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161 Love Me Back to Life - Celine Dion V 1 Comment
162 Unapologetic - Rihanna

This and rated r are the only Rihanna albums that should be on this list.

163 Ultraviolence - Lana del Rey
164 Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel - Mariah Carey

Obsessed, angels cry,and I want to know what love is cover are good.. But the whole album just suck! (including boobies on the album cover). Repetitive boring beat... Good vocal but not great.. I'd rather listen to Charmbacelet!

165 Ray of Light - Madonna

I'm not even a Madonna fan, but this album is actually pretty decent. It features the better songs of Madonna's career and is a great early 2000s pop album that even covered a song and made it better. - Swellow

Insane much? This is one of her best.

Horrible, horrible album by a talentless hack. William Orbit was scraping the bottom of the barrel when he produced this Turkey.

166 Cher Lloyd - Sorry I'm Late
167 Madonna - Hard Candy
168 Loud - Rihanna

The only bad song on this album is S&M

This album only has 11 songs, but it's colorful and happy.
Its songs are really varied:-there is pop, rock, R&B etc.
Rihanna hits come from this album Only Girl (In The World), What's My Name and S&M,there is also a great song, California King Bed that for some reasons didn't made the top, why? It was a splendid song!

In other words this album should not be on this list. 10/10 - DaisyandRosalina

169 Adele - 19

This album should not be this list.
come on give this album a listen then you came to know that album doest belong to this list. This album is good.

Adele always names her albums after her age what

Why is this here? Adele is one of the few pop stars who's actually talented. At least it's at tbe end of the list.

170 Beyonce - Beyonce

This album is artistic - JaysTop10List

Ew just no..
Surprise album, but it gets boring

171 Glitter - Mariah Carey

The movie sucked horribly. Otherwise, Mariah Carey is awesome.

172 2112 - Rush

"BAD BLOOD" FANS! How is this, one of the best albums ever recorded, on here?!

So you hate a Rush album? Justin Bieber and 1D has brainwashed you

So you hate a Rush song that lasts 20 minutes long? You don't even know how hard is it to make a song that long and epic

Pretentious rubbish for tone-deaf nerds

173 Gram Gram
174 Demi - Demi Lovato
175 Unbroken - Demi Lovato
176 Based On a T.R.U. Story - 2 Chainz
177 Excuse My French - French Montana
178 Redstone Active - Phantaboulous
179 Before I Self Destruct - 50 Cent

As a long time 50 Cent fan I have to say, that this album sucks!

180 Tha Block Is Hot - Lil Wayne

This was Lil Wayne's first album. Enough said.

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