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21 The Menu
22 The Hug
23 The Saint

One more thing I forgot to mention. Cartoon Network wants us to "speak up and stop bullying," right? Well, guess what, GUMBALL WAS BEING A BULLY IN THAT EPISODE! HAVING YOUR OWN PROTAGONISTS ACTING LIKE THAT IS NO WAY TO GET YOUR MESSAGE THROUGH TO KIDS!

This is the episode that made me stop watching Gumball all together. Gumball had done some very assholic things throughout the show, but he went too far in this episode. He was very cruel to Alan, who SAVED HIM FROM DETENTION! This is how you repay him? BY RUINING HIS LIFE TO PROVE THAT THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS NICE PEOPLE WHO ARE NICE FOR THE SAKE OF BEING NICE?! And to rub salt on the wound, Gumball, after adapting to Alan's positive lifestyle, decides that he RATHER BE MISERABLE INSTEAD OF LIVING A HAPPY LIFE! what DUDE?! You're basically trying to teach kids that IT'S LAME TO BE A NICE PERSON! I swear, if I were in Nicole's shoes and I got word of what he'd been up to, I'd spank him 'til his ass glows red and I'd haul him off to military school or disown him all together. Now, to be clear, I LIKED this show, but come season 2, I did NOT like how they turned Gumball from an optimistic goofball to a SNARKY PESSIMISTIC JERK! I don't care if he apologized to Alan, this episode ruined ...more

24 The Vision

Alan's out of personality

25 The Nobody

The First 3 Minutes Suck

26 The Sock
27 The Mothers
28 The Kiss
29 The Puppets
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