Why I Hate : American Dad - American Fung

Skullkid755 I am sure all of you probably know about Seth McFarland. He's like Matt Groening, except he makes different shows and other stuff us American and non American viewers watch. He is most known for the shows Family Guy and American Dad, and the Cleveland Show, and his live action film Ted is a pretty well known comedy movie. Remember Family Guy? Yeah, Life of Brian was so awful, and so was Not All Dogs Go To Heaven, and Hurricane, and many modern episodes. Hurricane, where Meg found out that if she wasn't abused, everyone would fight. Not All Dogs Go To Heaven, where everyone hated Brian for being an atheist and he fakes his faith for beer. And Life of Brian, where Brian died, they got a new dog, and forgot about him except for Stewie. And Peter Problems, where Peter killed a whale in a realistic fashion for 2 minutes with a fork lift and then laughed. The point is, I prefer American Dad over Family Guy. I am not sure who I hate more though : Peter, the whale killer, or Stan, the bad family man. Well, this episode is a reason I hate Stan Smith. It was stupid, unoriginal, made me hate Stan, confusing in some parts, and was just, awful. It is my least favorite episode from the series. Throughout this rant, I'll be going over the pros and cons of this episode. This is me, Skullkid755, ranting on my least favorite American Dad episode, and TIME 2 RANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I'll go over the plot of this episode. Once upon a time, Stan Smith was an average husband for a while. He forgot his wife's anniversary. He decided he could give her a late gift if he could get her away for long enough. So, he put her in an insane asylum.
He did stuff to her that put her into the asylum for longer periods of time. He decided to put himself in it. He made several failed attempts at getting them out. They were attempts that made them seem to violent. Very very very very very violent. The workers there decided to do something to keep them from being violent again. They had to drill a holes into their heads. You know, in other episodes, Stan has kept Roger from going to space, he got rid of a character, but he saved the fan favorite. Stan bullied his son, he got beat up by the some dude Steve hired, and was proud of him. In this episode, he couldn't do anything right. He kept making everything worse and couldn't even fix anything in the end, and no one else did either. Well, how about the sub plot? Fung Wa, Steve, and Haley go on an adventure to find treasure under a side walk. That plot was just boring and stupid, and the only comedy coming out of it was the stupidity of it. Hey, wait a second, I should do a third paragraph on how it ended!

Here's the ending. Stan Smith and Francine DO NOT HAVE HOLES DRILLED INTO THEIR HEADS!!!!!!!! Okay, that's not bad. But wanna know what is? Keep reading. Fung Wa tells that they didn't get harmed. Um, how about showing us like in previous American Dad episodes instead of just explaining as a character in the episode who bought the show in the story line. Well, here's the rest of the ending. The Smiths work as Chinese peasants until Mickey Mouse dances with them. WTF? How, is that even part of the plot? How did that happen? Oh, right, it makes since, cause Fung Wa bought American Dad, and he's Chinese, so that's why they are Chinese. The ending was one of those "Only funny for being stupid" things. You know, Jersey Shore Shark Attack, Squibillies, Hillary Clinton. It wasn't explained, wasn't American Dad, didn't make since, who thought of it? Oh right, once upon a time American Dad was on Fox. Then it was on TBS. Now it isn't as good as it use to be. I like it, but I prefer pre TBS episodes.

Now, let me tell you why this episode was terrible. For one, it wasn't like an American Dad episode. It didn't show how the ending wasn't tragic, it didn't have an ending that went with the story, it didn't have a surreal story line, it had awful and lazy dialogue and acting for the Fung Wa Treasure Hunt story line. Second, it didn't make any sense! How did Stan and Francine get out of the nuthouse? Where did Fung Wa come from? Why was everyone obsessed with Fung Wa? What happened with this episode? Third, it had one of the worst endings of the series. It involved Stan turning him and his wife into zombies that weren't corpses, and for some reason becoming Chinese farmers who dance with Mickey Mouse. Finally, it was one of Stan's "completely awful" episodes. Stan Smith puts his wife into a nut house and then turns her into a mindless doll who is only alive because of others. And he couldn't do anything about it! He has at least done something right when he's messed up in other episodes! Here, he just messes up more and more and has to be saved by surrealism! This episode had an awful ending, story line, made Stan Smith one of my least favorite characters on this show, it made no sense, and it's just plain terrible! It is my least favorite episode out of my favorite Seth McFarland series! I give it a 21/100. I hope you enjoyed this rant and goodbye!


I am not doing a trump rant do to him already being hated on this site, same with Justin Bieber and a bunch of other celebrities. - Skullkid755

I agree. Not a good episode - ProPanda

This episode had some funny moments (mainly the live action parts) but neither normal plot was good. - RalphBob

American dad is cool but, the episode is nutural to me I'm just not a big fan I won't be all exsisted and run to the T.V. to watch this like the other shows I like but I'll still watch this. Well cool post - HollowArrow

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As you know, Skullkid, I prefer FG to AD. - Therandom

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Haha I've never watch either of the shows.
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