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81 Dreams Worth More Than Money - Meek Mill

Meek Mill is wack. He makes Drake sound like gangsta rap.

This guy loses every hip hop beef he gets in!

82 Nine Track Mind - Charlie Puth
83 Summer In Paradise - The Beach Boys

The worst album of their entire career, and one of the worst albums in music history. It is virtually a Mike Love solo project, and Brian Wilson wisely had nothing to do with this.

84 Horrid Henry's Most Horrible Album - Horrid Henry

At least he admitted it.

85 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles

What piece of garbage put this work of art on this list? Who ever this was you're uneducated .

Lucy in the sky in diamonds is psychedelic like the doors and Hendrix immigrant song is a screaming song that is not Viking metal Led Zeppelins best album is Led Zeppelin 4 Pink Floyd is psychedelic and born to be wild is the most psychedelic song ever

Yep one of the greatest albums of all time and it's on this list...WHAT THE HELL KIND OF DRUGS DID THE GUY WHO PUT THIS ON TAKE?

Whoever dosen't like this dosen't exist. - Punkrockandmetal

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86 True - Avicii
87 Holiday Poop Puke and Pee Songs - The Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Never heard of it, but worst album name EVER.

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88 Pablo Honey - Radiohead

There's only 2 good songs, Creep and Prove Yourself. I just start to cringe whenever I listen to this album. But that's what you expect from a debut album of one of the greatest bands of all time. - Mumbizz01

Um... No. Underrated. Actually a 9/10 album. Radiohead fans just hate it because it's not as good as the others. But it's actually a amazing album. No the 97th worst. Sorry, that's just a crime. - yoshimon3

Why does everyone hate this album? Sure it's not their best but it still at least a 7/10. (Though by Radiohead standards that counts as sh! t. Nevermined) - 12cc

89 My Everything - Ariana Grande
90 Thank You - Meghan Trainor

Utter garbage

91 Now That's What I Call Music! - Various Artists

They call this "Music" when they put songs like Watch Me on there so that proves it isn't music - christangrant

Teenz Bop, that's what this is - VideoGamefan5

92 Otaku Hearts - Leetstreet Boys
93 Collage - The Chainsmokers

The only stand out is Don't Let Me Down. Everything else on this EP sounds like recycled material.

94 Divide - Ed Sheeran

Completely "plastic"

95 Fifty Shades Darker (Soundtrack)
96 Born This Way - Lady Gaga V 1 Comment
97 This Is War - 30 Seconds to Mars
98 Metal Machine Music - Lou Reed

This album sucks. The album is 68 minutes of guitar feedback. Who would listen to this crap? I don't know if this was a joke from Lou Reed but I think it is the worst album of all time.

The ultimate in torture. Who needs guillotines when you can put this on repeat at a decent volume?

Guys are you stupid? Justin Bieber is a bad artist but above this? Really? Good god guys learn to think

Lulu's got nothing on this. This is literally painful to listen to.

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99 Looking Back With Love - Mike Love

One of the worst albums of all time. Proof that Mike Love has no talent, and is the luckiest Rock Star in history. Remember this is the same person that rallied against Pet Sounds and was a big reason for Smile's Cancellation!

100 Sticks & Stones - Cher Lloyd

This album makes me wanna throw sticks and stones at her

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