Top 10 Worst Alternative Songs

These alternative songs are just garbage and terrible overall.

The Top Ten

1 Here Is No Why - Smashing Pumpkins

Really? I absolutely love this song - Kilopoppy

Awful... just plain awful. - BoredJeff02

2 Electron Blue - R.E.M

Their hands down worst song. - BoredJeff02

3 Speaking in Tongues - Arcade Fire

Terrible and bland enough said. - BoredJeff02

4 Potion Approaching - Arctic Monkeys

There's no good qualities of this song at all. - BoredJeff02

5 Just Got to Be (Magic Potion) - The Black Keys

Terrible but I've heard worse. - BoredJeff02

6 The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie - Red Hot Chili Peppers

A sex song but a really bad one at that. - BoredJeff02

All RHCP songs are extremely overrated... - somekindofaguy

7 Myxomatosis - Radiohead

This song is just beyond mediocre.. - BoredJeff02

8 Heart in a Cage - The Strokes

Sounds completely out of place for a song by The Strokes. - BoredJeff02

9 Endless, Nameless - Nirvana
10 Young and Menace - Fall Out Boy

Not exactly the best fall out boy song in the world. - railfan99

Fall Out Boy is not alternative they're pop rock. - BoredJeff02

The Contenders

11 Ghost Train - Gorillaz

To think this was the first Gorillaz song.. - BoredJeff02

Good song that is unfortunately ruined by poor production. - Mrveteran

12 Beverly Hills - Weezer

Labeled as one of the worst songs by Weezer. It's an atrocity that was a backstab to the fans of the band long before. - cjWriter1997

13 Scentless Apprentice - Nirvana
14 Beans - Nirvana
15 Bugs - Pearl Jam
16 Frogs - Alice in Chains

As much as I like Alice in Chains this song is pretty forgettable. - BoredJeff02

17 Stay Away - Nirvana

I never cared for this song. - JCHOW

18 Believer - Imagine Dragons
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