Top Ten Worst Amusement Parks


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1 Mt. Olympus (USA)

Bad rides, terrible staff, and extremely dirty. - ReakMayhem


2 Fuji-Q Highland (Japan)

Possibly the worst run park in the world. - ReakMayhem

3 La Ronde (Canada)

Definitely the worst Six Flags park by how terrible the efficiency is. - ReakMayhem

4 Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park (China)

A lot of bad rides and the park is very rundown. - ReakMayhem

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5 Conneaut Lake Park (USA)

A park waiting to collapse any second now. - ReakMayhem

6 Six Flags America (USA)

I Knew This Would Be Here - JPK

The worst Six Flags park in the U.S. because of lazy reliability and nasty staff. - ReakMayhem

This Is The Worst Six Flags Park
It's Nothing But Thugs,Fights,And No Good Manners To Be Found

Respect My Opinion Six Flags America Defenders

7 Six Flags Magic Mountain (USA)

Even though the park has the most coasters anywhere, its efficiency is very poor. - ReakMayhem

Very Overrated

8 Uncle Bernie's (USA)

One of the definitions of rundown. - ReakMayhem

9 Action Park (USA)

Oh call me a chicken.

I am only 9 years old but honestly this is probably the most dangerous watermark. So u might want to go to another place

10 Seaworld Orlando (USA)

Seaworld is just cruel and keeps the animals help captive, it's kidnapping them and torturing them.

Seaworld is terrible should be closed save the orcas and dolphins!

Why Does This Park Get Hated On So Much
I'm So Damn Sick Of The Seaworld Hate

Blackfish is fake and peta propoganda, awesome animals and coasters

The Newcomers

? Universal Orlando (USA)

Theming is based off stupid, gross things like Despicable Me, and Terminator. And they are always picking on Disney. And plus the rides aren't really that great, like the Harry Potter ride is basically just a giant screen.

The Contenders

11 Castles n' Coasters (USA)

The operations aren't very good. Patriot and Desert Storm (and the rest of the rides) are just trash but Sky Diver is a decently intense Intamin drop tower. Overall my personal least favorite park that I've been to but has an awesome mini golf course and some good theming and scenery.

Mediocre ride selection with some bad running. - ReakMayhem

12 Lakemont Park (USA)
13 Hersheypark (USA)

Worst Operations of any major U.S. park. Jimmy is the worst employee at any theme park ever.

It's fancy and all,
but its stupid! There's to much people and in the water park you have a time limit!
Why the hell Do you need a stupid time limit!

14 Land of Make Believe (USA)
15 Ark Encounter (USA)

Ever heard of Ken Ham?
This place is for who literally believes the story of Noah's Ark is true.

16 Walt Disney World (USA)

Place isn't bad by any means. Though the only thing I would complain about is the outrageous expensive pricing for everything there.

Disney world is amazing


Costs a lot of money, Extreamly dirty, little kids, etc.

I hate this place.

17 Disneyland (USA)

Disneyland is amazing

Lots of bitchy kids

18 Dreamworld (Aus)
19 Knotts Berry Farm (Buena Park, CA) Knotts Berry Farm (Buena Park, CA)

Awful food and useless rides.

20 Holy Land (USA)
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1. Action Park (USA)
2. Mt. Olympus (USA)
3. Six Flags America (USA)
1. Mt. Olympus (USA)
2. Fuji-Q Highland (Japan)
3. Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park (China)



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