Worst American Dad Episodes

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1 American Fung

This is not only the worst American dad episode but also one of the worst peases of animation ever maid

This is the worst American dad episode in the past, present and I'm gonna hope future

I HATE Francine, but Stan had did was extremely messed up! What kind kind of IDIOT would put their spouse in a Mental Hospital on the day of their anniversary? That's very sick and twisted! Plus, Francine has the right to get angry at Stan without being arrested, not being put into a Mental Hospital, when there is NOT a lot of attention drawn especially towards her and other than that.

Actually, Francine got what she deserves!

2 Stan's Best Friend

When Stan "fixes" the dog is gross. The only episode I think is worse is Amercian Fung. - KingFab

3 Shallow Vows

I HATE Francine. But Stan is such a jerk and a huge dick head.

4 Love AD Style
5 Toy Whorey
6 Longest Distance Relationship
7 Oedipal Panties

I feel very sorry for Stan's Mom.

8 Naked to the Limit

That bitch who had bullied Steve for having a small backside makes me want to punch her ugly face! 😠

9 42-Year-Old Virgin

Roger was an idiot in this episode! Telling other people something that wasn’t really true. Worst one!

Child molestation is DISCUSTING. But this episode is funny (especially when Steve was throwing 🍺 cans at his dad)! Though I feel bad for Stan. I mean just because he didn't kill anyone that doesn't mean that others have to start over reacting.

10 Rubberneckers

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11 Ricky Spanish
12 Bully For Steve

Francine should have kick Stan out of the house for bully Steve. Stan is the worst dad ever! Francine should beat up Stan.

13 Dr. Klaustus

Sergeant Pepper is hilarious! 😂

14 Stan Knows Best
15 Helping Handis
16 Seasons Beatings

I like the part when Roger gets beaten up by Stan.

17 The Devil Wears a Lapel Pin
18 Pulling Double Booty
19 Hot Water

Francine is terrible at having sex and doesn't give a man what he wants. SELFISH bitch! By the way, her bigger hand and bigger feet all look like a man.

20 May the Best Stan Win
21 Kloger

This episode wasn't bad, it was just weird and creepy. - kcianciulli


22 Blagsnarst: A Love Story

The plot of this episode is about roger being a jerk tward his girlfriend

23 Blood Crieth Unto Heaven
24 Homeland Insecurity
25 Stanny Boy and Frantastic
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