Worst Alvinnn! and the Chipmunks Episodes

The worst episodes of the new show on Nick, while I can enjoy the the show, there have been bad episodes

The Top Ten

1 Munk Man Munk Man

Everyone thought that Alvin dressed as a duck was cool, how dumb are some of the people in the show? - Gangem

2 Dog Days Dog Days

Dave stepped in dog poop which Alvin told him was Theodore's and Dave believes him. What? - Gangem

3 Alvin's Secret Powers Alvin's Secret Powers

Alvin tells Theodore that he can turn garbage into chocolate. I know that may sound interesting, but it is not - Gangem

4 Mystic Mountain Mystic Mountain

This is the reason why I don't play video games. Dave got kinda creepy - Gangem

5 Bromance Bromance

I hated the character Jamie and Alvin in the episode. Seriously, his allowance? - Gangem

6 To Serve and Protect To Serve and Protect

Easily the most forgettable episode of the show. I can barely remember it now - Gangem

7 Albrittana Albrittana

While it had it's moments, this just one of those episodes that girl viewers are going to get into the show with - Gangem

8 Jeanette Enchanted Jeanette Enchanted

The first half was alright, but the second was awful - Gangem

9 Lil T Lil T

A song about ice cream goes viral? Sure a song about gummy bears went viral but ice cream? - Gangem

10 Mojo Missing Mojo Missing

For goodness sake Alvin, just get a new hat! That little girl really liked you! - Gangem

The Contenders

11 Talking Teddy Talking Teddy

Alvin is very unlikable in this episode and come on making Theodore do all your chores and the way simon did talking teddy really made me cringe.

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