced had come to, prepare for a lot of ranting audible from all countries of the world.

70 Thank You - Duran Duran

Bad cover album with the worst Public Enemy cover of all time.

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71 Yours Truly - Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande you used to be hot. Now your just a wannabe Mariah Carey. You sound like my friend's cat when it takes a crap with iggy in your songs not many are going to like it AT ALL WHATSOEVER!

If you want to sum this album up as quickly as you can, do so as follows: don't. - PositronWildhawk

Oh come on immature haters. I love this album.

This album is the greatest album of the 10's in my opinion
Why put this on the list
Instead, put My Everything, that's just awful! - Westside75

72 I'm Not a Fan But the Kids Like It - Brokencyde V 1 Comment
73 Risk - Megadeth

Not a bad album, just not we expect from Megadeth. Even Mustaine said this album is a hit or miss, that's why he called it Risk

Not only it's bad, it's so boring that it made me fall asleep at the firth song. - Mumbizz01

74 Attero Dominatus - Sabaton
75 Reasonable Doubt - Jay-Z
76 Big Fat Lie - Nicole Scherzinger
77 Britney Jean - Britney Spears

She can't sing or write music. To fix the singing problem, she uses autotune, and to fix the songwriting problem, she hires other people to write music for her. She doesn't even help at all! The music her songwriters produce takes 15 people to write, and it's STILL not good!

She tried to copy Michael Jackson's billie Jean with the name of this album.

'She tried to copy Michael Jackson's billie Jean with the name of this album.'
For your information, 'Britney Jean' is Spears's first and middle name. So, stfu.

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78 The New Classic - Iggy Azalea

You're all just not Fancy enough to enjoy it.

This is horrible. Worst album ever

79 1989 - Taylor Swift

You really expect Taylor Swift to make a grunge, punk, and hair metal album? She made a POP album mirroring the sound of POP music in 1989. She did a good job at doing that but still making it current enough. She wasn't trying to mirror every type of music in 1989, just pop. If she did for some reason make a hair metal album, it would've sucked. You know why? Because she's Taylor Swift and she doesn't make metal music. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

Taylor Swift doing grunge, punk, or hair metal? That sounds horrifying. Thank god she stuck to pop or else we would've had a disaster on our hands even worse than that year's Hot 100. - Zach808

Oh, come on. This album was great. I'm not a Taylor Swift fan, but even I'll admit that this album was good.

I'd rather be in the year 1989. At least they had GOOD music then, and not BS like this. - Punkrockandmetal

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80 Dreams Worth More Than Money - Meek Mill

Meek Mill is wack. He makes Drake sound like gangsta rap.

This guy loses every hip hop beef he gets in!

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