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1 The Laziest

Why did I like this episode?! Gumball and Darwin were complete jerks to Larry! Causing him to lose his job, his car, and his girlfriend!

Just really mean spirited, caused me to have a dislike toward Richard for a while.

The only BAD episode in my opinion.

This episode is... idek

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2 The Dress

The thing I hate the most about this episode is that Penny Fitzgerald is one of the students who LAUGHS at Gumball near the end of the episode when they see he is naked which is just extremely out of character and just plain wrong, I mean for goodness sake Penny is way too nice and friendly to do something like this and the fact she was one of the student cruelly laughing at him being naked left a bad taste in my mouth, it's one of the main reasons why I despise this episode because of how infuriating it is.

What makes this bad is Darwin. He's creepy in this episode. He falls in love with his own brother and acts like a stalker the whole time. Also, why was everyone laughing at Gumball for being naked at the end when THEY are naked themselves? A really hard to watch and uneasy episode in my opinion.

Not only Darwin was creepy in this episode, but he was gay in this episode! Falling in love with a boy in a dress?! That too close to being gay

Shouldn't they recognise his face? And then Darwin!?!
The only episode I hated darwin.
It was just plain wrong

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3 The Girlfriend

Easily The Worst Episode In The Entire Show. Why? IT'S A DARWIN TORTURE PORN

Normalises abusive relationships and tells people to do nothing

How many Family Guy episodes were the writers smoking when they came up with this one?

It is darwin watterson's and jamie russo become gays! - toshdeluxe

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4 The Worst

Definitely the worst episode of the show. The way they portray feminism doesn't sit right with me (and I do have some feminist beliefs) and Nicole seems quite out of character. All the other problems are just portrayed badly too. The one thing I will give this episode is I guess the intentions were good? The message of everybody having it bad in their own way is definitely true, but that doesn't excuse this episode.

The main problem with this episode is that 80% of the jokes are just stereotypes. Ha, it's funny because men are slobs. Ha, it's funny because women think they need to look perfect. Ha, it's funny because adults have no imagination. Just... why? Stereotypes aren't funny, and neither is this episode. And yeah, I know, satire is a thing, but still. - Jmanx7

The name is the most fitting name in gumball history.

Portrayed so lazily, and just infuriating.

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5 The Curse

I actually really liked this one. Although it's kind of rough at the beginning, it's still solid and some parts have a final destination vibe to me, and that whole chain reaction-like process is fascinating to me.

I hate the episode because it is weird that gumball should go to the hospital like a stupid Shows not like mixels vaudeville fun.

Poor Gumball. He needs hugs. - kcianciulli

This episode should be much lower. Why? because it's absolutely hilarious! - Cartoonnetworkfan1990

6 The Menu

Normally gumball has great stories but this one is really bad. This episode also is a gross out. Disgusting! I really hated this episode.

7 The Dream

This one made me laugh

I personally liked this episode, especially with sussie at the end - Jermaineb12

8 The Robot

Every character except Gumball and Bobert is made stupider just so they could make this plot work. Even Gumball recognizes this, as when Darwin asks who to attack, he says "The one that is clearly not a robot." It could be possibly that the characters are not dumb, but in fact trying to make Gumball Jealous/Work harder, Or that they were threatened by Bobert, but this is never explained (And even if that is the case, it makes the m seem a lot meaner). Gumball gets hurt the most in this episode, and all he did was try to help a friend out. The worst part of all is that nobody ever is confronted about thinking Bobert was Gumball (or acting like he was.) I think the writers learned from their mistake, however, as the episode and the events in it (such as Penny going on a date with Bobert) are never mentioned again.

Well since the Promise isn't on here, I am voting for this. - RockinRockruff

Bobert is just gigantic jerk in this episode!

This is one of the worst episodes ever. It’s like “Someone’s in the kitchen with Sandy” from Spongebob. It even has the same problems that episode had, most commonly the use of two tactics that are overused and those most people hate to see: having a character suffer for no reason and making the characters more stupid than they ever been!

To sum the episode up: Gumball tries to help Bobert be like a normal person, Bobert then dresses himself up as Gumball and steals his life, and Gumball goes through a lot of misery while the other characters are too stupid to see or realize that this is actually Bobert, like so stupid they can’t tell it’s him despite his cheap, easy to see though Gumball costume!

Just, what were the writers thinking!?!

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9 The Grades

I liked this one

10 The World & The Extras

I don't know "The Extras" but "The World" is extremely STUPID. And it's not a Gumball episode. Not even close.

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11 The Joy

This one is awesome! - Spongehouse

I think this is supposed to be a homage to something. - kcianciulli

Worst Episode EVER!

Creepy but ok

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12 The Rival

A Gumball and Darwin torture porn that relies WAY too much on facial humor. And it just fuels my hatred for Anais even more.

This episode is gumball and Darwin torture porn incarnate

13 The Hero

This episode is without a doubt the worst and most cruel episode in the entire series I just don't understand how anybody could like this poor excuse of an episode while yes Gumball and Darwin shouldn't have said those things about their father (no matter how true they were) and maybe should have been punished for it, that doesn't justify being STARVED and being denied having SHOWERS all for the mere crime of not apologizing to their father. It's just disgusting and it's the reason why this is my most hated/disliked episode in the entire series. It's shameful that this series had me know what was my hated/disliked episode before I knew what my favorite episode was (The Shell) just plain shameful if you know what I mean. - Mario8

This is one of the best episodes, and none of the other episodes on this list are that bad. The worst in my opinion are the misunderstandings, the promise, the stories, the kiss, and the gripes

It was so mean-spirited but also predictable.

This episode is about torturing Gumball and Darwin just because they said Richard was a little bit stupid,so Nicole goes trough character derailment,going from a Violent,but a caring parent to an abusive bitch.She literary starves Gumball and Darwin and the ending feels rushed a swell,and this was a season 1 episode,where the show didn't know what it was going to be!

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14 The Singing

How can you make a musical and hot involve Gumball, the main character? That's like making a SpongeBob SquarePants musical without SpongeBob SquarePants. - kcianciulli

Ben Bocquelet must have had an obsession with Alvin and The Chipmunks during the production of this episode, so he decided to cut Gumball and Darwin's parts out to make room for his version of said trio. - kcianciulli

Yay! Constant bad singing, just what I want to watch

15 The Ex

Just watching Gumball intentionally trying to annoy Rob and make him angry is just so frustrating to watch

This is weird, even for Gumball.

I actually really like this one lol

… hate this episode because they made rob hate gumball.
And Ⅰ also hate the way gumball treated penny.
This is the worst episode in the series!

16 The Triangle

This episode is why I hate Principal Brown now. He almost suspended Gumball, because he was just talking to Darwin in the bathroom!

I agree that episode is bad
Gumball is accused without a reason (actually have but its stupid)
Made me hatethis episode

Gumballs such a twerp in this episode! Being mean to his brother for... no reason! And that ending was awful!

After watching this episode, I felt very uncomfortable and angry.Especially Mr.Brown,Darwin,and any other students make me lose interest of this cartoon.This episode is full of various psychological conflicts.Not funny.I feel distressed and sympathetic for Gumball.

17 The Slap

One of the weirdest episodes I have ever seen in the whole series

This is something you should never do kids

This episode is Boeing. Only consista in Gumball trying to have a slap

This Episode was odd, but goofy. - kcianciulli

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18 The Uncle
19 The Safety

HOW DARE YOU! This is one of the best episodes especially the first part where teddy gets hurt in really funny ways

The best part was the teddy part where he gets injured hilariously!

I like this episode

20 The Kiss
21 The Best
22 The Fridge
23 The Microwave
24 The Remote
25 The Lady
26 The Roots

Darwin torture.

Actually, I think it's a good episode. (SPOILERS AHEAD) I mean, the family tries to make Darwin feel like he's at home. They show pity when they release him, and in the end the family shouts, "You truly are a Watterson! " Now THAT'S what I call a happy ending! However, whoever dislikes it, I respect your opinions.
Thank You for reading this! - Pokemonfan10

27 The Limit

Ha! Called it!

I really despise this episode of all of them because Nicole Watterson is really unlikable in this one by the way just the episodes part is really stupid because half of the plot it’s just gumball and his siblings and his father are trying to get free candy while torturing their mother

Some parts were pretty scary sometimes but it’s alright. - AlphaQ

28 The Picnic

Four Words: Never Trust a Title - kcianciulli

Gumball is a complete idiot darwins is annoying in the end and the creatures were totally boring

29 The Fury
30 The Saint

One more thing I forgot to mention. Cartoon Network wants us to "speak up and stop bullying," right? Well, guess what, GUMBALL WAS BEING A BULLY IN THAT EPISODE! HAVING YOUR OWN PROTAGONISTS ACTING LIKE THAT IS NO WAY TO GET YOUR MESSAGE THROUGH TO KIDS!

Did Vicky Write This Episode? - kcianciulli

Boring and cartoon network being hypocritical
gumball is a jerk and not in a goofy way, I MEAN FULL THROTLE

I'm afraid I'm going to consider this episode non-canon. - kcianciulli

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31 The Return

That episode was awful

32 The Transformation

The ending was a cop out for the simple reason that the rest of Penny's family did not come out of their shells I as of right now don't hate the episode per say but it ticked me off that they built it up as though we would see them out of their shells and yet they didn't why they decided to cop out I have no idea and mostly likely we will never know. - Mario8

The third story narrator voice ripped off and disrespected the universe of memes.

33 The Fan


34 The Boombox
35 The Genius
36 The Pony
37 The Mothers
38 The Hug
39 The Storm

This episode basically made every character unlikable - FLIPMODE

Okayyy, confusing episode. - AlphaQ

40 The Vacation
41 The Sock
42 The News
43 The Stars

I only hate this episode because they showed those disgusting looking pigeons giving birth. Like it’s supposed to be funny but it’s just scary.

44 The Apprentice
45 The Cage

This episode just felt...awkward to me.

46 The Debt

Gumball was way too stupid in this episode. This is an episode where introduce a new character, in this case Mr Robinson, and put him through a lot of torture because Gumball thought he saved his life when he didn’t. I guess Gumball didn’t mean to do these things, but because of how stupid he was, it didn’t work on me.

47 The Signal

Copy paste everything on episode
Best part is the ending part

so crazy! - toshdeluxe

48 The Vision

Alan's out of personality

49 The Mystery

This Episode Is Just Awful It's One Of The Episodes That Just Shows why The World Hates And Is Out To Get Gumball And I Also Really Feel Bad For Him In Other Episodes And That's Why I Think That This to me Is One of The Top 5 Worst Episodes To Me

This episode was alright. Not awful, not great. Just okay.

50 The Nobody

The First 3 Minutes Suck

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