Top Ten Worst Amusement Parks

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1 Mt. Olympus (USA)

Mt. Olympus is crap. The rides are junky and everything is over priced and gross. Some of the rides smell bad!

Nothing but go karts

Bad rides, terrible staff, and extremely dirty. - ReakMayhem


2 La Ronde (Canada)

Six flags is better in America.

Definitely the worst Six Flags park by how terrible the efficiency is. - ReakMayhem

3 Fuji-Q Highland (Japan)


Possibly the worst run park in the world. - ReakMayhem

4 Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park (China)

A lot of bad rides and the park is very rundown. - ReakMayhem


5 Six Flags America (USA)

Went there once. Erased my mind entirely. - coasterjunkie196

Rides are always broke

I Knew This Would Be Here - JPK

The worst Six Flags park in the U.S. because of lazy reliability and nasty staff. - ReakMayhem

6 Conneaut Lake Park (USA)

A park waiting to collapse any second now. - ReakMayhem

7 Six Flags Magic Mountain (USA)

Come on this park has the most roller coasters out of any other park! - coasterjunkie196

I disagree this place is great. And do you know why its not efficient? Because it's amazing

Even though the park has the most coasters anywhere, its efficiency is very poor. - ReakMayhem

Very Overrated

8 Action Park (USA)

A bunch of people got hurt/died there. It's now called Mountain Creek Waterpark. I'm from Philadelphia and I go to NJ a lot but I've never been here so I think they have improved their safety since then.

Actully I change my mind this is the worst - Thepassingzone

I’m surprised it’s still open! They were even planing to reopen an older ride which was one if the most dangerous, Cannonball Loop.

I’m glad they closed it down for good, because there were too many reports of injuries there. - JoeBoi

9 Uncle Bernie's (USA)

One of the definitions of rundown. - ReakMayhem

10 Seaworld Orlando (USA)


Seaworld is known for treating injured sea life and releasing them back into the wild. So all you PETA supporters need to get a life. - railfan99

They abuse the animals! It should be number one.

Seaworld is just cruel and keeps the animals help captive, it's kidnapping them and torturing them.

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? California's Great America (USA)

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11 Ark Encounter (USA)

I don't believe in Noah's ark, I would never go to Ark Encounter. But the twitter is infested with trolls 24/7 its hilarious.

The Ark must be destroyed, maybe with fire! Burn it see Ken Ham in tears, his poor boat is gone forever.

Uh yeah I'll stick to Kentucky Kingdom when ever I travel down to Kentucky thank you.

Oh forgot Frontierland, Morecambe but the theme park was demolished in 2010 so its gone or they moved the Ark to some unknown theme park.

12 Castles n' Coasters (USA)

The operations aren't very good. Patriot and Desert Storm (and the rest of the rides) are just trash but Sky Diver is a decently intense Intamin drop tower. Overall my personal least favorite park that I've been to but has an awesome mini golf course and some good theming and scenery.

Mediocre ride selection with some bad running. - ReakMayhem

13 Hersheypark (USA)


Worst Operations of any major U.S. park. Jimmy is the worst employee at any theme park ever.

It's fancy and all,
but its stupid! There's to much people and in the water park you have a time limit!
Why the hell Do you need a stupid time limit!


14 Linnanmäki

I agree


Too boring

15 Walt Disney World (USA)

I love Disney World but it's so expensive and overrated.

I know someone who went to disney world and they caught mickey mouse smoking weed. Then mickey chased them. Donald duck and minnie beat the poor kid up too. How horrible and disgusting.

In the bathrooms there was PERIOD BLOOD EVERYWHERE! I saw an ant too. There was also a giant spider on the wall. Someone put their bloody ass tampon on the sink too. That person also saw a dead fish on the floor. And a dead daddy longlegs. Wow disney was so cruel. Then mickey,donald,and Minnie beat her up. How sad and disgusting.

Place isn't bad by any means. Though the only thing I would complain about is the outrageous expensive pricing for everything there.

16 Blackpool Pleasure Beach (UK)

They have still got one of the oldest rides River Caves which was built in 1905. But they shouldn't have got rid of the cableway.

It was brilliant. But what have they done? The Nickelodeon Land? Did you know they have got Dora and Diego rides. They have got rid of the Zipper Dipper and put it in the Nickelodeon land as a completely different ride. Ok we have still got the Big One. Do you remember The Greatest Show On Earth? They got rid of it. The Fun House it went on fire. They got rid of Noah's Ark which was also a Fun House. Fairgrounds are supposed to have Fun Houses, 1001 Troubles and The Haunted Swing (Remember the Mirror Maze), they got rid of the cableway.

They got rid of a lot of classic rides.

17 Cedar Point (Sandusky, OH)

Best Park on the planet

THEY KILLED GEUGA LAKE! THEY RUINED GOOD PARKS LIKE KING'S ISLAND AND KNOTT'S BERRY FARM! Cedar Point doesn't deserve to stay open after all of the greedy things they did. At least Disney is honest.

No wonder why it's so low it's in fact one of the best parks the whole world get this of the list now!

Park is way to overrated Magic Mountain is better.

18 Busch Gardens Tampa (USA)

The food is gross. There - LaughingJokingNumbnuts

I'm going there

If you went to Busch Gardens about 14 years ago, you could say it was a great park. now it is not. - railfan99

19 BonBon-Land (Denmark)

The name implies "candy", the actual park theming makes Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt look like Kiki's Delivery Service.

This is the Family Guy of theme parks. Everything there is based on bathroom humor.

20 Lakemont Park (USA)
21 The Holy Land Experience (USA)

Seen pictures it looks like some mad man who is supposed to be Jesus with his crucifix. Its just the update of Holyland USA where everything is derelict. What's with all the religious amusement parks in America. The first one was Holyland USA, Then The Holy Loy Experience and Ark Encounter.

Why are amusement parkd religious? 🤦‍♀
"Hey kids let's learn the Bible on a roller coaster! "

22 Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ)

Isn't that the Six Flags park with the haunted house or whatever that burned down, killing 8?

23 Gulliver's Kingdom (Japan)

If you are between the ages of 3 to 13 go to the real Gulliver's Kingdom which opened in 1978 it is the first Gulliver's theme park and is in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire England. The park was originally created by Ray Phillips as a model village for his young children to enjoy. They have Gulliver's theme parks around different parts of Britain.
This has done more than the Japan one, they do things from decades even the infamous Dora The Explorer now its Nerf.

Oh, Ok its not around now but it was built around a wrong area.

24 Land of Make Believe (USA)
25 Knotts Berry Farm (Buena Park, CA)

Awful food and useless rides.


26 Holy Land (USA)

Hello Jesus!

Some guy bought it and is rebuilding it. But the original amusement park is abandoned and derelict. Since the 80s. They have headless statues.

27 South of the Border (South Carolina)
28 Alton Towers (UK)

The Smiler crash, the disaster-waiting-to-happen Wickerman, the creepy mascots Henry and Henrietta Hound. The rides from the early years are knock offs of Disney, Nara Dreamland, and Astroworld's rides. Need I go on? I would not be surprised if someone did die at Alton Towers.

29 Disneyland (USA)

Too many baby rides

Disneyland is amazing

Lots of bitchy kids

30 Dreamworld (Aus)
31 SeaWorld San Diego (USA)

SeaWorld must be stopped

32 M&D's (Scotland)
33 Universal Orlando (USA)

Worst place ever

Theming is based off stupid, gross things like Despicable Me, and Terminator. And they are always picking on Disney. And plus the rides aren't really that great, like the Harry Potter ride is basically just a giant screen.

34 Sesame Place (USA)

Oh shut up about Elmo he is just a muppet.

I do like this theme park BUT DOES ELMO HAVE TO BE EVERYWHERE?

This is for preschoolers!

35 Wet N Wild Sydney (Australia)

It has too many flat surfaces that feel like a hot metal plate that gave my friend splinter with no shade the rides are all the same the wave pool is small with no excitement and to me over price for a water bottle is 12.00$
and it cost money to refuel water in a water bottle so it really over price

36 Canada's Wonderland (Canada)


37 Epcot (Orlando, FL)

All the rides are essentially advertising for Chevy, HP, and Kodak

38 Disney's Hollywood Studios (Orlando, FL)

Park has no theme at all, attractions have nothing to do with each other

39 Shijingshan Amusement Park [China]

This is a REAL Disney knockoff, not Nara Dreamland which was supposed to be an actual Disney park but Walt had to pull out of the deal to to arguing with Matsuo over licensing fees which is understandable because he had only opened Disneyland a few years ago besides Disney wasn't doing too great in that time period. Dreamland still had some Disney-like rides but the characters were unique and the rides had Japanese Culture in them. Shijingshan on the other hand, has no such excuse, and in fact looks super tacky and rips off both Disney AND Nara Dreamland!

40 Kings Island (Mason, OH)
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