Top Worst Amy Rose Haters


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1 Sonicteam765

He's a man child who thinks he owns SEGA. - 1pink2red

2 Shyleyyy

I'm so glad she's gone. - 1pink2red

3 TerraCybercop

A Sally fanbrat. Laughably threw a tantrum when Amy got added into Mania Adventure calling fans of Amy "sick, obsessed people" and "fantards". Once even made a fake Amy fan account on DeviantArt to make Amy fans look bad. Pity.

Or TerraRita. Whatever. She's a great artist, but her behavior is unlikable - 1pink2red

4 SonicMiku

Uh...I'd argue she kinda deserves to be on this list, just not in the #3 spot. I understand she likes Sally/Sonally and hasn't had good experiences with certain Amy/Sonamy fans (which of course they are wrong for attacking her and I can kinda understand why she would flip), but that's no excuse to draw hate art and assume all Amy/Sonamy fans are the same. When you do that, you have officially stooped to the same level of the fanbrats you hate so much. - IrisTheChampionKid

I regret putting her on the list. She’s not a rabid hater. Does anyone know how to take down a candidate on a list?

She doesn’t deserved it, she not a rapid hater.

5 xTaylorlovesbeautyx

She bashes Amy Rose and her fans. But she's inactive now. - 1pink2red

6 PrinceDumuzi
7 Sonic yaoi fan(girl)s

Okay. I like sonic yaoi, but most of the fans hate Amy because "AMEH GETS IN the WAY OF MAH SONADEW! 1! 1" - 1pink2red

Thank God this is here. The people like "AMEH sucks because SHE FETZ IN the WAY OF SONADOW! 1111" are the ones I absolutely despise most.

8 Son/Sally fanbrats

The worst people you will ever deal with.

Sonic, Sally Acorn and Amy Rose are not just the most overrated Modern Sonic characters, but they are the most overrated SEGA characters ever.

You probably saw this coming. - 1pink2red

I have to admit, sonally fanbrats also exist, but there still sonamy fanbrats.

9 AkaiDalia
10 Greendingo777

Needs to be higher- He is disgusting. He tried to villanize a user named Ivory Almonds (An Amy fan and possibly a Sonamy fan) and is a huge hypocrite. He's a Sonally/Sally fanbrat who supports kill art of Amy and generalizes all Sonamy/Amy fans, yet he gets upset when people point out the double standards in the Sonally/Sally fandom (Hate art of Amy is apparently okay but giving criticism or an opinion about Sally/Sonally will get you attacked).

This jerk thinks that all Amy Rose/SonAmy fans are idiots and the worst d-bags ever. But his toxic attitude only proofs that haters are no better.
He hates all Sonamy Fans and thinks they are all the same and is making Sonally fans look bad by posting none bashers on this page. He needs to go and never show his face in sonally fanbase again and he is no Sonally Fan and is just another fanbrat poisoning a fandom.

The Contenders

11 Sonelise fanbrats

As much as I hate Modern Amy Rose (especially for her sexually furious behavior after someone will do what she forced him to do, her dress skirt sticks out like a tutu and how dainty she acts), she can never be compared to Princess Elise III when it comes to how terrible Sonic the Hedgehog characters can truly be. Go see "Top 5 Favorite & Hated Sonic Characters" for proof.

12 D Heine

He deserved it, that guy annoyed MeltingMan234 because he wants sally in the IDW comics which may or may not gonna happen.

13 Nintrendodude

A weirdo who has a thing for Ken Penders

14 sonallyfanbratssuck2
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