Top 10 Worst American Idol Finalists

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21 Chikeze Eze 10th Place Season 7

How did chikeze eze get in over danny noriega? Like what danny has sass class ad he sang like an angel and this ruben studdard wanna be got in instead of danny like wow that's just embarassing. don't get me wrong he had some good preformances but man his top 12 preformances were easy to forget.

22 Shannon Magrane, 11th Place, Season 11

What? Are you kidding me? Why do you hate Shannon Magrane? She got eliminated too early, and she has an AMAZING voice! If you had a chance to know her, you couldn't judge her.

23 Kris Allen, Winner, Season 8

This guy's so boring that I forgot that he had actually won until now. And it looks like the rest of the American public agrees, because I haven't heard a thing from him after his 1 pretty generic hit (which has also been pretty much forgotten). How did such a forgettable performer win? - Zach808

Lambert should've won.


Boring, forgettable,and uninteresting. Still trying to figure it out all these years later. The problem is he keeps making the same kind of song. His core fan base thinks everything he does is the best thing they ever heard. The problem is that by listening to them he never changes it up. Maybe he should listen to those who don't find his music "the best thing they ever heard." He might learn something. After all isn't the whole point to continue to grow your fan base. By continuing to try to appeal to the "die hards" he's not stepping outside the box.

But maybe he's happy doing what he's doing -- playing small venues with the same people over and over in the audience, opening for other acts, etc.

24 Caleb Johnson, Winner, Season 13

Hope you are enjoying your 15 minutes of fame, "retard."

American idol is losing touch, I tell you

The most pathetic season, the most pathetic winner.

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25 Erika Van Pelt, 10th Place, Season 11
26 Lauren Alaina, 2nd Place, Season 10

Poor performances and terrible accent.

27 Stefano Langone, Season 10

He was only picked because J-Lo thought he was cute. He did a horrible bruno mars performance, and made it far because of oily faced teenage girls.

28 Lee DeWyze, Winner, Season 9

Crystal outperformed him badly, it was not even close.

29 CJ Harris, 6th Place, Season 13
30 Ace Young, 7th Place, Season 5
31 Constantine Maroulis, 6th Place, Season 4
32 Lazaro Arbos, Season 12

Lazaro was actually good. I hated how people compared him to Sanjaya. Sanjaya is a moron!

33 David Cook, Winner, Season 7 V 1 Comment
34 Rayvon Owen, Season 14
35 Anthony Federov, 4th Place, Season 4

He had no business getting that far when Constantine and Anwar Robinson were far better than him

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