Worst American Dad Episodes


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1 American Fung

This episode is disgusting

This episode made no sense. - kcianciulli

Thank god its #1

Woop woop it's first place! It's a miracle from this website! - Skullkid755

2 Love AD Style
3 Shallow Vows

I HATE Francine. But Stan is such a jerk and a huge dick head.

4 Stan's Best Friend

When Stan "fixes" the dog is gross. The only episode I think is worse is Amercian Fung. - KingFab

5 Toy Whorey
6 Longest Distance Relationship
7 Oedipal Panties
8 Naked to the Limit
9 42-Year-Old Virgin

Child molestation is DISCUSTING. But this episode is funny (especially when Steve was throwing 🍺 cans at his dad)! Though I feel bad for Stan. I mean just because he didn't kill anyone that doesn't mean that others have to start over reacting.

10 Rubberneckers

The Newcomers

? Minstrel Krampus
? Portrait of Francine's Genitals

The Contenders

11 Ricky Spanish
12 Dr. Klaustus
13 Stan Knows Best
14 Bully For Steve
15 Helping Handis
16 Seasons Beatings
17 The Devil Wears a Lapel Pin
18 Pulling Double Booty
19 Hot Water
20 May the Best Stan Win
21 Blagsnarst: A Love Story
22 Blood Crieth Unto Heaven
23 Homeland Insecurity
24 Father's Daze
25 Stan of Arabia
26 Stannie Get Your Gun
27 Stanny Boy and Frantastic
28 Lost in Space
29 Bullocks to Stan
30 Bazooka Steve

The whole town turned against Steve just because of some amnesiac retard! - kcianciulli

31 Kloger

This episode wasn't bad, it was just weird and creepy. - kcianciulli

32 Love, American Dad, Style
33 Max Jets
34 Hurricane
35 The Vacation Goo
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1. American Fung
2. Helping Handis
3. The Devil Wears a Lapel Pin
1. Toy Whorey
2. Longest Distance Relationship
3. Stan's Best Friend
1. American Fung
2. Love AD Style
3. Oedipal Panties

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Why I Hate : American Dad - American Fung

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