Worst Amazing World of Gumball Episodes


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1 The Laziest

Wow, the laziest title for the laziest episode!

1. The Burden
2. The Girlfriend
3. The Worst
4. The Kiss
5. The Hero
6. The Laziest
7. The Dress
8. The Petals
9. The Crew
10. The Curse

I think this episode is really good,except for the part with Larry.

I like this episode. So, stop complaining. - MeeMeeCandy777

2 The Dress

Why does everyone think that Darwin was being gay? He wasn't! How was HE suppose to know that it was ACTUALLY GUMBALL wearing that dress and the hat? I mean, not all cartoon characters recognize each other under disguises. If you watched Spongebob season 4 episode 'That's No Lady' you'll see the part where Squidward and Mr. Krabs were flirting with Patricia (*cough, cough* Patrick*cough, cough*) but they didn't know that it was ACTUALLY Patrick until the end, so they were not gay! But I hate this episode too.

This episode made me laugh before and its jokes are not that bad but my gosh, Darwin goes stalker level and the people are worshipping Gumball as a beautiful lady (such stupidity)
And do I think that the woman here are supposed to be jealous of him?

Darwin was acting like a gay and not only that he was being a stalker! - OrangeRin

The thing I hate the most about this episode is that Penny Fitzgerald is one of the students who LAUGHS at Gumball near the end of the episode when they see he is naked which is just extremely out of character and just plain wrong, I mean for goodness sake Penny is way too nice and friendly to do something like this and the fact she was one of the student cruelly laughing at him being naked left a bad taste in my mouth, it's one of the main reasons why I despise this episode because of how infuriating it is.

3 The Girlfriend

This shows a message that if you are in a toxic relationship then don't say anything, and you should learn is that you are stronger than you think and get out of that toxic relationship as soon as you can

Did Tyga write this episode? Because he thinks that he likes to do porn stuff and abusing.

Get it to #1 - CrypticMemory

This is just offensive

4 The Worst

It is definitely the worst one.

Yep, that’s the title.

Definitely the worst episode of the show. The way they portray feminism doesn't sit right with me (and I do have some feminist beliefs) and Nicole seems quite out of character. All the other problems are just portrayed badly too. The one thing I will give this episode is I guess the intentions were good? The message of everybody having it bad in their own way is definitely true, but that doesn't excuse this episode.

Portrayed so lazily, and just infuriating.

5 The Menu

Normally gumball has great stories but this one is really bad. This episode also is a gross out. Disgusting! I really hated this episode.

6 The Dream

This one made me laugh

I personally liked this episode, especially with sussie at the end - Jermaineb12

7 The Robot


Did Eric Cartman write this episode?

Did Adam Sandler write this episode?

So it's perfectly fine for Bobert to take over Gumballs life, but when Penny gets involved, that's when it's a problem?

8 The Rival

This episode SUCKS! It should be on Animated Atrocities!

You really need to feel sorry for Gumball and Darwin here. - KalloFox34

Worst part. Anais even got Gumball and Darwin grounded twice! Pure evil!

This is a Gumball and Darwin torture porn - ElSherlock

9 The Hero

Did buck cluck write this episode?!

This episode is without a doubt the worst and most cruel episode in the entire series I just don't understand how anybody could like this poor excuse of an episode while yes Gumball and Darwin shouldn't have said those things about their father (no matter how true they were) and maybe should have been punished for it, that doesn't justify being STARVED and being denied having SHOWERS all for the mere crime of not apologizing to their father. It's just disgusting and it's the reason why this is my most hated/disliked episode in the entire series. It's shameful that this series had me know what was my hated/disliked episode before I knew what my favorite episode was (The Shell) just plain shameful if you know what I mean. - Mario8

Did Buck Cluck write this episode? Because he thinks child neglect is fun.

When I saw this episode, I was like, OMIGOD worst episode ever! I can't believe all that torture to Gumball and Darwin just for saying a few things about their father like how lazy he is or how embarrassing he is. What were they suppose to tell their friends? LIES?! This cost them not eating, showering and because of that, they weren't even allowed on the school bus. Firstly, all those stuff they said were true. Secondly, Anais and Nicole KNOW that it was true. THEY LIVE WITH HIM TOO! that's the worst part. Everyone is always ganging up on Gumball and Darwin, (even though they can be extremely disrespectful at times) and no one would even admit that they were right! how annoying is that?!

10 The Curse

I actually really liked this one. Although it's kind of rough at the beginning, it's still solid and some parts have a final destination vibe to me, and that whole chain reaction-like process is fascinating to me.

This episode should be much lower. Why? because it's absolutely hilarious! - Cartoonnetworkfan1990

Poor Gumball. He needs hugs. - kcianciulli

I hate the episode because it is weird that gumball should go to the hospital like a stupid Shows not like mixels vaudeville fun.

The Contenders

11 The World & The Extras

These are good. - KalloFox34

I don't know "The Extras" but "The World" is extremely STUPID. And it's not a Gumball episode. Not even close.

OkI feel really weird because this isn’t the others but I still voted for this one

The reason why they’re both on this list because I hate The World but The Extras was good but not that great, I will say that this is probably the best out of all the Season 3 episodes but that’s the thing, The World suck but yeah, I know I said that I hate all the things that were on lists with the worst stuff. I don’t hate The Extras but since all the bad Gumball episodes are there, they should be kept on this list. I don’t understand why the good ones are here, so yeah.

12 The Singing

I think why Gumball and Darwin weren't in this episode was so they could make room for the disgusting sewer rats. I guess we'll never know what Gumball and Darwin were doing at the time since excused absences always are much more common with boring Live-Action Sitcoms! - kcianciulli

Ben Bocquelet must have had an obsession with Alvin and The Chipmunks during the production of this episode, so he decided to cut Gumball and Darwin's parts out to make room for his version of said trio. - kcianciulli

How can you make a musical and hot involve Gumball, the main character? That's like making a SpongeBob SquarePants musical without SpongeBob SquarePants. - kcianciulli

Yay! Constant bad singing, just what I want to watch

13 The Inquisition

This episode is NOT the Series Finale. Ben would not end his show like this. - kcianciulli

WORST FINALE EVER. This is a good episode though

Really, it's like if a creator hate its own cartoon and decide to ruin it by making and episode ended by a bad ending and a cliffhanger.

This episodes is terrible... This episode left many unanswered questions. I hate the bad ending. Why did they made this terrible episode!?

14 The Triangle

The ending is satisfying - ElSherlock

I admit that Gumball was being selfish but is not reason to accuse him with a stupid reason

Next time you accuse gumball of something, please use Good reasons

I'd like to see Trevor Philips shoot at the marching band in the gym or at the parade. - kcianciulli

15 The Ex

I actually really like this one lol

Just watching Gumball intentionally trying to annoy Rob and make him angry is just so frustrating to watch

This is weird, even for Gumball.

… hate this episode because they made rob hate gumball.
And Ⅰ also hate the way gumball treated penny.
This is the worst episode in the series!

16 The Joy

This one was interesting... - KalloFox34

I personally liked this episode

Miss Simian is satan!

Best episode of Season 3!

17 The Slap

Say what you want about the dress. What happens in THIS episode? Tobias goes around, saying hi and smacking people's butt. Everyone that is, except for GUMBALL. I hate everything about this episode. The way he keeps sticking out his butt for Tobias to smack it, you know for sure that GUMBALL knows nothing about making friends. Then it all goes downhill from there. I have no problems with some of the songs here. It's this song that annoys me the most! The end is what pissed me off the most that made me want to throw the remote at my T.V.. So first off, he plays a trick on Tobias. Then in the end, he learns absolutely NOTHING! He scolds Tobias for slapping his butt for once and for all. Terrible episode! 0/10

This is the most worst EPISODE ever

This episode was pointless... - KalloFox34

I think this is by far the most DISGUSTING, SICKENING, REVOLTING MOST SORRY EXCUSE FOR AN EPISODE I'VE SEEN IN MY LIFE! I think this episode is way worse than The Cringe, The Hug, and The Awkwardness. It's all about suffering under the sun, burning yourself, just because nobody wants to smack your butt. It's a very terrible episode for kids and the song made me cringe. The many synonyms for butt, like behind, booty, rump, hiney, derrière and backside. I felt like destroying the T.V.. The lyrics were so gross. I also feel that it's very innapropriate and not a good lesson for kids. So say what you want about all these other ones, like the cringe, the awkwardness, the hug and the dress. I think this one is the nastiest

18 The Uncle
19 The Grades

I liked this one

20 The Remote

A funny way to open up season 2 and the ending is creepy.

21 The Lady
22 The Microwave
23 The Roots

Actually, I think it's a good episode. (SPOILERS AHEAD) I mean, the family tries to make Darwin feel like he's at home. They show pity when they release him, and in the end the family shouts, "You truly are a Watterson! " Now THAT'S what I call a happy ending! However, whoever dislikes it, I respect your opinions.
Thank You for reading this! - Pokemonfan10

Darwin torture.

24 The Kiss
25 The Picnic

Gumball is a complete idiot darwins is annoying in the end and the creatures were totally boring

Why didn't Miss Simian do a headcount? - kcianciulli

Four Words: Never Trust a Title - kcianciulli

26 The Fury

This is gonna sound crazy but I actually enjoyed this one. But even so couldn't you have done one like GumBall had a secret twin brother or sister and than he/she said “she/he wants to challenge GumBall because he stole her 6th whisker which could explain why we always see 5 on his head.

27 The Best
28 The Limit

Ok, here are my worst episodes:
1. The Hero
2. The Bros
3. The Scam
4. The Fraud
5. The Singing
6. The Puppy
7. The Pony
8. The Words
9. The Spin-off
10. The Safety
11. The Transformation
12. The Storm
13. The Photo
14. The Dream
15. The No body
16. The Name
17. The Silence
18. The Name
19. The Limit
20. The Internet
21. The Virus
22. The Shell

Gumball, Darwin and Anais were such idiots in this episode. Even worse, Richard was setting a bad example by shoplifting and then it's a problem if Nicole sends them back in the car. Honestly, Richard needs to die. I hate him

Nicole is the only likable character in this episode - ElSherlock

Ha! Called it!

29 The Saint

Did Tekashi 6IX9INE write this episode?

You know who's idea this was? Seth MacFarlane's. - kcianciulli

One more thing I forgot to mention. Cartoon Network wants us to "speak up and stop bullying," right? Well, guess what, GUMBALL WAS BEING A BULLY IN THAT EPISODE! HAVING YOUR OWN PROTAGONISTS ACTING LIKE THAT IS NO WAY TO GET YOUR MESSAGE THROUGH TO KIDS!

Did Vicky Write This Episode? - kcianciulli

30 The Vision

Alan's out of personality

31 The Boombox

The episode turned out pointless... Just when the problem at hand was resolved, it comes back 2 seconds later and stays that way. - KalloFox34

Everyone was retarded in this episode

Please don’t say the R word

32 The Fan

Really Sarah should’ve got into trouble for stalking and shouldn't GumBall and Darwin have reported her to the police?

33 The Return

That episode was awful

34 The Safety

1. Creepy teddy
2. Darwin Becomes the safe version of Hitler

The episode was actually good, except poor teddy just had to look so horrific

This episode was actually really funny - KalloFox34

HOW DARE YOU! This is one of the best episodes especially the first part where teddy gets hurt in really funny ways

35 The Fridge

Nicole was very mean spirited in this episode

36 The Apprentice

I actually like this episode.

Didn’t like it because it’s twist ending was just too cruel even by the show’s standards - Mario8

37 The Transformation

The ending was a cop out for the simple reason that the rest of Penny's family did not come out of their shells I as of right now don't hate the episode per say but it ticked me off that they built it up as though we would see them out of their shells and yet they didn't why they decided to cop out I have no idea and mostly likely we will never know. - Mario8

The third story narrator voice ripped off and disrespected the universe of memes.

It portrayed so badly, and it copied the mlg voice! Can’t you just put it in instead of portraying it?

38 The Cycle


Trevor Philips Should Shoot Harold Wilson in The Face. - kcianciulli

39 The Nuisance

Because it mocked donald trump

I thought this episode was banned, but Cartoon Network wanted to bring it back. - kcianciulli

40 The Nobody

The rest of the episode was not bad but reason why I never see the episode again? HOW ABOUT THE REST OF THE FAMILY ACCUSES GUMBALL AND DARWIN FOR STEALING WITHOUT ANY GOOD REASON?

The First 3 Minutes Suck

41 The Mothers
42 The Genius
43 The Storm

I hate this episode so much, it makes no damn sense!

This episode basically made every character unlikable - FLIPMODE

Okayyy, confusing episode. - AlphaQ

44 The Pony

This episode was kinda boring. - KalloFox34

45 The Hug
46 The Vacation
47 The Sock
48 The News
49 The Stars

I only hate this episode because they showed those disgusting looking pigeons giving birth. Like it’s supposed to be funny but it’s just scary.

50 The Cage

This episode just felt...awkward to me.

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