Worst Albums of All Time

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161 Isouljaboytellem - Soulja Boy
162 The Last Text Ep - Jacob Sartorius
163 Love. Live. Life - N-Dubz
164 First Shot - Some & Any
165 It's Hard to Be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World - Blood on the Dance Floor
166 Stars Dance - Selena Gomez
167 #willpower - Will.I. Am
168 Frequency Unknown - Queensryche

Still the worst metal album of all time in my opinion. - IronSabbathPriest

169 Here's to the Good Times - Florida Georgia Line

Worst country music album ever - christangrant

170 No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls - Simple Plan
171 The Young and the Hopeless - Good Charlotte
172 Save Rock and Roll - Fall Out Boy
173 New English - Desiigner
174 Ram - Paul McCartney

This album is so bad that even the other Beatles hated it (which is understandable cause it has the infamous Heart of the Country on it).

175 Reflection - Fifth Harmony
176 Lines, Vines and Trying Times - Jonas Brothers
177 American Life - Madonna

This is the worst Madonna album ever what was she thinking of releasing this oh my gosh

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178 MDNA - Madonna

Nicki Minaj is on it. Enough said.

179 E=mc2 - Mariah Carey

So Disgusted of this album its okay if she only released the first

180 One of the Boys - Katy Perry

Contains the homophobic song "your So Gay." Not to mention all the negative reviews by critics. Even AllMusic, who seems to be lenient on reviews, gave this album 2 stars out of 5! Okay, not everybody is a "critics' darling" but then there's this possibility that you can be popular and then end up like OJ Simpson the next day

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