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141 The Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
142 Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water - Limp Bizkit

Can you really take this music seriously? Guess people who think this is great are probably gangsta wannabes like Fred Durst. It's hard to listen to this album without laughing because of how bad/juvenile the lyrics are

Music for sweaty, conflicted, half-naked men to jump around to and rub themselves up against each other while pretending they are heterosexual

Truly awful. Childish jock drivel

This doesn't deserve to be called album - Lucretia

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143 A Thousand Suns - Linkin Park

Those who voted for this album do not understand true good music please listen to it carefully and make up your mind

To be honest id rather to listen to this than Living Things at least this has more descent tracks - christangrant

Huh? This is an awesome album!

144 This Is War - 30 Seconds to Mars
145 Thriller - Micheal Jackson

Thriller is one of the greatest albums of all time! TAKE THIS OFF THE LIST RIGHT NOW!

I love how a person who can't even spell Michael right is posting this. laugh out loud

Why is this on the list? It should be off. - Caleb9000


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146 Looking Back With Love - Mike Love

One of the worst albums of all time. Proof that Mike Love has no talent, and is the luckiest Rock Star in history. Remember this is the same person that rallied against Pet Sounds and was a big reason for Smile's Cancellation!

147 Sticks & Stones - Cher Lloyd

This album makes me wanna throw sticks and stones at her

148 Take Me Home - One Direction

I hope the get in an shifty cab in their pursuit of that very goal (album title).

I'll take you home to your mom who will spank you all. - AlphaQ

149 DNA - Little Mix
150 Ready for the Weekend - The Saturdays
151 Evanescence - Evanescence

Take off The list. Really good album.

This Is The Only Evanescence Album I Would Say Is Meh.

Pop music covered in a gothic-metal-attitude.
I could just throw up every time I hear an emo teenie
Calling this crap "metal".

Sounds like a mixture of Britney Spears and Avril Lavigne.
Dubstep-Pop music for emos.

152 Lines, Vines and Trying Times - Jonas Brothers
153 The 20/20 Experience - Justin Timberlake
154 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles

What piece of garbage put this work of art on this list? Who ever this was you're uneducated .

Lucy in the sky in diamonds is psychedelic like the doors and Hendrix immigrant song is a screaming song that is not Viking metal Led Zeppelins best album is Led Zeppelin 4 Pink Floyd is psychedelic and born to be wild is the most psychedelic song ever

Yep one of the greatest albums of all time and it's on this list...WHAT THE HELL KIND OF DRUGS DID THE GUY WHO PUT THIS ON TAKE?

This shouldn't be one of the greatest albums because the members didn't even co-produce this album and if they didn't even co-produce this album then its almost completelty and utterly worthless. I do think jay-z is very lazy in a way he shared too on production in everyone of his albums his latest album in 2017 was the only positive thing about him. Justin bieber didn't try to get serious about music he didn't try to seriously co-produce his latest studio album that was named purprose he didn't try to produce his latest album with 2 or at least 4 others only he was somewhat lazy and beyonce is very lazy too. I would think taylor swift could been worth to listen to I gave her chance because she somewhat met my standards she co-produced at least 2 of her studio albums with only 1 or 2 others.

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155 Prelude to a Dream - Jackie Evancho
156 Dream With Me - Jackie Evancho
157 All Eyez On Me - 2pac

Huh? I thought people like this album. 2Pac is awesome and just heard him at the beginning of 2017 - AlphaQ

158 Abbey Road - The Beatles

Whoever put this here is evil

Overrated band clearly out of ideas and inspiration by this point. Side one is filled with children's nursery rhymes such as "Bing Bang Maxwell's Silver Hammer" and "I'd Like To Be Under the Sea in an Octopus's Garden". LOL. What a load! Side two is just a bunch of lame, half-arsed ideas poorly cobbled together as a "medley". Thank god Yoko Ono turned Lennon into a heroin addict and made him quit the band.

I'm losing faith in this site

Dissapointment to Music! So many better Bands out there(metallica,nirvana,Pink Floyd,Linkin Park,Green Day and by a million miles,Radiohead and Oasis.The Beatles disgrace Britain! - Lord28

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159 American Life - Madonna

This is the worst Madonna album ever what was she thinking of releasing this oh my gosh

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160 MDNA - Madonna

Nicki Minaj is on it. Enough said.

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