Worst Amazing World of Gumball Characters

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21 Patrick Fitzgerald

I hate him I just think he's made to torment Gumball just like Jerry made to torment Tom

I think Patrick sometimes hates his daughter

He's too stupid and too selfish like Benson from Regular Show.

He's always angry at Gumball
He's always wants Gumball to stay away from Penny
He's always wants Penny not hanging out with Gumball

22 Molly Collins

You got that from gumball and darwin

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23 Rob

Sometimes I really do think it was unfortunate that Rob (my favorite character) had to be a mistake because I think he could've been so much more than just a villain. I also wish that in the Void episode Gumball and Darwin would've noticed him and helped him so that then their relationship would've been different. I must admit that when I saw the Nobody episode I definitely knew that he looked familiar from the Void episode and I was completely shocked. Again, it was really unfortunate that in order to escape from the horrible Void, he had to become all disfigured and evil. The Nemesis episode was also very funny and I was really glad that they didn't forget about him this time. I honestly had no idea that he would appear in the Bus episode and when I saw him appear I literally froze. The Disaster and the Rerun above all, was my favorite episode and since then I've loved it so much that I still want to know if he'll really remain a villain or if he'll ever come back at all. I think he ...more

I hate him in season 4 because he is trying to kill Gumball and Darwin.

I like how he got his old voice back in the disaster - RyanMtheGamer

He thinks he is a an idiot.

I hate Rob and his name (Australian Accent)'' Dr Reckard''.

I felt sorry for him at first but he became a bad guy which made the show fall 56% at least.

He is the one of the worst characters on the list.

24 Daisy The Donkey

In "The Night", she was dreaming about killing and injuring Anais.

Daisy will be an EPIC antagonist soon... shes just waiting to strike

She shall get her revenge


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25 Tina Rex

Your my favorite

26 Clare Cooper

Enough with the emo girls

She's just annoying

She should have a spin off show - RyanMtheGamer

She's a Daria wannabe

27 Carrie V 1 Comment
28 Mr. Small

In "the uploads", he was really disturbing. His video should be reported and his account should be terminated.

Yea he scared me for life I needed to bleach my eyeballs after watching that episode

I actually liked this guy before the episode 'the uploads'. SO. SCARY.

This boy is not my son - Theawsomeyoutuber275

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29 Granny JoJo

Gross, strict, psychotic, her rule of making kids safe is turning them morbidly obese and verry stupid, she has dangerous and scary safett lessons, such being careful with a knife, how? by making a fake arm, cutting it off, scaring darwin to death. Or chasing gumball with a car

30 Frankie Watterson V 1 Comment
31 Crocodile Woman

I like her ehats so bad about her sure in the fridge and the countdownshe was mean but shes not always mean - Theawsomeyoutuber275

32 Teri

Filth filth all ouroun - Theawsomeyoutuber275

33 Principal Nigel Brown

You're a hairy lady - Theawsomeyoutuber275

34 Larry
35 The Doughnut Sheriff

He is a police officer

36 Masami

In season 1,and 2 she was mean to people and ignorant. Like in the episode the storm, she tried to be Alan's boyfriend but she knew his heart belong to Carmen.
In the gift my point of view on masami I changed a bit. She wanted to be a normal person instead of being treated with loyalty.

37 Rocky Robinson V 1 Comment
38 Ocho V 1 Comment
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