Worst Amazing World of Gumball Episodes


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1 The Laziest

Filler - Tyler730

I hated that Richard tricks his kids to do all the work, and then ends up winning at the end. Gumball an Darwin did nothing wrong. - Fireboy

2 The World & The Extras
3 The Dream

I personally liked this episode, especially with sussie at the end - Jermaineb12

4 The Dress

The thing I hate the most about this episode is that Penny Fitzgerald is one of the students who LAUGHS at Gumball near the end of the episode when they see he is naked which is just extremely out of character and just plain wrong, I mean for goodness sake Penny is way too nice and friendly to do something like this and the fact she was one of the student cruelly laughing at him being naked left a bad taste in my mouth, it's one of the main reasons why I despise this episode because of how infuriating it is.

5 The Joy
6 The Microwave
7 The Robot

Every character except Gumball and Bobert is made stupider just so they could make this plot work. Even Gumball recognizes this, as when Darwin asks who to attack, he says "The one that is clearly not a robot." It could be possibly that the characters are not dumb, but in fact trying to make Gumball Jealous/Work harder, Or that they were threatened by Bobert, but this is never explained (And even if that is the case, it makes the m seem a lot meaner). Gumball gets hurt the most in this episode, and all he did was try to help a friend out. The worst part of all is that nobody ever is confronted about thinking Bobert was Gumball (or acting like he was.) I think the writers learned from their mistake, however, as the episode and the events in it (such as Penny going on a date with Bobert) are never mentioned again.

8 The Curse
9 The Picnic
10 The Fan

The Contenders

11 The Return

That episode was awful

12 The Hero

It was so mean-spirited but also predictable.

13 The Mystery

This Episode Is Just Awful It's One Of The Episodes That Just Shows why The World Hates And Is Out To Get Gumball And I Also Really Feel Bad For Him In Other Episodes And That's Why I Think That This to me Is One of The Top 5 Worst Episodes To Me

14 The Slap
15 The Ex
16 The Vision

Alan's out of personality

17 The Safety
18 The Nobody

The First 3 Minutes Suck

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