Worst Andi Mack Ships

The Top Ten

1 Jandi (Jonah x Andi) (Romantic)

Need I explain? - Gabriola

Awful. Worst than Jamber.

2 Bowranda (Bowie x Miranda) (Romantic)

At least Jandi doesn't lie when they know something happened! Miranda is the worst! She scolded Andi for accusing Morgan for stealing her prayer box (which she did), when Miranda knew Morgan stole it! Really? Talk about mature. Hands down, Bowranda is far out the worst ship on Andi Mack.

Bowie and Miranda seemed like a good couple at first, but it turns out that Miranda lets her young child get away with everything and makes up excuses to every situation! - Gabriola

3 Tira (TJ x Kira) (Romantic)

This ship came from the depths of HELL! Far worst than Tuffy! - Gabriola

4 Tuffy (TJ x Buffy) (Romantic)

Don't worry guys, Tuffy won't happen Tyrus did but if it did I would've sued Disney!

*vomits* - Gabriola

5 Jamber (Jonah x Amber) (Romantic)


6 Tandi (TJ x Andi) (Romantic)

This ship has to be a joke. TJ and Andi BARLEY had any interactions besides in "Buffy in a Bottle" for a few seconds. I think people ship this because they ship Peyton and Luke together. - Gabriola

7 Ceed (Reed x Cyrus) (Romantic)

Reed is NOT for Cyrus! - Gabriola

8 Candi (Cyrus x Andi) (Romantic)

I remember the promo for season 2 when Buffy asked Cyrus if he liked Andi which was totally wrong. They're best friends, NOT destined to be lovers! - Gabriola

9 Amdi (Andi x Amber) (Platonic)

Regret putting this here. I love this ship now. - Gabriola

10 Nandi (Natalie x Andi) (Platonic)

Just because Andi has been bratty doesn't mean she can't make anymore friends. She became instant friends with Libby and wasn't mean to her. - Gabriola

The Contenders

11 Byrus (Buffy x Cyrus) (Romantic)

Love them as VERY close but platonic friends but not as lovers! - Gabriola

12 Ramber (Reed x Amber) (Romantic)

Maybe its because they're mean, but I'm 95% sure they will not interact in the series. - Gabriola

13 Juffy (Jonah x Buffy) (Romantic)

Regret putting this here. I don't ship it all the way but they have such good chemistry. - Gabriola

14 Wuffy (Walker x Buffy) (Romantic)

I tried to get into it, but I just couldn't. Its sometimes cute but it became a thing just so the show would have more relationship drama. - Gabriola

15 Weed (Reed x Walker) (Romantic)

Good name lull - AlphaQ

Sorry Andi Mack fans but..whose Reed also I offended myself lol. - AwesomeJawson

An actual crack ship. - Gabriola

16 Jyrus (Jonah x Cyrus) (Romantic)

I'm sorry I put this here. I still somewhat ship it romantically but mostly platonically. - Gabriola

17 Wonah (Walker x Jonah) (Romantic)

They only interacted in "Keep a Lid on It" but that's about it. I guess they're shipped together because the girl they want Andi is being shipped with Amber. - Gabriola

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